Foxlet: Week 12

Week 12 is here, hallelujah! This means I’m almost out of my first trimester (I guess that technically happens at the end of this week?) and hopefully *fingers crossed* am on my way out of these first trimester symptoms as well. I was 12 weeks on the dot yesterday, but I wanted to wait to post until after my doctor’s appointment, cause I got a new framer to show you, hehe.

That’s a real human baby in there!

Foxlet’s Size: Foxlet is currently the size of a plum, apricot, or my personal fave, a french macaron!

Weight Gained: Still down about the same amount from the beginning of my pregnancy (~13-14 pounds), so no weight gained, although I can definitely tell the shape of my body is starting to change. So no new weight seems to have packed on (yet…), but things appear to be redistributing, lol.

Symptoms: Every time I think I’m on the up and up nausea-wise, it tends to rear its ugly head. Things are still the worst in the evenings, starting around 5 PM and lasting until I go to sleep. But the daytime tends to be all right most of the time, so I’m taking what I can get!

My current most-hated symptom is actually not the nausea, but the terrible terrible terrible breaking out that is happening to my skin! I know this is like sooooooo #whitegirlprobs, but I’ve always had really clear skin, even in high school, so dealing with acne now is actually starting to affect my self-esteem. Let’s just say that glowing, I am not. Le sigh.

Emotions: Errrrm, yeah. I had a dream the other night that Sean and I got a new puppy, and then when I woke up and it wasn’t true I started bawling in bed. Also am crying every time I find Foxlet’s heartbeat on the fetal doppler at home (point of fact: I do not recommend getting a fetal doppler because I couldn’t actually find the heartbeat until 3 days ago and it was causing a lot of “Is my baby dead?!?” anxiety). Also cried at the OB’s office yesterday. Also started bawling when I started thinking about the possibility of Harry dying before Foxlet is born. Also may be getting choked up right now just typing that sentence.

Cravings: Still no specific cravings, as finding food that seems palatable is still my main mission every day. In general, I seem to prefer sweet foods to savories, and can always eat fruit, so I look forward to my future hyperactive sugar-baby.

Aversions: Some of my aversions seem to be subsiding, so that’s really good! I’ve been able to start eating french fries again (huzzah!!) although am still super turned off by the thought of pizza and most meat.

Sleep: Been battling insomnia for the past week, so I have to take a sleep aid at night (Unisom – safe for pregnancy) to help me fall asleep. Once I’m out, though, I’m pretty good at staying asleep and am still getting enough hours in at night that I’ve been able to avoid napping (for now!).

Wearing: The maternity clothes that I ordered arrived this week, so I’ve tried it all on and I kiiiind of love them. My bump is still not so much a bump as my normal bowl full of jelly + some super fun bloating, but as I mentioned above, I can tell that my shape is changing and that means that even without having gained weight, my pants are already much tighter than they used to be. Enter:

The new hotness.

I got like 3 different types of maternity shorts (over-belly, under-belly, side panel) because I’ll be my most pregnant at the hottest time of the year in Northern VA (not great panning on my part) but seeing as how it’ll be 70 degrees today, I might bust these puppies out a little bit early, gahahaha. I’m sure you’ll be seeing the rest of my maternity wardrobe very soon.

Purchases: Aside from some new clothes for me, I haven’t bought anything else new for baby yet.

Missing… nausea-free evenings.

Looking Forward to… Well, as of this time yesterday I would’ve said I was looking forward to finding out the sex of the baby. Which, obviously, I still am (VERY MUCH SO), but I thought that at my appointment yesterday I was getting a blood test that would A) screen for genetic stuff, but also B) able to tell me the sex of the baby (so early!). Weeeeell, turns out that is a different kind of test than the one I actually got, and the kind I want likely wouldn’t be covered by insurance because I’m not having a high-risk pregnancy. (Which, I get is a good thing, I know.) And without insurance would cost like $2,000. Lol.

Anyway, I’m just bummed because I thought I was going to get to find out early, and now I won’t get to know until the 20 week anatomy scan like everyone else. I know, I know, woe is me. I know this all probably sounds super dumb, but I can’t help it: I wanna knooooow! So now I’m considering going to one of those elective ultrasound places where you pay like $70 and they can tell you as early as 14 weeks (although I’d probably wait til at least 16 weeks to increase accuracy.) Does that seem stupid to pay extra money just so I can find out the sex a few weeks earlier? I mean, if we have the technology…

Okay, enough whining about that. It should go without saying that obviously my biggest hope is just for a healthy, happy baby, and so far, the docs say that everything looks exactly as it should, and Foxlet is perfectly on track for 12 weeks — yay!


  1. Larasays:

    Take it from someone who was told the wrong sex early on, waiting until 18+ weeks to find out the sex isn’t the worse thing!

  2. Carlysays:

    I really wanted to find out the sex too — I think $70 is a much better price than $2,000 🙂 but if you have to accept if they can’t see the “body parts” in the scan based on how the baby is positioned you might still not know then. Mine was very obvious but it’s not always like that!

  3. Katiesays:

    Hi Gretchen! So, I’m pregnant as well (today’s my due date, ahhh) and I had the blood screen you’re wanting. My insurance wouldn’t cover it either, but I didn’t have to pay $2K! See if there’s a ‘financial assistance’ program or something similar available. The staff at your OB office should know. Mine guaranteed we would not have to pay over a certain low amount – I want to say $25? We didn’t have to give the company any info about our finances to qualify. Good luck!

  4. Hi! I stumbled across your blog a couple of years ago when I got lingual braces and trawling for peoples’ experiences! Anyway your blog popped into my head last night as I hadn’t read since your wedding and I suddenly wondered whether you’d be having a baby and, here you are. Congratulations! And just wanted to sympathize on the skin front – I too had no acne or skin problems ever before but in my bird pregnancy (the only one of 4 pregnancies to do this to me…) I had the worst worst skin imaginable and also terrible sickness (but if I’m honest the skin got me down more than the daily vomiting – vain but true!) ..I really struggled. Anyway just to say it just suddenly got way better right at the end of my pregnancy and then completely cleared up after she was born. Also, I tried about a million super expensive products and eventually the only thing that seemed to help was applying neat TCP to the blemishes. Not what I ever would have done before but seemed to work. Anyway. Long message but I feel your pain! And also, the excitement. Congrats again.

  5. My bird pregnancy?! Obviously, my third pregnancy.

  6. Alicesays:

    You should stand somewhere other than right next to the TV for your pictures – it makes it really hard to see the belly! Also wait until the 20 week scan, they’ll be able to better see the anatomy and give you a higher accuracy, provided your baby is in a good position to see it.

  7. Danisays:

    The baby’s sex is either going to be a surprise now or a surprise in a few weeks. Just wait. It’ll be more accurate, won’t cost you anything extra and knowing now changes nothing.

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