Foxlet: Weeks 29 + 30

So, you’ve heard about my baby shower, but I forgot to mention my other good news from last week: I passed my glucose tolerance test! Huzzah! No gestational diabetes for this gal!

I’m definitely feeling veeeeeery pregnant these days. It’s not super comfortable, I’ll admit: I’m always either too hot or too cold, I’ve got my waddle on, and back pain is a pretty consistent part of life right now. Guess that’s the price we pay for the belly!

29 weeks on the left, 30 on the right!
Foxlet’s Size: At 30 weeks, Baby Foxlet is around 3 pounds and as long as a zucchini or bag of chips!

Weight: Continuing to hold steady with no new gains for the past couple of weeks. Technically still clocking in 2 pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight, although as I’ve mentioned before, I’m not sure how accurate that “initial” weight really was since I was so bloated at the beginning of my pregnancy. So I might have actually gained a few pounds? Can’t be sure.

I’ve had a few flickers of anxiety about not gaining any weight, but my OB’s office is definitely not concerned at all (after all, I started with lots of extra fluff for her to survive on!), so I’m trying not to fixate on it. And after all, gaining a ton of weight during pregnancy was one of my pre-pregnancy fears (I always figured I’d be the type who gains like 100 pounds, lol), so I guess I really shouldn’t be complaining!

Symptoms: Back pain, continued heartburn (especially at night), exhaustion, and I’ve had this annoying persistent cough in the back of my throat for about a week now. Looks like that mythical “feeling good” window people told me about never really opened for me, lol.

Emotions: The emotions are still there, for sure, and I cry minimum once per day over a variety of things. Anything can trigger me these days — anything. They might be upset tears over fearing that I’m going to be a terrible mom, or happy tears how Sean kisses my belly before he leaves for work, or ridiculous tears over accidentally overcooking the potatoes for potato salad. You’re welcome, everyone who knows me!

Cravings/Aversions: Nothing super specific on either end. I’ve been eating a lot more lately, and getting hungry at night. Still liking raw veggies and fruit, and sweet stuff. Reeeeeeally missing salmon sushi, man.

Sleep: Ughhhhhh. Terrible. My back pain has been making it really hard to get comfortable at night.

Purchases: Thanks to the shower, we really have all the essentials and then some at this point, so aside from picking up a few of the less cute and glamorous things that I’ll be needing (breast pads, diaper inserts, nipple cream, oh my!), we are in really good shape. I’ve also received even more hand-me-downs from my wonderful friend Breanne, which means that Baby Foxlet is sure to be the most fashionable baby ever.

Looking forward to… CM Week, our annual Community Manager work conference! This year’s is taking place during the first week of August.

NOT looking forward to… traveling to San Francisco for CM Week. I know, that sounds super contradictory, but it’s just that while I’m excited for so many things: seeing my coworkers that I only see once a year, getting to get reenergized and reinvigorated for work, and all of that… the actual thought of traveling across the country at 34 weeks is giving me a lot of anxiety.

I know it’s totally safe for the baby, and my doctor says you can fly until 36 or 37 weeks, but I still can’t help this irrational fear that I’m going to go into premature labor and have this baby in California, lol. I know, I know, 34 weeks would be SUPER early, and I haven’t shown any risk factors or issues this pregnancy (in fact, it’s been quite textbook in general.) And first-time moms are statistically more likely to go overdue than give birth before their due date. But I still can’t help being anxious about it. After all, if anyone was going to have some kind of crazy thing happen during the home stretch of her pregnancy, wouldn’t it be me? The Blizzard Wedding Girl?

I do have a checkup the week before I’ll be flying out and intend on asking my OB to be very thorough to make sure everything really looks A-OK, which will hopefully help alleviate my fears. In the meantime, those of you who have traveled late in your pregnancies — got any tips for me on making the flight over to the West Coast as un-terrible as possible?


  1. Louise Fortunasays:

    But if you give birth on the plane baby foxlet might get free flights for life on that airline! (I saw an article about this recently.)

  2. Sarasays:

    34 weeks is not super early. 27 weeks is super early. 34 week preemies are fully developed just without the extra fat. Personally I wouldn’t fly across the country at 34 weeks.

  3. Becky Wsays:

    Hi Gretchen, long time reader, first time commenter here! Just wanted to say THANK YOU for your honest, funny, amazing pregnancy updates. I too am a rainbow-haired plus-size first-time mama, and I’m about 5 weeks behind you (25 weeks yesterday!). Pregnancy has been a roller coaster for me, especially as a plus size gal, with body image struggles and all the unsolicited advice and silent judgement swirling out there. Your posts have done so much to keep me sane and calm. I look forward to each post, and your descriptions of some of your pregnancy discomforts and medical tests have actually helped me figure out some of my own pregnancy symptoms and gave me the words to use to talk to my doctor about them. You’ve really helped boost my confidence to trust myself and be a proud curvy pregnant lady through whatever surprises my pregnancy brings. I also feel much less alone in the day to day experiences of pregnancy because I can read how you’ve experienced many similar things just a few weeks before me. I really can’t thank you enough for your willingness to be candid about your experience on the internet! 🙂 Warm wishes and good luck for the rest of your pregnancy!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words! Congratulations on your own little bundle — boy or girl?? 😀

      I hope your pregnancy has been a little bit kinder to you than mine has been for me, haha, but it does always help to know that we’re not alone in all of this, doesn’t it? 🙂

  4. April Csays:

    You are really wearing pregnancy well! <3 I had the same fears about gaining too much weight while already being "robust" and I didn't start gaining weight until the 6th month. I gained about 25lbs overall and that was exactly on point with what my doctor wanted. As long as they aren't worried, you shouldn't be either! I had the inclination that my daughter would be early the second we found out her due date and I was totally right 🙂

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