Game Day Game Changers

Yes, yes, I know. Yet another blog post listing out recipe suggestions for Super Bowl Sunday — not exactly revolutionary material here. But! That doesn’t meant that I still don’t think these recipes are worth posting. Plus, I mean, the Super Bowl is a mere 2 days away. Who knows? Maybe here is where you’ll find that game-changing recipe that you were looking to impress your in-laws with. And if that’s the case, well, you’re welcome.

Frankly, I don’t really care about the Super Bowl, per se. I just don’t really care for sports all that much. (Those of you who regularly read this blog are probably thoroughly unsurprised, haha.) While others have their noses glued to the television for each play, I’m the one milling around the snack table pretending to know what’s happening. It’s a lot I am more than happy to have been given in life, hehe. When it comes to this kind of stuff, all I care about is being able to have good times with good food, and the Super Bowl tends to provide both of those things in spades. Plus, you know, commercials!

So here are the recipes from which I will be plucking my Super Bowl contribution. Some are healthy-ish, some are decidedly UNhealthy, but all are sure to be delicious!

Mango Guacamole

Cheddar Beer Weenies (from Pass the Sushi)

Baked Buffalo Chicken Bites (from Back to Her Roots)

Avocado & Cannellini Bean Hummus (from Fannetastic Food)

A Lighter Mexican Layer Dip (from The Splattered Apron)

Skinny Baked Mozzarella Sticks (from Skinny Taste)

And of course, if you’re looking to contribute something on the sweeter end of the spectrum…

Disaster Cookies

Why not curse the other team forever by making up a batch of my disaster cookies? Just draw on a “G” or “P” in icing (for whichever team you’re NOT rooting for), and these delicious chocolate chippers are sure to put the odds in your favor. Side effects may include earthquakes, hurricanes, and flooding. Believe me, though. They’re worth a natural disaster or two.

What’s your go-to game day recipe? Happy Super Bowl!


  1. Katesays:

    ANYTHING that has avocado in it. YUM!!

  2. Oh my gosh. This post is making me salivate. Mmmmmmmm. Great suggestions! I too have a love affair with Avocados. I die a little inside every time I buy an avocado and it turns out to be not good :'( But, I digress. I think I might have to make those cheddar beer weenies for Sunday. I think i might HAVE to. Also, I’m going to the FC market for eggs tomorrow. *dons binoculars*

  3. True story: I totally want some buffalo balls now (which may or may not be what we call them at home).

    We’re without TV, but I think we’ll have that lightened up layer dip you posted on Sunday. I LOVE Mexican Layer dip and have been really meaning to try and lighten it up.

    • They look sooooooooooo good. I am definitely going to be making me some balls this weekend (aaaaaaand cue giggles because I do indeed have the sense of humor of a 13 year old boy.) 😀

  4. Disaster Cookies!! Hahahaha! That’s great. And yes- they look great, too!
    The mango guac totally caught my attention. I always have frozen mango chunks on hand, and they should work out, right?
    I would have been much more interested in the game if my team wasn’t knocked out in the last round, but my husband is a huge Pats fan, so I’ll play nice. Plus, we’re doing a vegan potluck. It’s kind of a tradition now, established to piss off my carnivorous husband.

    • I think those should definitely work! Just thaw them out beforehand and then cut them down to the size you want!

  5. I’m in the midst of planning my Super Bowl Day menu 😀

    All of this looks delish!

  6. My usuals are football shaped brownies, May-not-actually-be-7-layer dip (my take on 7 layer dip and I’m just not sure how many layers I have, it changes), and home-made pizza, with a spattering of other dips and chips. However this year Whole Foods was doing this ridiculous deal called a Super Bundle that is 2 take-and-bake pizzas, 2 bags of chips, 2 bottles of soda, and crispy or buffalo wings for $30. So I did that instead.

  7. Welp, I think im going to make most if not all of those on Sunday. 🙂 yea.. most def…………. mmmmmm.

  8. Aaaaand I’m drooling.

  9. 7-layer dip, pizza, some bowls of snackies, and adult drinks will be enjoyed this Super Bowl Sunday 😀

    P.S. I totes pinned those Skinny Mozz Sticks and can’t wait to make a batch!

  10. Now I want to make ALL of these and truck them out to the party we’re headed to in Gainesville! SO YUM! Also, Mama Pea’s footballs from today look amazeing too! xo

  11. I’ll definitely be making some Cheddar Beer Weenies this weekend!

  12. Screw the superbowl, there is a much more exciting event happening this weekend, today is my 4 year old’s birthday party 😉 He loves tacos more than anything else, so we are having a mexican fiesta, and I’m thinking mango guac needs to make an appearance!!!

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