Cut (Weigh-in)

So I guess that with all the excitement over pasta and puppies and haircuts (oh my!) this week, not to mention that li’l ol’ Monday holiday that we owe to Dr. King, I kinda forgot that yesterday was Wednesday. Which means I totally forgot that I was supposed to weigh-in. Oops.

Well, never fear! I will be making up for it today and you lurkers will indeed get to see this week’s weighty number. But first, the moment I know you have simply been waiting on pins and needles for…

Le Before.

Le After.

It’s not too-too different from how it was before, but I’m really digging it! Sarah, my stylist, brought the back up to my hairline and then just re-layered it all over, just like many of you suggested! I didn’t lose that much length in the front but the mullet-esque look is finito. Huzzah!

In true fashion, I forced my roommate to take many, many photos of me hamming it up with my new ‘do.

I think it’ll be really fun to experiment with, too! Put in tons of wax and pomade for an edgy, rocker look, or flatten it down and add some shine for a kind of ’20s flapper vibe. Variety is the spice of life, no?


Okay, okay, last ones, I promise.

Post-haircut, I met up with Reema for dinner at Sweetwater Tavern, one of our favorites! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to fully resist the pull of the Ozzie roll… another whoops to add to yesterday’s list.


I had a glass of pinot grigio to start, then had a deceptively UNhealthy dinner of soup and salad!


A delicious crab & corn chowder, and a salad with chicken, goat cheese, grilled corn, dried cranberries, and a champaign vinaigrette. Ah well, at least it was delicious! Let’s see how it affected my belated weigh-in, shall we?

Starting Weight: 246 lbs
Last Weigh-in: 194.2 lbs
This Weigh-in: 193.9 lbs
Difference: -0.3 lbs

Well, given the incredibly 4 libbies I dropped last week, I’m not too surprised by this. Especially given the aforementioned less-than-stellar eats from yesterday. Regardless, I’ll take it! Every tenth of a pound lost is a loss nonetheless, and I’m whittling my way back down towards the 180s week by week. It’s happening! This is definitely going to be my year… she says in the middle of January. Heh.



  1. Katesays:

    Its amazing what a “little off the back” can do for hair. It looks fantastic!

  2. That haircut is totally fierce! I love it! And love your realistic attitude about the weight loss, keep it up!

  3. Love the style and the color of your hair. Short hair always looks so put together and sassy. Wish I had the guts to chop mine off.

  4. It looks great! The bread basket at Sweetwater is the DEBIL!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Your hair looks great. I had my mullet chopped off yesterday too. My husband said I was starting to look like a 90s rocker.

  6. Aww… goodbye mullet! Seriously- I like both haircuts. The new one is so fun! I loved when I had short hair and owned every Bed Head product known to man.
    Congrats on the “shrinking” progress- you’re moving in the right direction!

  7. Can anyone resist the pull of the ozzie roll? I mean, really. I love your hair!!

  8. Stevesays:

    Your hair looks amazing as usual. Congrats on the loss!

  9. Ooo I like what she did! I am due for a cut and debating just getting the same as what I had before or letting my stylist have her way with my head. I also want some color, but people keep telling me that grown-ups are not supposed to have purple hair. Whatevs.

    Congrats on the loss! Of both the pounds and the hair!

    • False! You’re never too old for purple hair. With the color I’ve been using lately, my hair starts out kind of purple-y red and then gets more red/red-brown with each wash. It’s like a kaleidoscope of hair color, ahahahaha!

  10. For real – 2012 is it! I always think a great hair cut helps with weight loss – you want to look as good as your do : ) I’m doing the same thing down here in w’burg – hair / calories cut. boom.

  11. I love it! The new ‘do really shows off your hair color. I chopped my hair off on Saturday and am loving it. I feel so sassy!

  12. 1.) Love the haircut! 2.) great job on losing again this week! i am officially back on the losin’ train with ya.

  13. Your hair looks great! I love the color too 🙂
    Also, that was not a mullet missy. I had a legit mullet in elementary school. It’s on FB.

  14. Awesome cut and so many fun ways to style it- a different look for each occasion!

    P.S. Sweet Water [and all the other American restaurant chains] have some of the tastiest salads!

  15. LOVE the hair cut!!!

  16. Looooooove the haircut!!! It’s super cute and fun!

  17. LOVE the hair! I think I’m going to check out that salon next time I need a cut – I always want something short and funky but always end up with a bob. ALSO – What Sweet Water did you go to!? There’s one so close to meee!!

    • You definitely should! Make your appointment with Sarah and mention me, she’s so awesome!

      I went to the one in Merrifield. We still need to have our rainchecked ladydate!

  18. I love Sweetwater 🙂 we go to that one in Merrifield all the time 🙂 I wanna join you and Colleen on a ladydate ?! maybe ?! 🙂 I’m cool I promise 🙂

  19. Oooh super cute hair cut/color! I NEED a haircut. Split ends city up in my head. If you had a great experience at Blown I might head down there, it’s just down the street! Congrats on the loss, too. Every bit counts!

  20. LOVE YOUR HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Marceesays:

    You’re rockin it Gretchen ….. !! Luv the look.

    Don’t ever put a bread basket in front of me. Yikes.

  22. cute new ‘do! definitely love the fries at sweetwater… oh, and their beer!

  23. Sarah wsays:

    Love the cut!

    Sweetwater is my fav. I go there all the time! If u like them u should try their Italian concept in fairfax corner. It’s delish

  24. I LOVE the cut Gretchen! I love the hair montage more! One thing I am always jealous of and admire you for, is your confidence!
    Not many people who are in a weightloss journey love their pictures, and are so open, and sharing with their images! You look beautiful, and I regret deleting almost every picture of myself, as when I look back at my kids’ childhood, it is almost like I don’t exist. It is not something I can take back, but I guess something I can work on in the future! Thanks for the inspiration to love the me I am now more!

  25. Congrats! I know how challenging it is to lose weight!
    I’ve lost close to 30 lbs myself since May last year and I’ve also been blogging about my experience! Check it out!:)

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