129 Days and Counting!

Howdy, folks! It’s been yet another while since my last update, I know, but things have been moving along pretty swimmingly! Between work, wedding planning, and family stuff, I’ve definitely been keeping busy. In fact, I just came back from spending some time down in Macon getting to meet (and take photos of) my new niece, Kira!

Coming back home after spending some time with my adorable nieces meant jumping right back into wedding planning and work stuff. I’m actually hosting an Elite Event tonight, another one on Monday, and another one on the 27th. Whew! And next month brings another three events, three weddings (one of which I’m shooting with Ben & Taylor!), AND a trip up to Pittsburgh to help out at my coworker’s Yelper Party. WHEW.

But, hey, no rest for the wicked, right? And all this work craziness does come at a pretty good time, since I’m sure that as soon as I enter November, the wedding insanity will start to REALLY set in. November brings my bridal shower (squee!), a trip to Houston to visit my grandmother (she won’t be able to attend my wedding, so we’re going to perform the traditional Chinese tea ceremony for her), and, then, of course, the beginning of the Holiday Season! Double whew.

Luckily, I think I’m in pretty good shape with things right now. As far as most of the wedding planning timelines and to-do lists that I’m able to find online, it looks like we’re pretty much on target! Here’s where things stand:

Date: ☑

Venue: ☑

Dress: ☑

Caterer: ☑

Photographer: ☑

Videographer: ☑



Ceremony Musicians: ☑

DJ: ☑

Cake: ☑

Day-of Coordinator: ☑

Save the Dates: ☑

Invitations: ☐

Wait a second… are you seeing what I’m seeing? That’s a lot of checked boxes! Like, almost all of them! And while some of the checks are really more like, half-checks, since I can’t actually complete them juuuust yet, the decisions have been made. So I’m counting it!

After all, we’ve figured out the exact configuration of the centerpieces, the flower count is being calculated, the invitations are being designed, and, best of all, my real, ACTUAL dress came in!

No spoilers for you (that isn’t even my real veil!) BUT, I’m pretty darn excited. And miracle of miracles, it actually fits really well! It will still need some alterations, of course, but those don’t need to start until November.

All of which means that, um, the big things on my wedding checklist are basically complete! CRAZY!

Of course, this doesn’t mean that the planning is over by a long shot.the majority of what I have left to work on right now falls under the whole Death by DIY heading that I’ve already mentioned. You know, making the ceremony backdrop, painting the rest of the centerpiece items, finishing up the dessert bar decor (turns out that making cake stands from thrift store plates and glasses is pretty much the easiest thing ever!), and getting my bridal accessories. And I know that as we get closer to the date of the wedding I’m sure more and more things are sure to pop up.

In fact, here are just a few additional things that weren’t originally included on the “main” list that I think I should probably start keeping track of, even if the deadlines are still a ways off:

Bridesmaid Dresses: ☑

Bridal Accessories: ☐

Wedding Rings: ☐

Groomsmen Tuxes: ☐

Registry: ☑ (Thanks to everyone who told me about Zola, it’s really cool!)

Hotel room blocks: ☑

Shuttle/Transportation: ☐ (The hotels are technically walkable to the GW Masonic Memorial, but it’s January, so I’m trying to figure out is providing transportation is still a good idea.)

Welcome Bags: ☐

Wedding Signage: ☐

Program & Menu: ☐

Seating Chart: ☐ (Obviously this won’t be doable until after the invitations have gone out and RSVPs have come back, but it’s still good to keep in mind, as it’s a pretty important to-do.)

Alcohol: ☐ (We are able to purchase our own for the wedding — yay! — so I need to figure out amounts/types.)

Honeymoon: ☑ (Wheeeee!)

Oh boy. The list just keeps on growing. Heh. Oh well, whatever, you guys know I love this ish.

Speaking of the honeymoon, we finally decided on escaping the winter weather on a cruise out of Miami! It’s a 7-day Eastern Caribbean itinerary on Norwegian Cruise Line’s newest ship, the Escape! I’ve never cruised Norwegian before, but am a big fan of cruising in general, and am super excited about the prospect of a brand spankin’ new boat (seriously, the ship hasn’t even started sailing yet. Eee!)

We are also going to spend a few days beforehand touring the Florida Keys, which neither Sean nor I have been to before. So if any of you have any tips about which cities in the Keys to visit, where to stay, or honeymoon-y things to do, please let me know!

Okay, I think that just about catches us up. I’m sure that the secondary list will just keep growing and growing, but I am super excited! We are 129 days out, and I am definitely already getting antsy, hehe. Onward we go!


  1. Jessicasays:

    not that you are asking, but you should check out Little Spark Creations on Etsy for all of your stationary – She did my invites, menus, programs, thank you notes, place cards, ect. For table numbers, I took black and white pictures of DC landmarks and added numbers to them (like “Table 1, picture of inside a metro station”) and framed them. But LSP is great – even sent a friend to her and she loved everything,. We did our rings also from Etsy, they have our finger prints on them (mine on the outside of his, his on the outside of mine – I think they are called Brent and Jess now but were Fabuluster). Get lots of compliments because they are really cool!

    • No, please, your recommendations are more than welcome! Thanks so much for the tips! I’ve seen those thumbprint-style rings before, and they do seem super amazing and personal. 🙂

  2. Jessicasays:

    Um what about the most important update????? I CAN FLY FROM KOREA TO BE YOUR BRIDESMAID!!!! Wooooooooo

    Ok I’ve got my last sixth grade class of the day to go confuse and amuse. Peace!

    • I was gonna make that announcement but I didn’t think you wanted me posting that picture again XD

      I’m SOOSOSOOOOOO excited that you will be able to be there, are you kidding me??! 😀

  3. Emilysays:

    If you’re going to Florida, you MUST go to Siesta Key (most beautiful beach I’ve ever been to) and you absolutely must get your booty to Meaney’s Donuts. My fiance and I went last summer and I totally went 5 days in a row and got a donut sundae every time. Best.Thing.EVER.
    I think it says a lot about me that all I really remember is the pretty beach and the amazing donut sundaes. : )

  4. Alainasays:

    If you are going all the way down the Keys, I would recommend taking a day trip out to Dry Tortugas (Fort Jefferson). That might just be the coolest thing we did on our trip to Key West a few years ago – it’s a photographer’s dream! So many cool shots with brick archways, beautiful blue water, blue sky. It was really amazing, and something that most people don’t take the trek out to see. It does take a whole day, though, as you can only get there by boat or sea plane. We took the boat, which was a ton of fun. The tours fill up quickly as they only allow a certain number of people on the island at a time, but well worth the trip. We want to go back – a few hours on the island just wasn’t enough!

    We also did a kayak tour through the mangroves that was very memorable. You can get a double kayak (and make Sean do all the work 🙂 or singles and you get to see some incredible scenery and wildlife. At one point our guide reached down into the water and pulled out a giant 12-inch star fish! Which he then put on my leg so the rest of group could see it. Very cool indeed.

    Sounds like things are coming together! Have fun with the rest of the planning – this really is a great time, though it might seem busy and crazy to you. Enjoy it!

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