Alas, I have nothing really to update you with regard to this weekend, unless you’d like to hear about the epic hangover I had yesterday — the aftereffect of an equally epic wine & cheese party that Sean and I attended Saturday night. And, yes, it was indeed a wine hangover. Which if you’re lucky, you haven’t experienced for yourself. But if you have, you know it’s the very, very worst kind. Nothing that some Sprite, crackers, and back-to-back-to-back-to-back episodes of Nikita couldn’t fix though. Heh.

My distinct lack of healthy living (what, it’s not like I’m a healthy living blogger or anything!) aside, I do have some pretty exciting news to share. Er, that is, provided you’re not totally, 100% sick of hearing about my book yet! (It’s okay if you are, though. I won’t be offended… probably.)

Here’s what it’s regarding…

Ignore that weird printed line in the middle…

Thaaaaat’s right! Cover is DONE thanks to the amazing Cassie from Back to Her Roots, who is a true graphic design genius. Head on over to my writing blog to see the final product, and I can’t wait to hear what you all think!


  1. The cover is awsome!! It will stand out among other books on the bookshelf and it’s very attention grabbing!
    I’m a graphic designer by day and I definitely approve! 🙂

  2. SOOOOO beautiful! Very bold and fun!
    Congrats girl!
    Sounds like a good weekend to me! : )

  3. Seriously wine headaches are my kryptonite. And they stay with me for an entire day. I am going to try to restrict ALL alcohol consumption until my half marathon on November 11. In Puerto Rico! Maybe I will except Halloween though.

    I am going to check out the book now!

  4. SO EXCITING! Also, wine hangovers are awful times a billion. You poor thing.

  5. Congrats lady!! That’s so exciting. I came to the realization that I have quite the urge to write a book in my lifetime and as soon as I realized and accepted that, I got so excited and have just had ideas going through my head and today even started a draft of the intro. I’m sure I’ll soon make people really sick of hearing about it… 😉

    • I was floored with how quickly it all came to me once I also accepted the fact that I wanted to/was going to write a book. Congratulations! I can’t wait to hear what yours will be about!

      And yeah, I know that people are probably super sick of me talking about it… I’m just so excited! At least I still have weigh-ins to keep the original intentions of this blog somewhat on track…? Hahahaha.

  6. Your book cover looks awesome, Gretchen! That’s so exciting to see and hold it for the first time. And you’re right–wine hangovers are the absolute worst. (And I went to college in NY wine county; that’s saying something. ;))

  7. I showed you book blog to my daughter and she is so excited to read it. She thinks it is cool how young you are and publishing it yourself. She loves to read and works on short stories a lot.

  8. OH EM GEE, CONGRATS GIRLY! So exciting 🙂

  9. Gretchen! It is fantasmic that you have your cover… I read the two chapters you were kind enough to publish on your other blog, and I CAN NOT wait.
    Also, although a weird thing to “bond” over… wine hangovers are the worst. (Do NOT combine with whisky shots, it’s like wine headaches on steriods)

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