Fashion Friday: Amazonian

I’ve mentioned before that I’m finally starting to take control of my height. I stand at a not-outrageous-but-certainly-in-no-way-petite 5’9″. That’s 69 inches, or 175 centimeters. I am not short. And as being a, well not-short person, I’ve always found myself battling between my love of footwear and my desire to not seem like an Amazon. My mom and my sister both clock in at under 5’2″ (as does my future sister-in-law, Taylor) and my ex-boyfriend hated when I wore heels (he is 5’10” and evidently insecure about it). So for most of my life, I stuck to flip flops, flats, and the dreaded (and totally unflattering) kitten heel.


Well, not anymore! I refuse to relegate myself to cute but unremarkable footwear any longer! Yes, it does help that Sean stands at a perfect 6’1″ so I don’t have to worry about Nicole Kidmanning his Tom Cruise, but it’s more than that. I think it boils down to a confidence thing, too. Being tall means you stand out, right? Literally above the rest. And for a really, really long time, I didn’t want to stand out. Because standing out meant being The Fat Girl. I wanted to blend right in. Well, screw that. I don’t want to blend in any longer. I just want to be me.

And I am both 5’9″ AND I also love shoes of all heights. I am an equal-opportunity shoe lover. So there.


Sweater: Target
Pants: New York & Company
Harry Potter Book Page Necklace: Pretty Little Charms on Etsy
Zella Wedges: Sole Society

Whenever I wear more of a statement shoe, I try to keep everything else pretty color neutral. I also wanted to prove that yes, I do wear pants, not just dresses! Truth be told, though, I will always prefer dresses over pants + top. Coordinating tops and bottoms is a lot of work, haha.

Feeding my current shoe obsession is Shoe Society, a website where they have totally adorable shoes that are constantly rotating. They release a new style every day, and only appears to keep a style until it sells out. They are SUPER reasonably priced (I think the most expensive pair I’ve seen is a pair of boots at $69.95) and so far the quality seems good. Free shipping both ways, too. I’m not a spokesperson for them or anything (although I think that quite a few real fashion bloggers are), I just really like the concept. And the colors. And the price point. Also, if you sign up through my link and end up buying a pair, I get more monies to spend on shoes!

Good things I have all this high-heeled confidence now, eh? 😉

Weekend Update: Vanity Edition

Happy (?) Monday, friends! I hope you all had excellent weekends. Mine was pretty rockin’, if I do say so myself. It started out Friday with an amazing ladydate that combined these two wonderful, wonderful things:

Sushi at my beloved Koi Koi



Even though Claire and I live less than a mile from each other, we actually don’t see each other very often! We read each other’s blogs, obviously, but it’s always much nicer to be able to catch up in person. Especially when doing so involves sushi, too.


We had so much to talk about this time around, that neither of us ended up finishing our rolls (and for once, I only ordered one. Shock!) I also took advantage of her DSLR-familiarity to have her shoot some photos of me for this week’s fashion post. Unfortunately, I felt incredibly awkward shooting pictures out on the street, right in front of the restaurant. I’m not sure how fashion bloggers do this every single day (shamelessly, I suppose?).

Oh, hello imaginary person sitting in this chair.

I felt so foolish that I wanted to get it over with as quickly as possible, so I didn’t manage to get all the shots I wanted (details and whatnot). So I’ll just have to come up with something new for this Friday’s post. And will definitely be shooting it in Ben‘s studio again, where strangers can’t judge me for my vanity. Buuuuut since you all are probably judging me anyway, I figured I’d just post these pictures now anyway.

“I feel so awkward…”

The one pretty decent shot (though I had to crop out some creeper photobombing in the background, haha.)

Still, a great way to kick off the weekend! Oh, and for those of you who might be interested:

Lace tank, jeans, and purse: Old Navy
Blazer: Forever 21
Shoes: Payless
Wrap bracelets: Stella & Dot
Stone cuff: gift from my parents

Saturday was spent being predominantly lazy during the day (I got a bunch of writing done though – huzzah!), with a nighttime birthday extravaganza for Sean’s friend Megan. So I’m not going to lie, I’m actually a terrible DC twenty-something. I rarely ever go out, and I think this was maybe the third time I’ve gone out in actual DC proper. Before Saturday night, I’d never even tasted Jumbo Slice! I know, I know. So getting to go out to Alero on U Street was a total learning experience for me!

It also left me full of questions, such as: how are all the young women of DC not incredibly overweight? Boatloads of sugary cocktails and empty calories thanks to alcohol, to be followed by a slice of pizza so huge that it could feed an entire third-world village? Seriously, I was not properly prepared for how, uh, jumbo the Jumbo Slice, uh, slices are. I’m pretty sure that if this was my regular weekend lifestyle, I would be back up to 250 pounds in no time.

But you know me. I never pass up an occasion to get dressed up. I spent like 2 hours trying to figure out how to do a nighttime-appropriate smokey eye (without looking too, y’know, whorish), and stepped into my most comfortable heeled shoes. Also, I bought that dress for $16.99 at TJ Maxx! What uppppp good deals! Anyway, since I have (aptly) titled this post “Vanity Edition”, here are just a few more pictures of me (meeeee, meeeeeeee, MEEEEEE!), pilfered from the birthday girl.

Were you/are you a weekend partier? How do you balance that with trying to lose or maintain a healthy weight?

Fashion Friday: Peacocking


The title of today’s post has its obvious relevancy to my outfit, yes. But before I get into anything else, I would also like to point out the other source of its inspiration: this scene from Seventeen Again starring my boyfriend Zac Efron. You’re welcome for that little snippet of joy on this Friday morning.

Aaaanyway, moving back onto the actual topic of today’s post, the inspiration to start doing fashion posts of my own came from 1) being incredibly self-absorbed and 2) following a few too many actual fashion blogs. Reading fashion blogs is simultaneously helpful and disastrous for me, since it has helped me define my own style (feminine, vintage, hipster, twee?) but also makes me want to buy ALL THE CLOTHES.


This dress, in fact, was discovered on Dorothy Perkins, a UK-based clothing company that I had never even heard of before seeing a different dress (which I also bought, haha) on Girl with Curves. Ah well, at least this particular site doesn’t run me a zillion dollars. I think this dress was $69.00 and I had a 15% off promo code, plus free shipping, and they are ALWAYS running sales and promotions. (Note: even though it’s a UK company, they use US sizing and pricing on their site as long as you make sure you’ve indicated “United States” as your region.)


edits-002 edits-004



Dress: Dorothy Perkins (no longer in stock, but same print here and here, and same silhouette here.)
Shoes: Nine West (old)
Eelskin Clutch: gift from parents
Pearls: gift

This is my ideal look for a nice date night. Maybe to take in a show at the Kennedy Center, maybe have dinner at a nice restaurant… with a fantastic and colorful print like this, I try to keep everything else pretty minimal. No flashy bangles or giant rings this time, just a long string of pearls (it can be worn as a double-strand as well), and some neutral heels. I would normally have gone for a neutral bag as well, but the colors of the dress just happened to match up so wonderfully with the eelskin clutch my parents brought my back from one of their overseas trips that I couldn’t resist.

Here’s hoping that I have an opportunity to actually wear this outfit sometime soon, eh? (Hint hint, Sean ;)) Have a fantastic weekend!

Closet Purge

Yesterday I felt sick (again). I have the immune system of a Bubble Boy, so this really came as no surprise. I took the day off from work to console myself, made a doctor’s appointment (though as I suspected, there wasn’t anything really wrong with me that he could fix. “Maybe it’s stress,” he said.) and in order to make sure I didn’t feel like a total lump, I got a few things done around the house.

Laundry was the main thing. Here’s the back story on my laundry habits, which will probably leave the majority of you in awe and disgust. I do laundry maybe like, once every 6 weeks. This is not because I am a hobo without access to a washing machine, it is because I am lazy. It also partially because my sister used to work as a buyer for Hecht’s/Macy’s, and started her illustrious career in women’s underwear. As such, I have enough underwear to last me through the entire zombie apocalypse (and then some). And because I am apparently a 19-year-old boy, I don’t usually feel the need to do laundry until I run out of underwear.

As my clothes were spin-cycling and rinse-cycling their little hearts out, I also decided that this would be a great opportunity to do a little purging. No, not that kind of purging, you crazy kids. The kind where I go through my closet and pull out all of the things that I no longer wear, no longer fit, or just generally need to go.

Evidently 4 bags of donation-bound clothing is the norm for me, since that’s how many I netted last time too. Which is why I feel okay reusing this blurry picture from last time, hahaha.

I’ve mentioned my hoarding tendencies more than a few times on here, and I quickly came to realize yesterday that this was another prime example of such. I went through a rather significant room cleaning extravaganza and ended up with four garbage bags full of stuff that went straight to Goodwill. This was, however, over a year ago now (one of the great things about having a blog like this? It’s like a super-detailed timeline of your life! Wait, maybe that’s not a good thing…) so it was definitely time.

I was actually pretty surprised at how willing I was to get rid of stuff. I really went all-out this time, including shoes and bags. Last time I kept a lot of stuff because of sentimentality, but I was a lot better about that this time. Some things were admittedly a little more heartbreaking to part with, but it was cathartic at the same time. After all, I’m probably getting a little bit old to keep multiple Hello Kitty zip-ups in my closet… and a Hello Kitty backpack… and a stuffed Spiderman backpack… need I go on? (Though you better believe I kept my Gryffindor jacket!). Ah well. Hopefully some lucky (and age appropriate) person will be able to thrift my wares for mere pennies and they will bring her (him?) joy.

Now the only trick will be making sure I don’t quickly fill up all my new closet space with MORE clothes. I already bought quite a few new pieces when Ai Rei was visiting (what, I HAD to show her Tyson’s Corner! It’s a landmark of the area!) I will say (and actually, have probably mentioned it before), that I am much more inclined to buy clothing more frequently now that I’m a smaller size. Back when I was a size 16/18/pushing 20, I would force myself to make maybe one big shopping trip each year to replace certain things, or get more work-appropriate clothing. Even though I love to shop (always have!), the experience would leave me downtrodden and with a lot of self-loathing (damn you, dressing room mirrors!).

I can’t say that I’m totally immune to those feelings now, but shopping for size 12 not only gives me more options in the “regular” stores, And because I generally feel better about how I look, it’s more fun! Now I’m much more inclined to go “for fun” shopping and pick up a shirt here, a new dress there, as opposed to one huge, multi-hundred-dollar, get-it-out-of-the-way trip per annum. I’m definitely not saying that you can’t look amazing or find chic clothing in plus-sizes. I was just too self-conscious and ashamed to take true advantage of it back then. Now? Not so much. In fact, I have to be careful…!

Be strong, Gretchen, be strong!

How often do you go through a closet purge? Are you a love-to-shop or shop-to-live kind of person when it comes to clothes?

Fashion Friday: Allons-y!


I’ve touched on my (loose) sense of style and the general way I try to dressing my body (er, flatteringly?) in the past. Well, in light of the fact that I’m still trying to figure out where I lay in the whole weight loss blogger spectrum at present time (given that I am le tired of counting calories but still have goals to lose these last pounds… eventually), I’ve decided to throw another type of blogging into the mix. One that I am in no way qualified to participate in, but as always, it’s my blog and I can write what I want to. Enter: “fashion” blogging! (A term that, when being applied to me, should naturally be read whilst making air quotes with your fingers.)

At any rate, it’s Friday and I’m feeling simultaneously scared and excited at what this weekend has in store for me (bright side: I’ll actually have real activities to report to you guys come Monday!), so giving into my vanity seems like a nice way to end the work week. Plus, yesterday I wrote a lot of words, so I figured that this was a good opportunity to make us of those things that are supposedly worth a thousand words instead. You know. Pictures.

I’m sure many of you are rolling your eyes. I understand. I’m doing it anyway though, so, you know, that.

I do realize that I’ve dubbed this post “Fashion Friday” but given how much work it has already turned out to be, there’s a high likelihood that I’ll never be motivated to do another one, hahaha. But whether or not they’ll be reoccurring with any regularity, it’s certainly fun for now!

I figured I would start with what I wore to work yesterday. My office is operating under what has been officially referred to as “summer dress code”, so I’ve been slowly experimenting with what that means. Apparently, maxi dress + sandals does not yet warrant a complaint from my coworkers (er, that I know of…?). Works for me!

After work I got myself all prettied up (i.e. reapplied my makeup) and roped Taylor into taking a zillion photos of me. Then I edited the photos and tried very hard to whittle them down… though I still ended up with entirely too many. Oh well! Vanity: 1; Modesty: 0.



Maxi dress: Target
T-strap sandals: Guess (similar)
Hunger Games locket: Etsy (similar)
Bow ring: Kate Spade
Willis bag: Coach

Somewhat ironically, I still ended up typing out a lot of words in this post. Oh well. Have an amazing weekend!