Fashion Friday: Au Naturale

Do makeup posts really belong under the Fashion Friday header? Ah well, I’m still rolling with it. We can revise later. So today, I am doing something marginally daring inspiring awkward. As someone who constantly proclaims how much she loves to put stuff all over her face, I am about to show you my makeup-less mug. I know.


BAM! This is me, completely fresh-faced, just after washing my makeup off.

Now, why am I doing this? Well, I’m really not someone who feels I NEED to wear makeup. I’m actually (shockingly?) quite happy with the face God gave me, and I know how lucky I am to have relatively clear skin and all that jazz. I don’t feel hideous when I leave the house without makeup, I just feel kind of… naked. So really, when it comes to wearing daily makeup, it’s a preference thing for me.

Which is why, on those days when I don’t feel like doing anything bright or bold or colorful or crazy (and I don’t want to spend a lot of TIME on my makeup), I go for a very simplistic, natural look. I know it sounds redundant, but I want to look like I’m not really wearing makeup, while still wearing makeup. I want the extra confidence that comes from knowing my skin’s a little more even, my eyelashes are a little fuller, and I don’t think there’s a single thing wrong with that.

Enter, my natural look kit:


My ever-lovin’ Urban Decay Naked Palette (fitting, no?), pressed powder (picture shows Makeup Forever), a brow pencil (picture shows Too Faced), mascara, and lip balm. Easy as (pumpkin/pecan/apple) pie. (Can you tell my mind is on Thanksgiving much?)

Natural Look

To me, natural means no shine, no shimmer, no glitter. First, I did a once-over with the pressed powder (no blush, since my face’s natural redness shines through powder). Then, I used the two matte colors in the palette, Naked (a neutral beige) and Buck (a medium brown). Naked went over my entire eyelid, and then I shaded some Buck into the crease/outer corner. After that, I fill in my brows a bit, then add mascara and some chapstick, and done!


Pre-makeup on the left, post-makeup on the right:

GI7C1308.jpg GI7C1328.jpg

GI7C1309.jpg GI7C1330.jpg

Voila! It doesn’t make a TREMENDOUS difference, but it’s enough to help even things out, boost my confidence, and make me feel just a little more put together. The brow shading is admittedly a new thing for me. I’ve been blessed with relatively full (and dark) eyebrows naturally, but I recently started filling them in just slightly more and I really dig the look. It gives me this whole Camilla Bell/Brooke Shields vibe that I dig. Eyebrows. So hot right now. Eyebrows.

Anyway, so that’s it! Done in 5 minutes or less. Like I said, easy.

What does your “natural” makeup routine consist of? Or do you really prefer just to not bother with makeup at all if you’re going to be wearing so little?


  1. isn’t it crazy the difference a teeny tiny bit of make up makes?? I am also a fan of the natural make up look. Most days I just use BB cream, concealer, mascara, and chapsitck. I’m not a fan of eye shadows or eye liners unless I’m going out.

  2. I’m so lazy when it comes to my everyday, going to work make up. All I do is throw on some moisturizer, a little Bare Minerals powder (in the lightest shade possible because I’m pale as pale can be), and some chapstick. Thank goodness I have dark eyelashes since I can’t even be bothered to put on mascara. 😉

  3. I heart make-up too. I feel really put together and polished when I am wearing it and it’s like art for me. Love your natural technique.

  4. Pretty much every day is a ‘natural makeup’ day for me (mainly because I don’t really know how to do makeup otherwise). Like you, I’m lucky enough to not really need makeup, so most often I just put on a little bit of under-eye concealer around my eyes to brighten up any dark circles. If I’m feeling a little fancier, I’ll throw on some mascara & a little blush. Simple is sweet!

  5. Gorgeous! You and improved! You SHOULD be happy with that lovely face, especially that beautiful skin!

    I used to pride myself on my “natural” look, though mine was never quite as good as yours, but now it’s really slipping. I just turned 39, my previously good skin has gone to hell in a — well, whatever skin goes to hell in — and my old makeup techniques (Origins, mainly) just aren’t working for me anymore.

    (A special thank you to 20 years of Lupus and all the delightful system-nuking medication that goes with it. My skin, hair and fat cells are grateful!)

    BUT — totally different topic — Gretchen! As someone who is, like, way, way, way older than you and, you know, a teacher by profession and stuff, I must call you out! What’s with the “simplistic and natural?” Simple. Simple and natural. Come one, girl! You are an emerging WRITER! You’ve got to set an example to the kids! (I mentioned your name to my mom and she said, “Oh, yes, I’ve heard about her.” That’s how famous you are! You are a Household Word.) Here endeth the scolding.

    • Heh, oops.

      Ohhhh semantics. Hey, even the most motivated of aspiring writers (ha!) are allowed a definition mix up every now and then, right? I guess I should count myself lucky I haven’t been publicly called out on my sayings confusion–I used to use “case and point” instead of “case in point” on an alarmingly regular basis (amongst other misunderstood expressions), hahaha.

  6. My casual make-up is BB cream, mascara, and lip gloss or chapstick

  7. I love the subtle difference a little make-up makes. I would wear make-up every day except I abhor taking it off and so I usually end up sleeping in it. Whoops. That kind of deters me from wearing it frequently, but when I do I do the three-tone/color-eye-shadow + Mascara + lip gloss route. I have good skin tone but ridiculous trouble spots (dry enough to flake on my forehead but greasy on my nose) so wearing powder or foundation is difficult for me.

    My eyeshadow technique might not work for you given that the shapes of our eyes are different (more of my eyelid shows normally) but I use a light tone (usually a pale/sparkly tan/nude) across my lid but especially in the inner corner of my eye and arching up to my brow. I sweep the main color across my lid–usually a coppery/bronze color, and then I do the outter-corner-v trick with the complementing color–usually a matte dark brown. This really makes my brown eyes pop 🙂

    The technique, though, base-primary-accent, technique works whether I’m doing browns, smokey eyes, or getting playful with colors. One of my “funner” looks is to do pink for the base, fuschia for the primary, and purple for the accent. It looks wild and fun 🙂 Maybe I’ll do a make-up post soon…

  8. I’m really into filling in my eyebrows too even though I already have dark eyebrows. I just don’t like how they look unfilled in…too sparse.

  9. Lisa Nidasays:

    Almost every day is a simple and natural day for me. I make sure my face is clean, apply mascara, maybe some cover-up, and some lip gloss. There is probably a lot of room for improvement in how I could look if I took time to do more, but I don’t. If I am getting really dressed up and fancy, I wear powder foundation, eye liner, mascara, and lip color. Maybe a little blush on a super rare occasion. My eyebrows are my arch nemesis. That’s all I have to say about them.

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