Being Productive

What is more productive than being stuck at home for two days straight with intense kidney stone pain? Why,vlogging, of course! In keeping with my past attempts, I am continuing to try to up the ante in terms of production value. Enter my brother’s amazing (er, expensive) camera and me spending 10 minutes just trying to focus the lens (and still not totally succeeding.) Oh well!

That may or may not be Vampire Diaries paused in the background. NO JUDGING.

To sum up the video for those of you who can’t watch it yet, I feel much, much better (thank you so much for your concern and well wishes!) According to Le Doctor, this means I either passed the kidney stone or never had one to begin with (I am rather skeptical of the latter hypothesis, for obvious reasons.) I’m not super thrilled at the fact that I’ve used up two days of PTO from work, since I’m taking more days off for my trip to Ottawa over Halloween weekend, but there’s not much I can do about that now. What I can do, however, is figure out a cute, creative Halloween costume that is carry-on-able so I can take it with me when I go! Hopefully you guys can help out with that one, since my creativity feels pretty spent at present moment (for what reason though, I couldn’t tell you. Maybe I’m just not as creative as I like to think, hahaha.)

48/365 This Is Not The Enemy

In other news, I weighed in this morning but I’m making yet another executive decision NOT to officially report it here since I don’t feel it really counts. Don’t get me wrong, I would LOVE to be able to count it, seeing as how two days of pain, irregular eating, and the inability to, er, hold onto my food (gross!) has brought me not one, not two, but THREE pounds lost. However, I’m not stupid (well, not always, anyway) so I know it’s not a “real” loss. And now that my appetite is finally back, things are sure to go right back to where they were. I’m eager to keep the false hope to a minimum, haha.

Hopefully these fading twinges of pain mean that I can get on track with training for the 15K. I’ve actually decided to follow a training plan FORREALZ (whaaaat?!) So today I’ll see if I’m up to some yoga and tomorrow I’ll be on Thursday of Week 3: 2m + strength training. It feels oddly good to have a set schedule like this! Even though I fully acknowledge I’ll probably be terrible at sticking to it. It’s the thought that counts, right? 🙂

Any halloween costume ideas for me? Remember: needs to be packable, TSA-approved, and awesome. You are all much, much more creative than me soooo… HALP!


  1. Lisa Nidasays:

    You are so funny. I really enjoy watching your vlogs (if that is an acceptable word). I hope the stone did pass. I have no idea about a costume, except for being Emily (the bride) from Corpse Bride because it seems both wedding-ish and halloween-ish. It does not seem cheap or easy to pull off though. Good luck:)

    • Hahaha, well I appreciate the thought! A wedding-y halloween costume does seem rather fitting for me, doesn’t it? 🙂

  2. Keithsays:

    So, by Saturday morning at little walk/jog/run with me?

  3. “concealed weapons” LMAO! Sorry I don’t have any Halloween ideas (i suck at picking out a costume until it’s too late and then end up with a make shift costume of what I thought would be cool) but I had to laugh at that statement. 😛 Glad you are feeling better!

    • That’s usually my MO too. I never have any good ideas and then pick something in the eleventh hour. I’m just trying to plan slightly more ahead this time since I, y’know, won’t be in the country, hahaha.

  4. Glad you are feeling better! And that’s awesome that you’re using a training plan. I used Hal Higdon’s 10k plan last year to run my first 10k, and having a training plan seriously changed everything for me. Motivation was MUCH easier to come by when I had my “workout homework” there in black and white.

    Good luck! You can do it.

  5. Your vlogs crack me up! One of the easiest Halloween outfits I know to do is the “morning after” or “walk of shame” girl. You basically wear a guy’s button down or t-shirt and boxers and heels. You can also mix it up by wearing a tight dress and boxers underneath or something of that nature ;). Super easy, especially if you can borrow boy clothes!

    • Hahahaha! That’s hilarious!

      • I’ve done that as a last-minute, slightly un-feminist costume! I wore an oversized men’s shirt, a lacy cami, men’s batman boxers, ripped pantyhose, and heels. I also used purple eyeshadow to make a hickey, smeared my makeup, and only wore one hoop earring. 🙂

  6. Oh my gosh, I just about died over this video. You crack me up.

    Maybe you could go as a pageant contestant – dress, tiara, and sash – seems portable enough and could work with a dress you already have or something borrowed. Varying levels of skank could be applied there depending on your dress!

  7. I like to over-schedule myself when I’m doing a training plan. People will look at it at be all like, “whoa! homegirl needs some rest days yo!” (let’s pretend people talk like that). But I do it so that if I miss a few workouts then I don’t feel as bad, and if I do end up doing them all then I feel awesome.
    I don’t know if this is a legitimate way to schedule a training plan (revolving it around me feeling awesome about myself), but that’s what I do. And it works, I guess.

    For hallowe’en I’m going as a ballerina (primarily because I am cheap and all I needed to make the costume complete were leg warmers which are, conveniently, back in style and easy to find). My alternate costume would be a “pig in a blanket” – Pig snout and ears, dressed in pj’s and wrapped in a pink blanket.

    • If my hair were long enough to put into a bun, I would totally steal your ballerina idea. How cute, but I think the bun really cinches it. And being a “pig in a blanket” is so clever! Look at you with all your fun ideas.

  8. Hm…what about Cleopatra? Main components are big gold jewelry and some serious eyeliner. You could get the wig for $15 probably. Dress is simple white shift with a big gold belt. I bet you could even make the dress from an old sheet. 🙂

  9. I am SO SO SO SO SO SO HAPPY you feel better! 🙂 At least you get paid time off 🙁

  10. I remember seeing on pinterest a pin that said “I’m one stomach flu away from my ideal weight”. Hope that three stays off.

    • Haha, that’s a quote from The Devil Wears Prada (movie). Hilarious, but misguided since I can already tell you that the 3 won’t stay off. It’s nice to dream though! 😛

  11. Oh man that video was AWESOME.

    And halloween costume ideas are tough. i am really really bad at coming up with ideas, and just decided yesterday to be uma thurman in pulp fiction because i already have the wig and all i need is a white button down, black capris, and red lipstick!

  12. Oh I LOVE Halloween costumes. Good fall back favourite of mine on the “not-slutty but suprisingly attractive” front is Cruella de Vil. Nice black dress, cheap bit of fake fur (I got a dalmatian patterned off-cut from a fabric shop), mess up the hair a bit and put talcum powder in half of it, attractive red lipstick and black eyeliner, and then call everyone “Darling!” all night. Long gloves and fake cigarette holder optional.

  13. @stephcherkeziansays:

    Gretchen, I’m doing the Hot Chocolate 15k too! And I’m using Hal’s training guide. Too bad I skipped the first two weeks due to laziness and being sick….but it’s a great training plan and totally do-able. This 15k will be the longest distance I’ve ever run. Can’t wait for some delicious chocolate at the finish line, that’s for sure 🙂

  14. You can always go for the staple favourite: the sexy nurse!
    I would like to pull that off one year, but haven’t had the guts to yet.

    • Whatever I end up choosing, just remember that you’re going to have to be the one bearing witness to it.

  15. Nice vlogging! I am shamelessly using your blog to help me with costume ideas as well. I have no clue what to be!

  16. Hi Gretchen! So glad you are feeling better!!!!

  17. You are so cute and so funny. And I want to snuggle your puppies.
    Glad you’re feeling better! 😀

  18. I’m glad to hear you’re doing better!

    I’ve really wanted to go as a “sexy” version of something un-sexy, to be ironic in the face of all the slutty (can I say slutty on your blog or is that rude?) costumes out there. Like sexy pencil, or sexy balloon animal maker.

    I love Hal Higdon!

  19. You are hi-larious. I think you should be a sexy devil for Halloween! But a cute little red dress and buy some sequence devil ears (at any Halloween/party store) and you’re set. Totally portable with just enough skank 😉

  20. Love the vlog, as per usual. 🙂

    I have a Halloween party to go to this year, too… and am myself struggling with the costume thing. I’m also not interested in going the skanky route… so…. what does that leave us with, hmmm?
    I’m thinking something along the lines of a gypsy/fortune teller type thing… scarves, flowy skirt, bangles… eh? I don’t know. Bah.

    Glad you are feeling better!


  21. ummm you are hilarious! im going as honey badger. love your pup, henry and my griffy would totally be bff’s.

  22. The only idea that I can think of is… ’80’s superstar fitness guru. Spike the hair, wear some workout clothes, a bit of lycra, some ridiculous eyeshadow and lipstick, some glitter, neon colors… and leg warmers, of course, and BAM, you’re straight out of a super-fabulous cheesy workout video.

    I’m using a training schedule for the half marathon, and I really think it helps. I know what I’m doing, when, and it makes the organized part of my brain happy. Goals and expectations are what I’m used to working with!

    • P.S. I giggled every time the paused video in the background changed.

      • Hahahaha, shhhh! I was hoping no one would notice that. I needed to take some breaks? 😛

        • Heehee. I noticed it happen once later on and I was all like “:O WAAAIIIIIT…” and went back and checked. Because I am a nerd. I had this mental image of you getting frustrated and throwing your hands up in the air and hugging Harry, watching a few minutes, then saying “I guess I should finish it…” and going back to the next few scenes. Wash, rinse, repeat.

  23. Anniesays:

    I wanted to go as a smurf but am opting for salt n’ pepa, the hiphop group, not shakers! but a smurf would be really easy and cute! they sell super shiny blue leggings, I love shiny pants, so this is what made me want to be a smurf! good luck!

  24. robinsays:

    good video, youre killin me, anyway glad your better. Cant wait to hear what you come up with to wear. By the way what is your line of work? Or do you not share that. Just curious, get better!

    • Oh, I don’t mind sharing it. I work for a government contractor doing program management/administrative work. I like it… for now! 😉

  25. HA! I love love love this video. YouTube star in the making right there??! My costume for the last few years has been a “beer fairy”. I simply string a couple of empty cans of beer on fishing line with beads and such to make a belt. The buckle is made out of the cardboard box that the beers come in. Then I made a wand by sticking an empty can on a wooden cooking spoon. Add in some wings and a tiara and you are good to go. 🙂

  26. First off, I love your vlog’s they’re hysterical!! In a good way of course 🙂
    Hope you’re feeling better by now!!

    Hmm Halloween costume….I hear the character from the Hunger Games is going to be big this year, though if you haven’t ready the book you’re probably scratching your head right now.

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