Daily Eats – 9/19/11


Chobani 0% Lemon (140) with 1/4 cup Cracklin’ Oat Bran (100) and a banana (70)


Cascadian Farms Organic Mini-Chocolate & Peanut Butter Chip bar (80)


Trader Joe’s Vegetable Panang Curry (590 – whoosh!)


10 blue corn chips (140) with 2 tablespoons homemade salsa (20)


Total Randomness: 2 fat-free beef hot dogs (40 each), a whole wheat quesadilla with 1/4 cup Daiya chedder shreds (190), 1 tablespoon homemade salsa (10), a few random potstickers pilfered from the bro (100?) and 1/2 a cup of steamed green beans (20)

Total: 1,540 calories, give or take. Glad I stayed on target even with the higher-than-usual lunch entree. It sure was delicious for being part of my emergency stash of frozen lunches at work, so I guess that explains why haha. And you’ll be happy to know that those were my last two hot dogs, so I think I’ve officially ended the streak. Plus I got 5 miles under the belt (I won’t even begin to pretend I ran them all, but it’s something at least!)


  1. *sticks head in*

    I love hot dogs.


  2. OMG Cracklin Oat Bran! I love that stuff! Haven’t had it in years!

  3. awesome job on the 5miles!

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