Daily Eats – 6/21/11



Green smoothie with frozen tropical mix (pineapple, banana, strawb), spinach, and almond milk.

Except, I could only end up stomaching like 2 sips of it because the spinach was obviously bad and I didn’t realize it. So then I had Luna Bar instead. Oops. (180 calories)



Spinach salad, chicken and broccoli, and some kinda pasta with marinara sauce thing from the deli downstairs. I KNOW, I KNOW. I need to stop buying lunch at work. Don’t worry, I actually went grocery shopping today! 🙂



Turkey Burger inspired by Cara’s Thai Turkey Sliders (details on this dinner coming tomooorrrooowwww!) – 2 patties. Kekeke.

Taters and asparagus sauteed with a wee bit o’ EVOO


Unpictured. Laaaame, I know. But you wouldn’t want to see it anyway: A few spoonfuls of coconut milk ice cream, and a few leftover pieces of roommate-delivered sushi leftovers. Sushi can be dessert, right? 😉

Too many unknowns for full calorie counting, but I feel pretty good about today’s eats despite the lapse in late-night-eating-judgment. I’m trying to detox from the weekend a bit, and now that I’ve gone grocery shopping (to tide me over until COLORADOOOO!) I can fully embrace clean eating until then. Huzzah!


  1. Oh man, smoothie fail. 🙁 I’ve never had “bad” spinach, but I’d imagine it would totally ruin a smoothie. Bummer!!
    Turkey burgers are DELISH! I haven’t had one in months…now I feel inspired to make some tonight! 🙂

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