Beach Countdown: 1 Week (Giveaway!)

Oh yes. Yes, my friends. In one tortuously long (but really, due to the holiday weekend it will actually be short) week, I will be lounging on the sunny sands of Ocean City. I can’t wait. I’ve been looking forward to a beach trip for what feels like FOREVER, and I’m hoping that my new found kinda-sorta bikini confidence won’t fail me now!


In an attempt to look more kick-ass and less lazy-assed, I’m switching into HIGH GEAR MODE for the next 7 days (barring a few celebratory and patriotic food indulgences this weekend. I mean, come on. It’s 4th of July weekend!) I know there isn’t really that much I can expect to have happen in a week (guess it kinda snuck up on me, eh?) but I’m going to do what I can. I’ve actually developed an ab workout plan (what?!) based on what I learned at the running clinic I attended at the Fitness & Health Bloggers Conference in Boulder last weekend – namely, that you should be able to do as many reps as your age in years. I did it last night. It hurt.

Attention must be paid:

23 bicycle crunches
23-second plank (or in my case, modified plank. Heh.)
23 lower leg lifts (aka death.)
23 oblique crunches (on both sides).

Lather, rinse, repeat.

I intend on doing this every day (as long as I, you know, uh, can.) and working in my other daily activity as follows:

Friday: Run for 20+ minutes after work
Saturday: Walking to/in/from Farmer’s Market with Jenn (hey, better than nothing, right?)
Sunday: Run for 25+ minutes with my sister (I should probably tell her we’re doing that, eh?)
Monday: Family walk with, um, my family. (I should probably tell them we’re doing that, huh?)
Tuesday: Run for 30+ minutes after work
Wednesday: Bob Harper’s Yoga for the Warrior DVD
Thursday: Strength/stretch/panic

And then Friday I head to the beeeeeeeeach!

UGH. I already regret having written up this plan. I think I’m going to need your help to come up with some serious motivation here. And to reward you guys for doing that, I have a sweet giveaway for you! Hooray!


Back in May when I attended the Fitbloggin’ conference in Baltimore, one of the sponsors at the event was EatSmart Scales, and I even came home with their new Precision Plus bathroom scale (much to my brother’s delight, as I was actually using the scale I had purloined from him before!)


I honestly really dig this scale. Obviously, you know that this is a weight loss blog. And in order to determine that I am actually, you know, losing weight (or to determine that I’m failing miserably, haha) I weigh myself every Monday. It’s nice that not only is this a really sharp-looking bathroom accessory (super thin!), but you can literally just step on it and it begins. No tapping on and waiting for the number to zero out like most scales I’m used to. It’s a small thing, but if you’re like me and you just want to get your weigh-in over and done with it does make a difference!


So I think you guys know where this is going. The awesome people at EatSmart have agreed to give one lucky winner a Precision Plus scale of her (or his! Don’t want to be presumptuous, haha) very own!

Ways to Enter:

1. Like EatSmart on Facebook and/or follow EatSmart on Twitter.

2. Sign up for the Monthly EatSmart Newsletter on their website.

3. Tweet/Post about this giveaway! Just make sure to reference @shrinkinggretch, @eatsmartscales, and a link to this post in your message (here’s a sample shortlink:

4. Leave a comment weighing in with your opinion on, well, weighing in! Do you weigh yourself to stay on track? Why or why not? Are you a daily weigh-er? Weekly? Monthly?

So there you have it: multiple ways to enter, and feel free to just do one or do ’em all! Just leave separate comments for each, and a winner will be randomly selected on Wednesday, July 6th.

Also, for those of you who may be too impatient to wait for the giveaway to end, or are interested in buying a scale for someone else, you can purchase it through EatSmart’s affiliate link on Amazon. They also produce food and luggage scales, and EatSmart donates 100% of the profit they get from utilizing that link to charity!

Happy Fourth of July weekend, folks! See you on the flipside. πŸ™‚


  1. Gracesays:

    When I’m in active ‘losing weight’ mode, I absolutely weigh myself every single day. Usually first thing in the morning. Seeing the numbers go down is what helps to keep me motivated to lose more. Seeing numbers that don’t move also motivates me to work harder.

  2. This is all so complicated!

    *Head explodes*

    I weight myself weekly, as a habit from years of being sick. I would sometimes lose 10lbs in less than a week! Now it’s just nice to see a healthy, stable number there!

  3. I am with Red Deception… Many years of an eating disorder kept me on the scale daily making sure I was losing at LEAST 5 pounds a week. Yeah, that only works until you end up in the hospital.

    Now I use it on occasion. I dont care about the number as long as I look and feel good and, for me, that is still a work in progress.

  4. I liked EatSmart on Facebook!

  5. I signed up for their newsletter….

  6. I do weigh myself to stay on track, and up until recently I weighed myself only weekly. Now I have found that weighing daily, or at least several times per week other than the official weigh in day helps me stay on track. By doing this, I have found that I can meet my goals more easily – i.e. I’ll pass up a sweet treat or a temptation to go through the drive through if I know I’m close to a loss for the week. OR it can also push me to exercise as well.

    But seriously, a scale you don’t have to tap first? AAAAAAMMMAAAAAZING!

  7. I liked them on facebook.

    So exciting to get ready to go to the beach! I think you have a good plan and I love the “do as many reps as your age”!

  8. Jen Robinsonsays:

    I weigh myself only occasionally (sp?) using my Wii Fit board haha. It would be nice to own a scale. I do weekly weigh ins when I am trying to lose a couple pounds but it’s more like a once in awhile thing for myself and the hubs to make sure we’re not creeping up too much πŸ™‚

  9. Jen Robinsonsays:

    I “liked” EatSmart on facebook!

  10. Jen Robinsonsays:

    I also subscribed to their monthly newsletter (can you tell i want a scale?!)

  11. Jen Robinsonsays:

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand…. I tweeted. mwahaha.

  12. For the first half of the year, I was weighing myself once a week. I found that weighing myself everyday made me kind of crazy (and not in a good way!). For the past month, though, I’ve been staying away from the scale because I’ve had waaaayyyyy too many “cheat” days/weeks, ha. Maybe a new scale would help motivate me again?

  13. Jennysays:

    I weigh myself about every other day, it helps me stay on track and it’s great to see what a few days of clean eating/exercising can do.

    This is cheesy but for motivation – I’ve created a mini vision board. On the inside of my closet door I’ve taped up a couple 13.1 stickers (half marathon ho; in my dreams I’m a Kenyan, etc) plus a few pictures – awesome running one from an Athleta catalog and a great shot of someone in wheel pose. The girl is super tall/lean and it looks amazing!

    You’ll knock out that workout plan and soon, you’ll be relaxing at the beach!


    I kicked it into High-Gear Mode this week, but in terms with my food versus my fitness. Very REALLY happy with my intuitive eating and the fact that the peanut bar jar STILL has peanut butter in it!

    Love the idea of the reps = your age.

    Ps – You look great. Rock that bikini!

  15. Yess!!! Look at you getting in shape! I love that you are doing something (anything) each day! It really is the little things that make the biggest difference. I am proud of you. See you tomorrow AM!

  16. I rarely weigh myself, but feel like I would keep on track if I owned a nice scale. I’ve been moving around a lot lately so the thinner the better! (referring to the scale, not me!) Have fun at Ocean City! I sooo want to go to the beach!

  17. Marlensays:

    I β€œliked” EatSmart on facebook πŸ™‚

  18. Marlensays:

    I also subscribed to their monthly newsletter (My scale sucks!! So this one would be totally awesome!!

  19. Marlensays:

    Typically I weigh myself every 2 weeks or so. Since I am too on a “Beach Countdown” (Cancun on Sept 4!!), I have been weighing myself every week since I want to lose those pesky 10 lbs. It’s a little daunting weighing every week because I’m the type of person that gets a discouraged fairly easy.

  20. Jomariesays:

    I liked EatSmart on Facebook

    I also signed up for their Newsletter

    And now my weigh in on weighing in. I do the once a week deal on the same day because it’s nice to see a progessive weight loss. If you don’t lose anything then you know you definitely need to kick it up a notch or 2 the next week. I used to weigh myself everyday but that can become very obssessive because you may or may not see a difference. Whereas more often than not there will be some type of difference, may that be negative or positive, after a week. Excited about a giveaway haha

  21. I weigh in weekly. I’m a Weight Watcher member who goes to meetings, so I weigh in every Saturday when I go to a meeting. If for some reason I can’t make a meeting, then I weigh in at home, but the scale at WW seems to be more forgiving, somehow, for me. lol. I’ve weighed-in w/o clothes at home before the meeting, then I got dressed & went to the meeting and somehow LOST weight from my initial weigh-in at home. I love the WW scales. I think I’m the only person who can say that! LOL! πŸ™‚

  22. Kristensays:

    I definitely need to weigh in to stay on track! I used to weigh in weekly and cheat a few times during the week to check my progress. Now I weigh in daily, since I was basically doing that anyway, but only recording one of the times each week (same day). Don’t know which I prefer.. I like daily knowing what’s going on with my body, but I can get obsessive with it. But, weekly weigh ins are hard to stick to… I always want to cheat and weigh in throughout the week!

  23. Kristensays:

    I liked EatSmart Products on FB πŸ™‚

  24. Kristensays:

    I signed up for their monthly newsletter – love that they’re monthly and not a daily spammer πŸ™‚

  25. I don’t want to enter your giveaway but I wanted to wish you a Happy Weekend! And you will rock your plan this week, because you have everyone in blog-land encouraging you πŸ™‚ (I didn’t realize we were the same age!)

  26. I currently weigh myself every morning (it’s ridiculous, I know) but every Saturday morning is when I do my “official” weigh-in. I bet this scale works 10x better than the one I currently have!

  27. sarah b.says:

    i weigh myself every friday morning – keeps me accountable especially right before the weekend!

  28. My weigh-ins are either super sporadic (e.g. once in two months) or super obsessive (e.g. twice a day, every day). No in between. Clearly dysfunctional…haha.

  29. Even if you only lose a little bit, you’ll feel leaner and less bloated (thus more sexy!) in that bikini! I always try to eat super good and exercise more for a few days before I need to look skinny…it helps confidence, which helps you “look” better. πŸ™‚

  30. Dude. You are a BEAST. (A sexy one, not a hairy, scary one. Don’t worry.) Kudos to you for killing your workouts! Workouts, watch out. Gretchen will effing destroy you. YEAH!

  31. Jackie Smithsays:

    I do a weekly weigh-in, which stops me at a few pounds gained rather than 20.

  32. I try to weigh myself weekly to stay on track. I lost 30ish pounds in high school with Weight Watchers… thought I had learned it all, only to have most of it come back on in college! Now I’m working to slowly get it off FOREVER, and I definitely believe in the importance of regular weighing-in.

  33. Clairesays:

    I weigh once weekly to stay on track

  34. Clairesays:

    2. Sign up for the Monthly EatSmart Newsletter on their website.

  35. Following EatSmart on twitter!

  36. Tweeted the giveaway!

  37. I weigh myself (almost) every day, but I only track once a week. I think it’s a good balance of keeping tabs on how I’m doing and staying sane about the daily ups and downs.

    ALSO, regarding the “as many reps as your age”… so that means that someone who is, say, 50 would have to do 50 of each of those?? Something about that seems off to me… like, it should go down as you get older, right?

    • You know, I was thinking about that, too! It definitely seems daunting when you think about it that way. I guess maybe it’s more to be able to challenge yourself? I mean, I hope that when I’m 50 I’ll be able to do 50! If I become a rockstar and keep doing stuff like crunches and pushups (er, modified) as I age, I guess adding 1 extra one per year doesn’t seem so bad, right?

  38. I “liked” them on Facebook

  39. I’ve been trying to lose weight gained from med school 10/2010 215 lbs now down to 06/2011 193 lbs

  40. Allisonsays:

    I liked EatSmart on Facebook!

  41. Allisonsays:

    I don’t weigh myself daily but I do once a week to keep in check and hope for weightloss!!

  42. Nataliesays:

    I liked EatSmart on Facebook!

  43. Nataliesays:

    I also subscribed to their newsletter! πŸ™‚

  44. Nataliesays:

    I used to weigh myself every Thursday at my gym, but have since relocated and no longer have access to a scale. I think I would probably weigh myself daily but only track my weight on certain days… just to know how many more intervals I need to do during my workout πŸ™‚

    Have a great weekend!

  45. Good for you for gaining so much confidence! And have a BLAST on vacation! πŸ˜€

    I weigh myself weekly, sometimes more. Just to keep on track of where I am. I like to give myself a 5 pound swing, which means that once it gets to the high end, I know I need to cut back. The low end means that I’m not eating enough. Usually, for the most part, I stay somewhere in the middle. It’s a nice place to be. πŸ˜€

  46. I go through phases of not weighing myself for months and then sometimes I weigh myself every day.

    I grew up in the DC area and used to go to Ocean City (or Rehoboth) every summer as a kid.

  47. I weigh every week! it was on mondays, now its fridays. I always weigh more after fun (bad) weekends haha

  48. Monicasays:

    I weigh myself once a week, which seems to be just right…..not obsessive, but keeps me accountable !! :o)

  49. Leahsays:

    I liked EatSmart on Facebook!

  50. Leahsays:

    When you have a lot of weight to lose (like I do), weighing in is important. But the number on the scale is not the most important thing. When you are losing inches, you can see it in the mirror, and in your clothing, and that’s as important as losing pounds. That said, I weigh in maybe once a week, as part of the way I determine if I stayed on track or not.

  51. I gave up the scale a few years ago, but recently thought about buying one again after hopping on one at a doctor’s appointment a few weeks ago. The scale doesn’t own me anymore, and I think it would be nice to have to just check my weight once in a while!

  52. Kellysays:

    I weigh in once a week. I would be obsessed if I let myself with how much my weight fluctuated during the week!

  53. Amanda Junesays:

    I weigh in weekly at Weight Watchers meetings, but now that I’m lifetime I only have to weigh in once a month (and they get kind of annoyed with me wanting to do it every week anyway — but I don’t have a scale at home!). So in conclusion…winning a scale for my very own would be the perfect solution. πŸ˜‰

  54. I just tweeted about the giveaway!

  55. I do weigh myself to stay on track, but since I don’t have a scale at home (why I am entering the giveaway). I only weigh in once a week when I go to WW.

  56. Sonjasays:

    I weigh in daily. ItΒ΄s ok for me as long as it doesnΒ΄t affect my mood for the whole day (which definitely was the case in the past).

  57. Liked EatSmart on facebook

  58. Right now I weigh myself once a week (well at least I try not to do more than that) I like to see how I’m going throughout the week and to make sure I’m getting enough exercise in (and eating properly!) πŸ™‚

  59. Lindsey Dicksonsays:

    I weigh myself way too often but I like to see how what I’m eating and my workouts effect my weight. So I usually weigh every day…sometimes twice a day! It helps keep me on target!

  60. Lindsey Dicksonsays:

    I “liked” Eat Smart on Facebook!

  61. Following them on Twitter!

  62. I also signed up for their newsletter…

  63. and I tweeted about the giveaway (I’m not done yet…)

  64. I don’t weigh myself ever. I don’t think we have a scale in our house even, but that could all change tomorrow… haha!

  65. I weigh in weekly, partially to know where I’m at with my health but also because my workplace offers a discount on medical insurance if we participate in a healthy lifestyle program, which incidentally, requires that I weigh in every week. This scale would be amazing. The one I have now is one where you tap it on and seriously, I don’t think it’s accurate at all. In one place of my bathroom floor it will say a lesser number than another spot on the tiled floor. It makes no sense, but that’s what I’ve been using…unless I win this one! πŸ˜‰

  66. Kellysays:

    I weigh in on a weekly basis to make sure things are on track. Regardless if I’m actively trying to lose weight or just keeping tabs on my weight.

  67. aleishasays:

    I try to aim to weigh in every Tuesday! if not that then at least once a week

  68. aleishasays:

    I signed up for the newsletter:)

  69. Amaliesays:

    I weigh in weekly to keep myself in check but not obsessed over a single number.

  70. I have to admit that I am an everyday weigher…I am trying to lose that final weight so it helps me stay on track better to see a number everyday. πŸ™‚

  71. I followed EatSmart on Twitter. (@no_sugarcoating)

  72. Signed up for their newsletter!

  73. I weigh myself every week (unless I am on vacation – not one of those persons who take their scale on vacation with them, hah, yes they do exist). Even in the past few months when I fell off the weight loss band wagon completely and gained a lot of weight I still weighed myself every week. I think it’s important to keep track of your weight but in my opinion, weighing yourself daily (or something close to that) is overdoing it and not necessarily helpful.

  74. Great post. I usually don’t post comments but I just had to for this. Remarkable advice! I have already been hunting for something similar to this for a long time now. Many thanks!

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