Candy Woman (Giveaway!)

Well, technically in this case, I’m the Chocolate Woman.


The fine people at Adora sent me a couple of bags of their Adora Calcium supplement discs to review. Which I was MORE than happy to do, being as their calcium supplements are essentially just better-for-you chocolate! And you know I’m all about being able to indulge in the sweeter things in life while having a modicum of health sprinkled in.

From the press release that Adora sent me:

“Each indulgent chocolate Adora disk provides up to 50 percent of the daily value of calcium plus vitamin D3 and magnesium for optimal absorption, supporting total body health through a variety of life stages:

Osteoporosis – 44 million Americans, 80 percent of whom are female, are affected by this brittle bone disease. Incorporating calcium, which makes up the majority of bone tissue, and vitamin D, which helps the body absorb calcium, into a diet is one of the best ways to prevent osteoporosis.

Pregnancy – Calcium is the main component of a growing baby’s tiny bones. It is important for women to meet their daily calcium needs when pregnant and breastfeeding, or else the calcium required to support the baby will be pulled from the mother’s bones and result in bone loss.

Menopause – Rapid bone loss is a side effect of menopause due to a change in hormone balance, specifically the reduction of estrogen production. Calcium taken by women – both young and old – can help bolster bone mass and minimize the loss of bone over time. It’s never too late to start taking calcium regularly.

PMS & Menstrual Cramps – Calcium is an essential component of muscle contraction and, without it, muscles cramp more easily. While calcium can help menstrual cramping, one of the best source of the mineral – dairy foods – may actually cause more menstrual pain. A calcium supplement can help women meet their calcium needs while also alleviating other PMS symptoms.”


Each disc is only 30 calories, and they come in both milk chocolate and dark chocolate flavors. Both are very good! I’m normally a dark chocolate girl anyway, but the milk chocolate ones are definitely creamier. And I definitely haven’t noticed any weird aftertaste or anything like that (although, the first time Adora tried to send me some samples, they had melted. So when they cooled down and reformed there was some weird chalky texture to them, and they were impossible to peel from their tinfoil. But that’s not like it’s really going to be a big concern for the average purchaser.)

I’m not a pregnant or menopausal woman so I can’t really remark on the benefits in that regard, but in general I do know that women have a hard time meeting their daily calcium requirement. This is definitely something that’s been on my radar, especially considering the fact that I’ve stopped drinking regular milk. I’d like to avoid osteoporosis, thankyouverymuch!

Isn’t it great? With these little chocolate babies, there’s just so much justification for that daily sweet! Adora supplements can be found in CVS and Whole Foods for $8 – $10, but come on, you know I’ve got your backs with a chance to get some for freeeeee! So right here, right now you get your chance to win two bags (one milk, one dark) of Adora calcium chocolates all fo’ yo’self!

Simple enter by doing one, two, or all of the following things!

1. “Like” Honey, I Shrunk the Gretchen! on Facebook, and comment back here saying you did.

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3 – 5. Blog, tweet or post a status update about this giveaway linking back to this post ( or and –I think you know what’s coming– comment back here letting me know!

That’s FIVE separate ways to win! Easy peasy chocolate pie. I’ll be selecting a winner on Friday (8/19) morning, so be sure to get your entries in.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!


  1. Jen Robinsonsays:

    Mmmm…. chocolate. So… I already like you on facebook, that counts right?!

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    I also already follow you on twitter… it’s like i’m your biggest fan 🙂

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    I have recently liked you on Facebook. Also, I take calcium supplements, so chocolate instead of white pills would be far more pleasant!

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  6. I already follow you on Twitter!

    Oh, John Dorian…how I miss you!!!!!!

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    PS–LOVE LOVE LOVE the new header!

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  15. MM Candy. I have the song from Willy Wonka where the guy sings “and I’m the candy man, oh the candy man!” in the store. Ya know, when he’s selling all the chocolate bars to the kids?

    I’ve gone COMPLETELY off the reservation haven’t i?

    Well, I want to win so HAYO!

  16. Love the Scrubs reference! I just liked Honey I Shrunk The Gretchen on Facebook! I started reading your blog about a month or two ago and love it!

    • Thanks Kelly! I’m glad you do! And yes, Scrubs love foreverrrr! (Except Season 9, you know. We don’t count Season 9. :P)

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