Foxlet: Week 35

What a week, eh?

Hospital trips, blood pressure monitoring, bed rest… oh my! To say this past week has been a bit of an emotional roller coaster is probably understating it. It wasn’t a ton of fun to go from a totally textbook, complication-free pregnancy to suddenly talking about high blood pressure, early delivery, and induction, but fortunately I do have some positive things to report!

I last left you with my diagnosis of pregnancy-induced hypertension (aka high blood pressure), with me being prescribed medications as well as being put on modified bedrest. My doctor talked me through what all that meant for my health (given that my high BP is actually more of a concern for me than for her), and the probability of wanting me to deliver Baby Foxlet at 37 weeks. And that’s with the understanding that it could be much sooner if my blood pressure doesn’t get under control.

Well, I’m happy to report that after spending the weekend laid up in bed and starting my blood pressure medication, I returned to the OB on Monday and registered some much better-lookin’ BP numbers! Huzzah!

My reading on Monday was 127/86, which is just the sliiiiightly outside of the desired range (“normal” BP is usually under 120/80) but was definitely a good change from my previous reading Friday — which was 140/85. I also went back to the doctor the following day (Tuesday/yesterday) for a sonogram to check on Baby Foxlet, where they took my blood pressure again, and it was even better at 122/82!

My ultrasound also went very well and Foxlet is, to quote my doctor, “growing perfectly,” which was a huge relief! She measured in at 5 lbs, 13 oz (yay!), is facing head-down (double yay!), has her feet up near my right rib (which explains why I only get that stabby rib pain thing on the right side!), and I have good fluid levels and all that jazz. The only somewhat unfortunate thing was that because she’s so big at this point, and her head is facing my pelvis, the technician couldn’t get any good photos of her face or profile! All I got was a shot of her feet, haha.

Of course, I’m not complaining since the whole point of this was just to check on how she’s doing, and it was kind of a bonus to get to see her at all in there. Plus, Sean and I did sorta get to see a glimpse of her li’l face on the screen, brief though it was, so that’ll do for now, hehe.

So anyway, it really has been positive news all around — thank goodness — though I’m still a bit hesitant to celebrate too wildly. You know me, anxious and alarmist as I am, I know I’m still gonna live in constant fear that my blood pressure will spike, or that I’ll develop additional symptoms/warning signs of preeclampsia and we’ll still be rushed off to the hospital early. But the good thing about all this extra monitoring and testing is that now that we know about how big she is, even if her size estimate isn’t totally accurate, and even if we ended up in the hospital tomorrow, she’d probably look pretty good. After all, there are even some full-term babies born at 5 lbs, 13 oz, right?

Sooooo all this is to say that my doctor is happy that my current treatment plan is working, and while she unfortunately doesn’t want me to come off of bedrest, she’s happy to have me keep on keeping on until at least 37 weeks. Which is really the best kind of outcome I could be hoping for right now! My doctor’s appointments will be weekly starting from now on, and are to include a non-stress test (NST), which is basically just some extra fetal monitoring to make sure things continue to be hunky-dory for Foxlet in there. Whew.

Foxlet’s Size: At 35 weeks, Foxlet is about the length of a durian (but hopefully will smell better, heh.) As mentioned above, we now know that she’s sitting pretty at around 5 pounds, 13 ounces. Almost 6 glorious pounds!

Weight: Weeeell, with all the stress and craziness since last week, combined with the fact that my stomach is like, teeny tiny right now, means I’ve actually lost a couple of pounds again. Oops. My doctor is definitely not concerned at all, especially given that it’s not like Foxlet’s size seems to be suffering in any way, and I’m sure that now that I’m bed- and couch-bound it’ll be back with a vengeance.

Symptoms: Shortness of breath, insomnia, and this daggone pain in my tailbone area — which I’m now thinking is sciatic nerve pain (as one of you totally called a few weeks ago!) given that it seems focused only on the right side of my tailbone/butt area. It’s extremely painful, however, and lately seems to flare up anytime I shift my weight, sit down, or stand up. So basically, always. It sucks. On the bright side, it really makes my pelvic pain seem like a thing of the past?

Emotions: I mean…….. it’s been a rocky week. Heh. So, yes, more than my fair share of tears have likely been shed as of late. But it’s not like there hasn’t been a specific reason tied to almost every crying fit lately, so all things considered, I actually feel like I’ve been able to remain pretty level-headed.

Cravings/Aversions: Fried egg sandwiches with a slice of tomato and ketchup are my jimmity jam right now.

Sleep: I’ve basically just given up on sleep at this point. At least I’ll be well-seasoned for when Foxlet actually arrives, eh?

Purchases: I received a diaper credit on Amazon for doing my registry through them, so I redeemed for some diaper supplies. Since Foxlet is definitely going to be joining us at least slightly earlier than planned, I went ahead and got some newborn sized diapers, additional diaper inserts, and added to my stockpile of wipes.

Looking forward to… my final work event! I have quite a bit of work-related stuff going on in August (and even early September) that I’m unfortunately having to hand off to my amazing coworkers, but my doctor did give me permission to go to my Yelp event tomorrow. It’s at Pinot’s Palette, and I promised her that I’d just be sitting and painting the entire time so she gave me her blessing to attend.

NOT looking forward to… the fact that I can’t finish up most of the nesting-related things left on my to-do list, sigh. Of course, Sean can take care of everything, but it’s not like he has the same nesting urges as me, so that to-do list isn’t exactly too pressing for him. I mean, okay, none of it is really pressing in general, to be fair. But knowing that doesn’t keep me from wishing I could finish putting up decals in the downstairs bathroom, pre-wash all her baby towels, or get that dang bookshelf up!

Ah well. I, of course, am dealing. For now, anyway. And if the bedrest boredom eventually starts to affect my sanity, I’m sure you guys will be the first to figure it out. <3


  1. Jamie Hsays:

    So glad to hear you and baby girl and doing better! I TOLD you I thought she’d be nice and big (and healthy!) at your ultrasound. Big babies or bust, pregnancy twin! Still keeping you in my thoughts and hoping these remaining weeks are uneventful and you make it past 37 weeks!

  2. Carriesays:

    Woohoo! Such great news. Rooting for you both! I was on bed rest for a few weeks of my pregnancy. It was not fun (and so annoying when people suggest it must be so great to just lie in bed all day…), but in the end it was just a blip that I barely remember. I’m pretty sure 5 lb is a milestone weight, so already being over that is a great sign.

  3. Robinsays:

    As an FYI, the baby weights are pure estimates. The actual size can vary by up to 2 pounds in either direction.

    • Oh yeah, I’m well aware – it at least gives me a bit more peace of mind thing that she’s registering at a nice big weight on the sonogram for now, haha. But there’s no way to really know how big she’ll be until she’s here!

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