Hello Fresh!

Howdy folks! Long time no chat. I’ve been keeping crazy busy planning Northern Virginia’s next YELPER PARTY!

I’m throwing Yelp’s Fire & Ice Ball at the Hilton McLean Tysons Corner on April 19th, and Y-O-U are invited! This event is one giant extravaganza celebrating all things Northern VA. Pick out your best red or white evening wear, because I promise you, this is one night not to be missed. And best of all, it’s totally FREE!

This is my one event that literally anyone can attend, and I’d love for you to be there! Just head over to Yelp.com/Events now to RSVP, it’s easy as that! And feel free to share with family, friends, whomever!

Aside from planning the Fire & Ice Ball, I’ve been trying to lay relatively low. I had my second trip to Savannah for work a couple weeks ago, during which I got to see my favorite sister and niece again.

And I also have been trying out one of those meal prep delivery service things — Hello Fresh!

Everything comes pre-portioned and ready to cook with, which is super convenient, and all the recipes I’ve tried so far have been great!

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Even though I already cook quite a bit (and enjoy doing so), I still find I’m learning quite a bit from the Hello Fresh meals I’ve been sent. Namely, the fact that they’re not always things I’d necessarily prepare myself is really helping me break out of my regular rotation of meals.

The ingredients are also REALLY quality. They are delicious and VERY fresh (I mean, I guess they’d have to be, with a name like Hello Fresh, ahaha.) I actually find that they last longer than the week in which they’re delivered, so even if you get busy with other plans, you’ve got a while to make each dish. Plus, worst comes to worst, you can always freeze the protein and re-purchase the other ingredients if you really needed to.

The price is $60 per box for two people, and each box comes with 3 meals. So, it’s not the cheapest option ever, but you can put your account on hold as frequently as you like, and it has been a lot of fun at least! Plus, if you’re interested in trying it out, I have a code you can use for $40 off your first box. So it’s only $20 to try (and I get an extra $20 to put towards my next box, too.)

So if you’re interested in trying out Hello Fresh, just use code SL7Z3J for $40 off your first box!

Hopefully I’ll be able to get back into the groove of regular posting soon, since the beginning rush prepping for my Yelper Party is starting to wane a smidge (now it’s just juggling LOTS of logistics, heh.) And with my birthday around the corner (the BEST DAY OF THE YEAR) as well, I hope to have more fun stuff to update you on as well! Alas, in the meantime… see you on the flipside!

Have you tried any meal prep delivery services (Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, etc) before?

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