An Unexpected Hospital Visit

So, if you were following my Instagram Stories yesterday, you might already be aware that the day did not turn out quite as I was expecting!

I went in for my regular 34 week OB appointment, but when it was time to take my blood pressure, it clocked in high at 130/90. From what I understand, that's not a crazy high BP, but my blood pressure has been super normal and stable this entire pregnancy so I'm guessing that the sudden jump is probably what alarmed them? They waited a bit, I got my TDAP shot, took care of the rest of my appointment stuff, and then had my BP taken again. It was the same, so my doctor told me that she wanted me to go straight from the office to Labor & Delivery (aka THE HOSPITAL) to get checked out further!

I was caught pretty off-guard, since all of my regular appointments have all lasted like, 20 minutes and been totally uneventful. Anyway, from there it all moved pretty quickly. I got in my car, called Sean to tell him to meet me at the hospital, drove over, went to registration and was admitted!

At the hospital, they hooked me up to a fetal monitor, blood pressure cuff, pulse monitor, and also plugged in an IV to give me fluids and so they could take blood. I was trying to handle my emotions (and honestly I think did relatively well, all things considered), but was pretty on edge… especially when my first blood pressure reading showed that it had gone up to 151/98!

The on-call doctor came in and spoke with me about what it means to have high blood pressure at this point in my pregnancy, and what they were looking out for. Mainly, they were concerned that it could be indicative of me developing preeclampsia, which can be really dangerous for the mom and is only ever resolved by delivery… which might mean delivering early! As in, potentially that same day if my test results showed I was preeclamptic!

I'd read a bunch about preeclampsia and gestational hypertension, and already knew that it can lead to mom's being induced early and whatnot, but it still feels really different when a doctor is telling YOU with regard to YOUR baby. Fortunately, as of now it looks like we're in the clear! During the time we spent waiting for my tests to come back, my blood pressure went back down and I had several totally normal readings. My bloodwork and urine tests came back clear as well, so they discharged me with instructions to go back to my OB on Friday for another check.

Of course, just because my blood pressure resolved this time and everything looked good, it doesn't mean that it's going to stay that way. I'm nervous about my blood pressure check tomorrow, because if it's elevated again I don't know if they'll want to send me back, or put me on some kind of treatment plan or what. Sean says that I should have peace of mind that my tests were all normal since those are probably more conclusive than my blood pressure anyway, but my anxiety certainly does not see it that way, lol.

Annnnd all of this happening also means that I'm now in like super panic mode that Foxlet really is going to end up making her debut into this world early and thus I have a desperate need to EVERYTHING FINISHED RIGHT NOW. I know it's dumb, but baby stuff, house stuff, and work stuff is all suddenly of the utmost priority all at once. It's like I cannot bear the fact that I still need to finish building the bookshelf for her room, or follow up with work leads, or wash her cloth diaper inserts, or get the gutters cleaned, or put the finishing touches on my maternity leave plan, or get rid of all the stuff I have set aside to donate to Goodwill…

Anyway, with any luck, my BP check tomorrow will be normal (I think my biggest challenge will not being super nervous about it and causing it to spike on my own!), and things will return to business as usual. But juuuust in case it's not looking that way, I think I'm still going to try really hard to have some very productive days. You know, because as annoying as it might be to get some of this stuff done now, I'm thinking it'll be all the more difficult if I'm confined to bedrest or, y'know, off delivering a preemie.


  1. Larasays:

    How scary! I’m so glad to hear everything is okay!! I hope they continue to be! <3 <3

  2. Anna Brownsays:

    Prayers! Prayers! Prayers!

  3. Rosemarysays:

    So glad you’re okay. I had high blood pressure during most of my pregnancy with Nico, and I never developed preeclampsia–I had a completely uneventful, unmedicated delivery. You will be fine! Don’t worry so much about the book shelf–focus on the things that really matter. I know the nesting instinct though, . Just get some rest because you won’t get much once baby is here! Sending good thoughts for a continuing healthy pregnancy and delivery‚Ě£

  4. Sarasays:

    Sometimes the BP can be “white coat syndrome”- related, the stress of getting to the appointment through traffic, etc. The best advice I got was to arrive early and chillax for a half hour or so. And if it helps provide any peace of mind, there are decent BP monitors for sale at the pharmacy; you can check a few times a day and log the readings to share with your doctor. Congratulations!!

  5. Jackiesays:

    Good luck!! I’m 28 weeks and ended up in OB triage Monday night for BP of 150/80 and a splitting headache. Turned out to be dehydration and the BP resolved with fluids and migraine medicine. Praying for a peaceful outcome for you!

  6. Good luck!! I was telling my hubs the other day that if we have kids, we have to get all the stuff done by 6 months in because you never know what’s going to happen. (I’m a worst-case-scenario planner lol).

  7. Lizasays:

    I know how scary this is, I went into labor at 21 weeks. Was able to stay pregnant until 29 weeks though and my almost 9 months old daughter is very healthy. Just wanted to let you know that while 34 weeks is still early, babies are fully developed and do very very well at that gestational age. They basically just need to fatten up. You can usually even start breastfeeding immediately instead of the baby having to have a feeling tube. And girls do better than boys so you have that in your favor as well. My bestie is a neontalogist and she says anything after 32 weeks is great! So don’t stress too much! 34 weeks is not something to give yourself such anxiety over. In fact, 34 weeks was the long term goal my doctor had for me. If I had gotten there they would have induced me due to infection risk.

    • Thank you so much for your comment — it does help put things into perspective for me. I know that there are so many worse situations that I could be in and I’m so glad to hear that your daughter is doing great! It’s just still hard for me, y’know, first time mom syndrome + my proclivity to be overanalytical and anxious about stuff in general, lol. Hearing of others’ success stories always does give me a ton of peace of mind though. In the end, as long as she’s healthy I know I won’t care how she got here!

      • Lizasays:

        Oh I totally understand your stress! Was just trying to give you some peace of mind. You have every right to be stressed. Healthy, normal pregnancies are stressful! And I just read your new post. I too have so much guilt over what happened with my pregnancy. I still feel like it was my fault my daughter came so early. Mom guilt is real and hard.

    • Jakesays:

      My wife had preeclampsia at 34 weeks and delivered the same day, 6 weeks early. Our girl was in the NICU for 2 1/2 weeks simply because she was tiny. She turns 6 next month, and is absolutely perfect. Do not worry!

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