Birthdays in India


Last night, the fam got together to celebrate birthdays a deux: my lovely and amazing sister, Jen, and her lovely and amazing hubby, Dan! Their birthdays are a mere 5 days apart (well, 5 days and a year) so we banged out both celebrations in one big family dinner at Haandi, a local Falls Church (what else?) Indian restaurant.


Thanks for taking the pic, Taylor! It was a veritable smorgasbord of spicy, saucy, Indian goodness. Nommm.


We started with an appetizer sampler plate (the samosas were huuuuge!) I always love the green tamarind-chutney-sauce-stuff (no idea what it’s called… help?)


And the garlic naan was to DIE for. Hopefully the feast to come made for a very happy birthday couple:


I know that my sister was just happy to receive the Oreo-lookalike (her new puppy) birthday cards!


My brother was content to let me play the lone photographer for once, while he nursed this behemoth:




Saffron-ish rice, naturally, served as a base. And then… it began:


Oh my goodness. There was palak paneer (spinach with cheese cubes), lamb korma (lamb in a creamy sauce), chicken tikka masala, some kind of spicy eggplant coconut curry, and channa (chickpeas) masala that I must have forgotten to photograph in my haste to, you know, eat. Hehe.

My plate:


Times like a thousand more pieces of naan to soak up all the curry goodness left in the bowls. Hehe. We were all so stuffed by the end of the meal, we couldn’t even bother with dessert. Ah well.

So speaking of Oreo, we’re puppysitting for my sis and her hubs while they go celebrate for REALS in Las Vegas this weekend! I’m so, so jealous. I haven’t been to LV since I was… 13? Not quite the experience I’m sure most of you have had in Sin City, ahahaha. So for me, this weekend will be a fast refresher of what puppy-ownership is like. Even though Daxter is only 1.5 years old, I’ve clearly already blocked some things out, haha! But it’s okay, because he’s so cute it all balances out in the end. I just hope my roommates see it that way, too… hehehe.

Day 182 - Oreo
Photo by Ben Powell


Also, and I tell you this because I am all about full disclosure on this blog, I may or may not but definitely am going to see Harry Potter for a fourth time this afternoon. NO JUDGING. I’m just trying to keep the magic alive! 😀


  1. Cute pup! What kind is he?

    That food looks so, so good. We don’t have an Indian restaurant in my town, unfortunately.

    …and totally no shame on the HP viewings. I’m considering going for my second time this weekend.

  2. Jen Robinsonsays:

    Yay- din din was so fun. and delicious. nom nom nom. And thank you again for watching the pupster- i miss him already (and i hope he learns to stop barking soon!)

  3. I have had one bad experience with indian food and cannot bring myself to go back! But I do love me some naan!

    • Aw man! That’s the worst. Hopefully one day you can get back on the horse – good Indian food is so worth it!

  4. This post is giving me a huge craving for Indian food!

  5. I love India food but haven’t been out to get it since my Indian friend’s wedding in May. That food was so amazing that I’m guessing nothing else will ever be able to measure up. 😉 I’m seeing Harry Potter for the first time tonight – hope you enjoy it the fourth time around!

  6. Oh my goodness! The garlic naan looks divine! Well, as do the other dishes. Oh dear. Now I’m craving Indian food. Lol.

    Ahh lucky! I have yet to see the last HP.

  7. Haha about seeing HP again! My younger sister Kim has seen it 3-4 times already too. And I’m sure she’ll see it a few more times in the theater too!

    I haven’t had Indian food in years — I know. And I don’t remember if I have had garlic naan, but it sure looks good and I want some right now.

  8. How cute that they almost share a birthday! My husband and I are 4 days apart…but we make sure to celebrate separately. hehe 🙂

  9. I’ve never been to an Indian Food restaurant and it’s definitely on the bucket list. Your pictures look so good! My mouth is watering.

  10. So, do you like, LIVE in Falls Church? Because I do, and that would be SO FUN. Ps that restaurant looks INCREDIBLE. I want to eat everything.

  11. I’ve never actually gone OUT for Indian food. I’ve made it at home, but it must be such a fun experience to get that variety of flavors. And the bread? I’d be all over that. Looks delicious! 😀

    Happy Friday! 😀

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