Back to the Grind (Weigh-in)

Well, I know it’s been a minute since I actually last posted about something related to weight loss. Which is no big deal really, except that it’s, oh, you know, just the whole main subject of this very blog. And I’ve really only recently gotten back on the bandwagon, as it were, so it’s pretty bad of me to fall behind already.

That being said, you all already know the reasons why I have fallen behind, so I’m hoping you’re willing to cut me a wee little bit o’ slack. Trips galore, planning gigantic promotions for local businesses, and a mind-boggling sickness (stupid #CMWeekPlague!) that lingers on EVEN TODAY… but whatevs. I’m here now, and that’s all that really matters, ain’t it?

So let’s not dilly dally here. I’m sure it comes as no surprise to you all that I wasn’t exactly on my best, most rigorous weight loss behavior on my various jetsets across the country, so I was pretty much bracing myself for the worst when it came to the scale this morning. Shall we take a look?

(Re)Starting Weight: 236.6 lbs
Last Weigh-in: 226.2
This Weigh-in: 228.7 lbs
Difference: +2.5 lbs

So, I gained a couple of libbies back, surprising nobody. But really, i’s not the WORST thing that could’ve happened. I mean, it’s not great, but if we’re all being honest here, I think we know it could have been waaaaaaay bad. I mean, eating out for literally every single meal while I was in SF with a group of other gorgeous people who are experts on goooood fooood, drinking at night (and I don’t really drink much, so I’m sure that had a big impact) all the cakes and candy and ridonkulous sugar highs that came with planning and executing a one year old’s birthday party… Plus, we all know that I can gain 5 pounds by pretty much just looking at a stack of nachos, so all things considered, I’m actually not that discouraged.

Well, actually, now that I’m really thinking about it, I probably DID gain more than 2.5 pounds back, but since I’ve been back home for almost a week now, maybe I’ve already normalized a bit. Which does make it ever so slightly more depressing, but… meh. What’s done is done, eh?

After all, I’m nothing if not resilient. So I’ll just keep on keeping on (it’s kind of my thing). I’ve got some new inspiration for some awesome recipes, I’m focusing on consuming more protein and healthy fat, and fewer carbs (I’ve given up potatoes for Lent which should help eliminate about 60% of my current carb addiction problem… man, I love potatoes), and in general, I’m feeling pretty good about how things are going. Or, rather, how they will be going, from hereon out.

PLUS, I just got my braces adjusted, which means that I’m pretty much limited to a diet of applesauce, pudding, and mashed avocado for the next few days. I mean, sure, it’s kind of an involuntary diet, but hey, if it works…!

Thanks, as always, for sticking around with me on this crazy ride. And, you know, not judging me toooo harshly on weeks like this. And hey, since I kickstarted this weightloss thing back in January, this is my first weigh-in reporting a gain, so that’s one way to justify look at it, right? #silverlining

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  1. I went on vacation last week (and weigh in on mondays) even though I was back on sunday night, I did not step on that scale monday morning. It’ll be interesting to see what my weigh in is this monday. This week with extra catch up work hasn’t been my best. But we’ll get through it!

  2. Annesays:

    Way to be positive about everything! Hang in there – you are doing an amazing job. Seeing a weight gain can be demotivating, and I am so impressed at your ability to keep looking forward 🙂

  3. Well done, Gretchen. In my book, you get points for getting on the scale. That’s harder for me than acknowledging the number! Congratulations. Those two-and-a-half little buggars will be gone before you know it.

  4. I think all the points you make are true and 2.5lb isn’t at all bad given the circumstances so not excuses just reasons and now you’re home, you’re back on track. I did the opposite, while you were in SF, I was in DC and I actually lost weight while I was there, all that walking around but I’m pretty sure that I put in all back on the week I got home due to a combination of PMT and jet lag!

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  6. GOing out of town and having to eat out a lot is always challenging. The important thing is just to get back to normal when you get home and it sounds like you did.

  7. Getting braces tightened is painful, isn’t it? When I had braces I felt like I had only a week or two of calm in between the pain of adjustments. Good luck!

  8. I love your positive attitude and disposition.

    That is what is needed to stay focused and get rid of those ugly fats.

    Good luck!!!

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