Daily Eats – 7/21/11



Apple with PB



Like, 2 bites of salmon and brown rice leftover from yesterday’s lunch at PF Changs. My stomach was still queasy though from my food poisoning so it really wasn’t cutting it.


I went downstairs to get something bland from the deli, and grabbed a ginger ale to help settle my stomach as well. Too bad this green tea ginger ale stuff tasted disgusting! I should have just gone for the normal stuff, but I was trying to be adventurous. Rookie mistake, Powell. 3 sips was all I could take before it went in the trash.


Luckily the mashed potatoes and corn did the trick, haha. Any excuse to eat nothing but carbs for lunch, I guess!



Yet another round of pantry roulette was played, resulting in a stir-fry that included TJ’s broccoli slaw, TJ’s apple chicken sausage, apples, onion, EVOO, and salt & pepper. Deets on the dish to come tomorrow.


I also ate about a bajillion blue corn chips (just a couple with guacamole snagged from Erin‘s bowl, haha).




And I capped off the night with a couple pieces of mango and a chocolate-hazelnut butter spoon.

My stomach is definitely feeling much more back to normal — just in time for the weekend!


  1. I have an upset belly as well, I’ve been sticking to hashbrowns with ketchup!

  2. Ok corn and mashed potatoes sound so good right now! Confession: I really want to make those KFC bowls: chicken, potatoes, corn, gravy and cheese. Ultimate comfort food.

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