Bee My Valentine?

Happy Valentine’s Day!


I’ve always liked Valentine’s Day but can’t say I’ve really ever been THAT into it. I’m a pretty emotionally expressive person, so it’s not like I don’t show Sean how much I loooooooove him on a pretty regular basis, hahahahaha. But it’s always nice to have an extra excuse to put some extra love out into the world! And obviously, today is especially love-filled this year, since we have our little lovebug to celebrate with!


(Do you think I said the word “love” enough in that last paragraph? Lololololol.)

Aaaanyway, Penny’s going to be celebrating with her grandparents this evening, as they’ve graciously agreed to babysit again so Sean and I can go out to dinner and have a little V-Day time for just the two of us. Hope you have a lovely day!


  1. shawnessysays:

    I love that little belly button. I may have gotten a little belly button obsessed since my little was born. I always touch it and say, “ding dong!” like it’s a doorbell so now she does it to her dad allll the time. Much to his chagrin. Mine, I keep under wraps hahaha!! Love you little. Congrats again. XO

  2. lissie psays:

    this is lissie p aka britern3 on IG. Btw a little V-Day time with your hubbie may lead to another little somebody to love. just sayin…another little baby girl would be lucky to have such a fashionista wardrobe like P. i am not a stalker i promise(but i do live in tha DMV)-i just love your blog& spirit. And of course fat babies who look more like me than Y’all????

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