7 Weeks Out: Checklist Update

Even though it’s totally wigging me out that my wedding is technically *next month*, it’s really still 7 weeks away. That being said, with Christmas rapidly approaching, plus me taking another trip to Macon next week to see my sissy-poo and beautiful nieces, time is flyingggggg. So to stay mildly sane organized, let’s go ahead and pay that ever-growing wedding checklist a visit, shall we?

Date: ☑

Venue: ☑

Dress: ☑

Caterer: ☑

Photographer: ☑

Videographer: ☑

Flowers: ☑

Ceremony Musicians: ☑

DJ: ☑

Cake: ☑

Day-of Coordinator: ☑

Save the Dates: ☑

Invitations: ☑

Bridesmaid Dresses: ☑

Bridal Accessories: ☑

Wedding Rings: ☑

Groomsmen Tuxes: ☑

Dress Fittings: ☑ (Final fitting is scheduled for the first week of January but things are fitting really well!)

Registry: ☑

Hotel room blocks: ☑

Wedding-Day Transportation: ☐ (Need to book this ASAP)

Welcome Bags: ☐

Wedding Signage: ☑

Program & Menu: ☐

Seating Chart: ☐

Alcohol: ☐ (Anyone have a really solid calculator/advice from their own wedding on the alcohol front? We are providing all the alcohol.)

Signature Cocktail: ☐

Centerpiece Bottles: ☑ (fiiiiiinally!)

Ceremony Backdrop: ☐

Card Box: ☐

Keys to Success Board: ☐

Popcorn bar: ☑

Wedding-Day Surprise Element: ☐

Guestbook: ☑

Write Vows: ☐

Marriage License: ☐

Select Ceremony Music: ☐

Wedding Week Beauty Appts – Hair: ☑ Brows: ☑ Nails: ☐

Honeymoon: ☑

Book Honeymoon Excursions: ☐

Book Honeymoon Return Flight: ☐

I feel like now is the time to start crowd-sourcing what I might be forgetting. You know, so I don’t end up flipping out 3 days beforehand because I forgot to put X, Y, and Z on the list. Ughhhh, maybe updating this list was actually not a very good idea, I’m getting stressed out. Okay, off to do some deep-breathing and stress-baking.


  1. Kristy Bsays:

    Meghann at Meals and Miles has a reallllly helpful wedding alcohol post on her blog! For my wedding we just did beer and wine, with two pre-mixed cocktails in carafes. If you’re doing a full bar things get a bit trickier, but that post is very helpful.

  2. Claresays:

    If you can buy your alcohol at Costco, they will let you return anything that’s not opened.

    • Maggiesays:

      This is exactly why we’re getting the wine from Costco, at least. The beer is a little tricker, since you have to buy it by the case, not the bottle, but the unopened cases can be returned!

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