On Saturday, January 23rd, 2016, the entire greater metropolitan Washington DC area was buried under multiple feet of snow. Snowzilla blew in, and it blew in HARD. So what did I do?


I got married, of course!

What, you think little things like near-hurricane force winds, 20 – 30 inches of snow, and sub-freezing temperatures were gonna stop me from marrying the love of my life?




Was it perfect? Was it the wedding I’ve dreamt of since forever? Did it go off without a hitch?




Okay, I mean, sure, I didn’t PLAN for it to snow like the world was ending, adjustments had to be made, and alternate plans had to be put into effect. But it was an absolutely, undoubtedly, rip-roaringly magical night. Every tear I cried that entire day (and you guys know I cry A LOT) was a happy tear. And I’m gonna go ahead and throw it out there that it ended up being all the more memorable due to the, ahem, circumstances. 😉

Alas, not all of our guests were able to join us, of course, but even with Winter Storm Jonas crashing the wedding, over half of my guests moved Heaven and Hell and mountains of snow to be able to attend. I fully recognize how extraordinarily lucky I am.


I am so incredibly blessed to have family and friends who changed their plans, made contingencies, pitched in, and helped pull off an absolutely spectacular night. My dad & mom, siblings, bridesmaids, and basically every person I came across did more than I ever could have asked to ensure Sean and I were still able to get hitched, and I am eternally grateful.

A lot of people put in a lot of extra work to make this day happen, and special props go to some of the most absolutely incredible vendors in the entire DMV. These guys got me through this most epic of days and honestly, I’m so lucky to have found them:

Jon Fleming Photography, for not only camping out with us during the storm, but for turning around these amazing sneak peek photos faster than I could even blink!

Doug Stanford Videography, for giving up seeing his baby boy play in his first snowstorm to capture every loving moment.

Classic Occasions by Caitlin, for going ABOVE & BEYOND in every possible way. Forget day-of coordinator, or even week- or month-of coordinator. Caitlin was my salvation. This needs a much longer post to explain, and it’ll get one, but just know that she is EVERYTHING.

Main Event Caterers, for not only showing up to serve bomb ass drinks and delicious food, but for not even batting an eye when I said the show was going on, blizzard or nah.

Chad Schwartz of Triforce Quartet for literally walking 2 miles (!!) in the raging snow to represent the other three members of his string quartet and give me the ceremony music of my dreams.

And the absolutely awesome staff at the George Washington National Masonic Memorial, who spent Friday night and all of Saturday plowing and shoveling and sweeping snow to ensure my wedding would actually happen. Roger & Kevin — you guys were our guardian angels!

I promise I will go into detail on how exactly we managed to pull off a wedding in the middle of a blizzard in a later post (let’s be honest, it’ll probably take a couple of posts, hahaha), but seeing as how I’ve got a honeymoon to prepare for (we leave for the Florida Keys and a Caribbean cruise tomorrow!), for now, I’ll just say this:


Mischief officially managed.

Gretchen Fox


  1. Yes! Mrs. Fox only you could have pulled off this magical evening. Congratulations! Now go somewhere warm.

  2. Gwensays:

    Amazing! I thought of you all day! So glad you two pulled it off and are happy! Enjoy your honeymoon! Can’t wait to see more!

  3. Mandysays:

    I’m SO HAPPY for yea Gretchen. I’m SO glad it went off without a hitch. I personally have ALWAYS wanted a December Wedding, but hey….this was yea day an it was 100% PERFECT, even if it did get altered a bit. Yea are a COMPLETE INSPIRATION to me!!!! I’m so glad it went so perfect and I’m VERY HAPPY for y’all!!!!


  5. jennifer maksays:

    reading this makes me so happy and teary

  6. I totally cried reading this. I’m so happy for you!

  7. Gretchen Fox – ahhhh!! So thrilled for you guys – and so happy we were able to be there! SnowZilla be damned. 🙂 Have an amazing honeymoon! xoxo

  8. Larasays:

    Yes! And it was perfect! So happy we made it! Enjoy your Honeymoon!

  9. What a beautiful cake! And I am so happy for you guys. Of COURSE you ended up with some wacky, quirky, retellable story! 🙂

  10. janakisays:

    Congratulations on your wedding. Have a great honeymoon! Have always been a lurker but this amazing story compelled me to comment. I am extremely happy to know you created happy memories out of a potentially overwhelming situation.

  11. Love it!! And the Mischief Managed sign is AMAZING! Congratulations. 🙂

  12. Lisasays:

    CONGRATULATIONS Mrs. Fox! What a coup and what stories you’ll have to tell. I think that beautiful dress deserves a paragraph or two (or three) all its own. Have a wonderful time!

  13. Congratulations! I was following your adventure on Saturday via Instagram because I’m that kind of internet creep and I couldn’t believe Jonas was coming on your wedding day! The fact that your day still managed to be totally magical makes me so happy. Have a fantastic honeymoon!

  14. You are going to have a story to last a lifetime and that is so special.
    I cannot wait to read every detail about your snowy special day!

  15. I woke up on Saturday and thought, “Gretchen is getting married!” It looks like it was an amazing time! I’ve been stalking your blog even before you were dating Sean and I’m so happy for you both!

  16. Congratulations! You look stunning!
    I hope you managed to take some wedding pictures in the snow. 🙂

  17. Congratulations! You look beautiful! I love the stripes on your dress!

  18. Have an AMAZING honeymoon, Mrs. Fox!

  19. Robinsays:

    Thought of you that day. So glad it was pulled off so well. Just got back from the keys, enjoy!!!

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