Holy Swag, New Balance!

As you are all probably aware, given the number of times I’ve freaked out about it so far, I am running the Reach the Beach Relay in May with a team of pretty awesome bloggers. We have been fortunate enough to be sponsored by New Balance, and while I would have been more than happy just not having to pay a registration fee, they upped the ante. Yesterday I came home to a pretty sweet surprise!


Well, I guess it wasn’t SO much of a surprise, since I had been hearing the digital shrieks from my teammates who had already received theirs all day, haha.


I was NOT fully prepared for the epicness that awaited me within the walls of that duffel bag, however. Consider my workout wardrobe effectively doubled (or more!) — I think all my UnderArmour gear is going to start jelly hatin’:


Holy schlamoly. There is pretty much everything that you would possibly need to train for a relay like this in here!


The list of swag from my bag is as follows:

  • New Balance 890 sneakers (The soles are really more pink than red, despite how the color turned out in the pic.)
  • PDA Running Gloves
  • Tri-Viz Running Cap (With lights on the front and under the rim!)
  • Prism Run Shorts
  • Fun Run Shorts
  • Fun Run Skirt (My first running skirt! There are shorts built into it.)
  • Prism Capri
  • Impact Capri
  • Tempo Tee
  • Icefill Short Sleeve (Love me some moisture-wicking tees)
  • Tonic Crop Sports Bra
  • NRG Bars
  • GPS Runner (I don’t think that links to the same model we got, but it’s all I could find on the website.)
  • Running Socks
  • I didn’t even know that New Balance made a GPS watch, but I am really excited to try it all out! I’m actually most excited about the running hat. The relay is over the course of 24+ hours, which obviously means that some legs are going to be at night (all the relay recaps I’ve read say that the night legs are the best experience though, so hopefully I get (an easy) one, hehe!). It’ll be so nice having a little headlamp on as we’re running through rural Massachusetts at 3 AM, don’t you think?


    All of this new jank is DEFINITELY getting me hyped up for the race. It’s even — gasp! — making me want to go run to try it all out! Who’d have ever thunk it? 😉 This is gonna be legendary.

    Do you have a “brand” when it comes to running/workout apparel? My sister works for UA, so all of my stuff has been almost exclusively them up until now (my shoes are Brooks though).

    Edit: I forgot to add that New Balance is offering a discount code for our team to distribute! It’s good for 15% off and free shipping at shopnewbalance.com (valid until March 10th). Code: NBRTB1255CB4T


    1. I always buy new clothes to make me go workout! I can’t wait to see you rocking all the new swag!

    2. Nice swag!!! I’m super jealous of that hat!

    3. I’m a 100% UA fanatic. Except my running shoes are Saucony. 🙂

    4. Sweet swag bag!!!
      Next time you do a relay invite me, k?

    5. OK, I was really jealous that you were getting to run in a blogging relay race. Now I am super duper jealous that you got all that stuff!

      You rock. 😉

    6. So jealous of all your goodies!! Best of luck on your relay race.

      You look so cute in that picture haha!

    7. Nice!! New swag is so much fun. Love the head light, lol.

    8. One word: JEALOUS!

      I wish I was running this with you guys! Maybe next go round? Looking forward to meeting you at Blend in May!

    9. AWESOME! My shoes that are supposed to be for running (not running errands) and New Balance and I LOVE them! They are a great company. I have a skirt/tights combo for biking that I love…I bet you will dig the running skirt! How awesome!

    10. wow, how generous!! I bet you are excited to try all the stuff now 🙂
      I mostly own Adidas clothes and shoes, followed by Puma (I love their tops!).

    11. Holy CRAP! That bag rules! Not to be rude- but how much was it to sign up for the race? That bag has got to be worth a lot of money!
      For shoes- I’m loyal to Brooks (for both road and trail running). I love Under Armour more than anything, and The North Face for hiking gear.

      • Not rude at all – I’m all about full disclosure up in hizzy! The race registration would have come to about $100 per person — you register as a team, so with a full team of 12 that’s how it breaks down.

    12. I love it!! Love the hat. You’re going to have so much fun!

    13. Jen Robinsonsays:

      I love all the Under Armour love from your blog readers! I’ll be intrigued to hear how you think their products compare to ours 😛

    14. Elainesays:

      That is so awesome… let us know how you like the gear!

    15. Wow, the bag of gear looks so fun. I didn’t even know they made a GPS watch.

    16. Wow, I’m so jealous. Go girl! New workout clothes, DVDs, and shoes are great nonfood rewards.

    17. WHOA that is awesome sauce!!! How did you guys get sponsored by New balance?

    18. I am jealous of your new swag! Exercise clothes make me want to exercise.

      All my stuff is Champion C9 from Target cuz I’m on the poor side. My main pair of running shoes are New Balance though! Tell New Balance to give you stuff to give away to your ever so loyal readers and supporters!

      btw I just signed up for a 10K, that’s in 4 weeks. I need the motivation to run now!

    19. This makes me want to go running! Awesome motivation! The relay sounds like a lot of fun.
      My next running purchase (I hope) will be a pair of Brooks Cascadia trail running shoes. Of course, the next time I will be able to run will probably not be until this fall due to a broken tibia and a baby bean… alas…that will be my post-baby delivery gift to myself!

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