Daily Eats – 9/2/2011


Repeat of yesterday:

Naner: ~70 cal

Unpictured whole wheat toast with small smear of Nutella: ~150 cal


Quaker Oatmeal Squares cereal: 210 cal


Trader Joe’s Alaskan salmon frozen dinner w/spinach orzo: 350 cal


Wasabi almonds: ~150 cal

Krinkle-cut kettle chips: 150 cal (must stop eating free office food.)


Mixed green salad with raw corn, bell pepper, cucumber, onion

Butternut squash potstickers (!!)


12 oz. cup of Taro (!!!) and mango fro-yo topped with fruit, coconut, and a single mini-Twix: likely (hopeful) overestimate of ~300 cal

I met up with Ania tonight at T.H.A.I. in Shirlington for dins. I wanted to save room for frozen yogurt, so I took dinner light, and successfully avoided my delicious Thai pitfall foods (namely, panang curry and pad see ew… nommm.)

Then I ate my weight in frozen yogurt. Seriously. TARO FROYO. SO delicious. Who knew?!

Known calorie counts: ~1,380 not counting dinner. So the overall damage probably wasn’t TOO outlandish (the salad is negligible but the potstickers were pan-fried) even with the ridonk amount of froyo (which is why I love froyo. Because it’s like 70 – 90 calories per half-cup at Yogiberry!)


  1. OMG I LOVE That froyo place! I go there ALL the time! And, EVERY time get Taro! It’s my absolute favorite! Fro-yo date??

  2. Panang Curry. My favorite meal of all time. I need to find a way to recreate it and make it lighter.

    Wasabi Almonds are also a favorite. I need to remember to buy them. Great snack with some staying power!

    • It’s. So. Good.

      Maybe with light coconut milk it wouldn’t be quite so bad? The problem for me is the rice too… it just tastes SO good on rice… I want to inhale like, 8 pounds of it… arrrrgh.

  3. I’ve never seen taro fro yo!! Sounds amazing. Those squash potstickers sound awesome too!

  4. LOVE Yogiberry! One of my girlfriends LOVES the Taro – I haven’t tried it. My favorite is simply the original. And love Thai Shirlington 🙂

  5. fro you looks amazing!!!! love the twix sticking out the top haha

  6. I need that salad in my life. Also, we have Pinkberry around my house and I go there all the time for their mango froyo! So good!

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