Feelgood “Friday”

All right, all right. Enough wallowing. Well, enough public wallowing, at least. Enough public wallowing for now. Instead, let’s try to focus on happy things. Like the sushi that I got to eat last night in the company of a great friend (Hi Lizzie!). Like how I got paid today (w00t!) And like the fact that even though today is Thursday, it feels like a Friday since I have tomorrow off for Veterans’ Day.


Schnauzer Sigh

RegalI'mma getchuuu!
Watch it...Mine!



Noms?Winner & Loser

Poor Harry. Always getting one-upped by that sassy little fluffball. By the way, how do you like their haircuts? Ben did Harry’s, and I did Daxter’s. He actually looks like a schnauzer again! A, um, BIG step up from some of my past grooming attempts, I’d say…

I just love it when you pin me down and shave my hair against my will.

And since I don’t have any actual content of substance to share with you, so concludes another completely pointless (but hopefully aesthetically pleasing?) post. But hey, at least I made an effort today, right? Baby steps. And in keeping with my plan to try to stay busy, I’ve got weekend plans up the wazoo. So stay tuned!

Is today your Friday? (Columbus Day deja vu!) Or are you secretly seething at me for bragging that I have tomorrow off? If it’s the latter, fret not. You probably get the day after Thanksgiving off, don’t you? Now who’s bragging, HMM?


  1. Enjoy your three day weekend 🙂 Your puppies are super cute!

  2. Jen Robinsonsays:

    Jealous. definitely v. v. jealous. i will be working tomorrow but as you mentioned- i do get the day after thanksgiving off. woot! Can Oreo come play with Daxter and Harry on Saturday afternoon?

  3. Lauren Y.says:

    I thought I recognized a fellow government employee! lol I hate having to use my leave for the day after Thanksgiving too – that should just be a “gimmie” day 🙂

  4. I may not have had Columbus Day off, but I’m rocking Veteran’s Day tomorrow. Annnnd, I get off 4 hours early today, to start the weekend off right. (Annnnd, I get the day before and the day after T-giving off as well – woot! Okay, sorry – enough bragging). 🙂

    The pups are looking good. My Lilly (an Aussie) is EXTREMELY hairy… sometimes I just want to pin her down and shave HER against her will. Any chance of bringing Gretchen’s Mobile Grooming to NC? 😉


  5. Your dogs are adorable. Now I want a schnauzer.

  6. Tomorrow is my first day off in 2 months!! Brag away because I am so freaking excited!!!!! Of course I have to work the rest of the weekend, but I’m so excited for tomorrow I don’t even mind! 🙂

  7. The fizzy waters are anxiously awaiting you!! I’m going to print off one of your pics tonight and bring it for an autograph tomorrow since I’m meeting a local celeb… …. just kidding! Seriously though, looking forward to meeting you – enjoy your “Friday”.

    • Hahahaha, I am most certainly NOT a celebrity. Although, I have been practicing my autograph since I was ~6 years old, y’know, just in case. 😉 I’m really excited to meet you too!

  8. Not only do I not get Friday off, but I have to work a full day on Saturday. I only get a one day weekend. *cries*
    So yes, oh so very jealous!

  9. There is no kind of love like puppy love!

  10. Hi Gretchen! I am SO jealous. Unfortunately today is not my Friday and instead I have to work tomorrow. booooo!

  11. Puppiessss! My dog always makes me feel better. I swear she totally understands human emotions. Also, 3 day weekends help many, many things!

  12. No day off tomorrow, and probably not the day after Thanksgiving either. So I’m super jealous of your three day weekend!

  13. Rikkisays:

    Way to rally! Glad to see your spirits are up. Now, don’t forget to keep yourself busy on your day off! : )

  14. Not only am I jealous you get tomorrow off, I’m also jealous you have some of the cutest dogs in the world! I’m obsessed with Daxter (I’ve never seen a white Schnauzer before!). Hope you’re hanging in there.

  15. I love the picture where Harry has his tongue out while Daxter has the toy! So cute!! I don’t have tomorrow off but with the time you’ve had you deserve the day so enjoy it!!

  16. They look great! I get tomorrow off and the day after Thanksgiving 🙂 Enjoy the long weekend!

  17. Cutest little puppies ever!!! They are so adorable!

  18. I also have today off!!!! Let’s do a happy dance!!!!!!! 😀

    You know, for freedom . . . 😉

  19. Adorable 🙂

  20. Lauren @ Oatmeal after Spinningsays:

    Awww! That is cuteness overload! I’m so jealous that you can pick up your pups (and both at the same time!) it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to do that with my guys!

  21. I didn’t get Veteran’s Day off. I don’t get the day after Thanksgiving off (I don’t even get Thanksgiving!).

    So go on, you braggart, you. I’ll just take my Holiday Pay all the way to the.. um.. I guess the bank would be logical, huh?

    • Hahaha, well it’s true that I’m jealous of your holiday pay!

      • I keep chanting “Money, money, money” in my head every time I work a holiday. It takes more self control than I’d like to admit not to stick my tongue out at visitors who comment on my working the holiday and say “Yeah well, I’m getting paid money to help you spend yours!”

        Maturity is overrated. At least the Feds take Christmas off without fail. I don’t think I could do without my Christmas Morning.

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