Daily Eats – 9/12/11

Sorry this is coming a little bit late. Apparently the functional side of vlogging is something I’m still working out, so it took me roughly 8.7 billion hours to get my video uploaded on Youtube last night, hahahaha. Aaaanyway, just so you can’t call me out for falling off the wagon YET…


Thomas’s Light English Muffin (100) with 1/2 T of Dark Chocolate Dreams PB (45) and a smear of organic strawberry preserves (10)


Kombuchaaaa! 160 cal, drunk throughout the entire day.)


A repeat of the avocado pasta recipe I have been working on, except this is a recycled pic because my actual leftovers oxidized and turned brown like poop. STILL DELICOUS THOUGH. (400-ish?)

10 blue corn chips (140) with homemade salsa (15)


Curbed my Chipotle craving with an equally-as-bad-for-you honkin’ apple and chicken sausage quesadilla (I don’t wanna know) with greek yogurt (60), homemade salsa (15) and the rest of the apple in slices (100)

So, in conclusion, I am lazy and don’t really feel like calculating exact amounts for dinner, but given the amount of cheese I tossed in that beast, let’s just say it was probably a lot. Snacks were all good though! Oh well. Onward!

Daily Eats – 9/8/11

So I was going to do a legit Daily Eats post, full of complete calorie counts and details explanations… and then our basement flooded. Best week ever. So you know… take what you can get.




I finally succumbed…

Not me, couldn't be!
Yes. More natural disaster cookies. No, I didn’t eat that whole stack.

More details on the epic fail that is this entire week tomorrow. After the carpet has dried out a little more, hopefully.

Daily Eats – 9/7/11

Whole wheat toast (100) with 1/2 tablespoon dark chocolate dreams PB (45)

Half a 6 oz. pineapple 2% Chobani (80)

A medium banana (70) and a cup of Kix cereal (100)

20 baked salt & vinegar kettle chips (120)

Whole wheat rotini with basil-avocado sauce, chicken sausage, and grape tomatoes. “Recipe” tomorrow. Calories uncalculated, haha.

Grrrrrrapes (~80)

1/2 a cup Cracklin’ Oat Bran cereal (100) with 1/4 cup Silk Pure Coconutmilk (20)

Plus 2 unpictured pizza rolls, an unpictured lunchtime hodgepodge of deli hot bar (sushi, some noodles, etc.), and the rest of yesterday’s Kombucha.

I was staying on track with counting pretty well until my day started going down the crapper and I stopped being motivated to keep it up. I do recognize that this is admittedly very half-assed. Sorry, it’s been a stressssssful day. Be proud I didn’t binge! More on that tomorrow. (Oh the suspense!)

Daily Eats – 9/6/11



Whole wheat toast (100 cal) with 1/2 tablespoon of peanut butter (45 cal) and a teaspoon of jam (10 cal)


Applesauce – HLS swag (100 cal)


Oatmeal Squares – more HLS swag, hehe (200 cal)



The most epic black bean burger fail ever, turned black bean hash. Still delicious though! (~250 cal)


Hebrew National fat-free hot dog (40 cal), on a potato roll (130 cal) with organic ketchup and mustard (10 cal). What? I had a craving!

Harry and Daxter didn’t judge. They wanted in on it. 😀

A few sips of Kombucha. Gotta ration! (~10 cal)



Sandwich on whole wheat bread with smoked salmon, cream cheese, onions, capers, and lettuce. Plus a few bites of Reema’s salad, hehe. (~400 – 500 cal)


Peanut Butter Heaven.

1/2 a tablespoon of pure ecstasy (45 cal)


1/4 cup of coconutmilk beverage (half of what is pictured. 20 cal.) I’m still on the fence about this… I didn’t really enjoy drinking it on its own, but that just may be because I was expecting something a little different. Wahhh! I want to love it!

Total: ~1,460 calories. Right on target! Wheeee!

Daily Eats – 9/2/2011


Repeat of yesterday:

Naner: ~70 cal

Unpictured whole wheat toast with small smear of Nutella: ~150 cal


Quaker Oatmeal Squares cereal: 210 cal


Trader Joe’s Alaskan salmon frozen dinner w/spinach orzo: 350 cal


Wasabi almonds: ~150 cal

Krinkle-cut kettle chips: 150 cal (must stop eating free office food.)


Mixed green salad with raw corn, bell pepper, cucumber, onion

Butternut squash potstickers (!!)


12 oz. cup of Taro (!!!) and mango fro-yo topped with fruit, coconut, and a single mini-Twix: likely (hopeful) overestimate of ~300 cal

I met up with Ania tonight at T.H.A.I. in Shirlington for dins. I wanted to save room for frozen yogurt, so I took dinner light, and successfully avoided my delicious Thai pitfall foods (namely, panang curry and pad see ew… nommm.)

Then I ate my weight in frozen yogurt. Seriously. TARO FROYO. SO delicious. Who knew?!

Known calorie counts: ~1,380 not counting dinner. So the overall damage probably wasn’t TOO outlandish (the salad is negligible but the potstickers were pan-fried) even with the ridonk amount of froyo (which is why I love froyo. Because it’s like 70 – 90 calories per half-cup at Yogiberry!)