I’m Aliiiiiiiive!

Yes, my friends, it’s true. I have not quite fallen off the face of the earth yet. “Yet” being the operative word, of course, but still. Instead, I’ve been making good on my promise to work myself into the ground and finish my book. And I’m VERY happy and excited and terrified to report that I’ve made good on that promise!

I finished (my first draft of) my book! Cue the fanfare! Streamers, balloons, parade-ready elephants!

This is the face of equal parts terror and excitement.

Sean took me out for celebratory pho and ice cream last night. Hey, we’re Whasian. What else would you expect?

I’ve also thoroughly enjoyed thrilling myself over and over again by shouting at random times “I WROTE A BOOK” (as well as collecting your “Likes” on Facebook for the same statement, natch). However, I should make it clear that this is really only the beginning of the process. I have a lot of revisions, editing, formatting, publishing, and marketing efforts to move forward with. Don’t believe me? Here, I’ll prove it:

So, yes, I’ve finished the actual “Writing” part of my ever-growing to-do list, but I’ve still got about a floppity jillion things left to do. Can’t lie though, I’m super (mortifyingly, terrifyingly, generally maniacally) pumped for this! I cannot tell you how good it feels to be working toward something I’m so passionate about. Even though it’s not my full-time job (one day, maybe?) and even though it’s taken a lot of time out of other parts of my life for the moment, I am so, so, so proud of myself for working so hard to get to this milestone. I mean, I wrote a book! A book! Over 71,000 words came out of MY head and onto MY computer screen! THAT. IS. CRAZY!!!!

Okay, taking deep breaths now. Anyway, my point in coming here was not in fact to make this post a giant not-so-humblebrag about my sidelife as an aspiring author. It was, in fact, to reassure you all that I’m not intending on pushing this blog to the sidelines. Obviously, I’ve been continuing my little blog-cation, as it were, for the past week or so, but my weight loss, my healthy life, and this blog are all still a big priority for me.

Honestly, and I really say this sincerely, I think that my pursuit of my passions is helping my healthy lifestyle more than anything has in a looooong time. I am constantly jazzed by this project, and it has helped put so much perspective into my life. Instead of spending time agonizing about food and my weight, I’m concentrating on my book. What scenes to adjust, what loose ends there might be, what setting elements I need to spend more time researching. And that feels liberating.

Now, make a total flip-flop by shifting all my thoughts about food to thoughts about my book isn’t necessarily a good thing. I have an obsessive personality. I know that, and I try to be aware of it. But I also think that considering how much I’ve been struggling with my eating mentality lately, I think that this is really is a good thing. This book project is something that’s constantly shifting. I have goals to meet and things to check off my to-do list, which means that it’s not some static, abstract ideal that I’m focusing on, but something tangible. And it means that eventually, I will reach an end point.

The biggest problem with when I get obsessed with food is that there’s no end point. We’re always going to need to feed ourselves; we’re always going to need to eat. There’s no forward motion, no light at the end of the tunnel. So my obsession just continues to swirl and grow upon itself until it becomes all-consuming, which is how I end up writing super depressing posts about how the struggle will never end and everybody X’s out of their browser feeling glum. No bueno. So, as always, I take it one step at a time.

And with that, I shall bid you adieu for now! I guarantee that posting will resume its regular schedule (on regular topics) very soon. But in the meantime, I hope you can share in my excitement and anticipation and absolute, unbridled terror with regard to my book! And moving forward, I will try to keep the book talk (mostly) contained to my writing blog (which you should feel free to follow!), though I can’t make any guarantees about that.

And okay, one last thing, juuuuuust in case there are any of you who are intrigued by what my book is about but don’t want to click around on the other blog to find out. Here is the official “blurb”/back of book synopsis:

“In the distant wake of a plague that has decimated the Earth’s population, humanity is split in two. The rich and powerful live in skycities that float overhead, while those who remain on the ground have gathered in settlements strewn across a dying planet. 18-year-old Terra Rhodon makes her living as a scav, scouring the earth for discarded scraps and metals to recycle for profit. While on a routine scavenging run, she discovers something that shocks her home settlement of Genesis X-16 by netting her a payout nobody could have predicted.

Terra suddenly finds herself with more money than she knows what to do with, but her confusion over what she found has her asking questions no one will answer. Driven by her hopes for a better future, Terra’s persistence ultimately leads her to Adam — a beguiling boy with a secret that has the power to change humanity’s existence forever.”

And, as I mentioned last week, the first two (sample) chapters are available there, too! Okay, I’m done now. Forreals. Happy Tuesday, y’all!


  1. Congratulations!! You must be thrilled!!

  2. Woot woot!!!

    If you ever need a beta reader, consider me your girl! I did it for a YA paranormal book this summer and loved the process.

  3. Congratulations! I can’t wait to read the book 🙂

  4. Cindy D.says:

    Congratulations!! What an achievement!

  5. Way to go girl! That’s seriously so awsome! I can’t imagine the dedication that goes into writing a book. I got tired just reading the to-do list 😉
    I look forward to reading it!

  6. THIS IS SO EXCITING. This book sounds right up my alley and that’s awesome that it’s making you so happy! Good luck!

  7. Grace @ Grace dishessays:

    First, I just want to say how cute you and your bf are! Love that you guys are both Whasians who appreciate celebratory Pho lol!

    second, this book sounds extremely interesting. Congratulations on following your dreams! I feel like my brother would also enjoy this!

  8. occulasays:


  9. This is SO EXCITING! Congrats girly, def worth a “whasian” [is that what you called it haha?!] celebration!

  10. Yay!!! Congratulations, Gretchen! What an amazing accomplishment. I have to say that I did miss your posts though! 😉 good luck with the rest of the process – you can do it!

    And I know just what you mean about finding a new focus to take the obsession out of food/eating. I definitely think a little obsessiveness in life is totally fine (and productive in many cases) unless it’s regarding something that could become unhealthy. Embrace the obsessiveness in your personality! 🙂

  11. Happy Tuesday indeed!! Congrats to you!! 😀 I cannot wait to add it to my collection. I really hope you’ll do something in print so that I can have it for years to come 🙂 (this excitement based on your sample chapters. Good work, that!)

    • I’m planning on releasing both an eBook version (Kindle and probably Nook too) and a paperback version for sure!!

  12. Oh my gosh! I can’t wait to read your book! CONGRATS!!

  13. kristen @ livinlifeinlouiesays:

    OH MY GOSH!! CONGRATS!!! SO proud of you! what an amazing accomplishment- keep it up!

  14. I am SOOOOOO Happy for you Gretchen! The first two chapters have me hooked already! I look forward to finding out how the story unfolds!

  15. Chloesays:

    Congrats on the finishing of the writing part of your book. What a huge accommplishment! I read the sample chapters and would like to know when the book will be released? I want to know what happens next! I’m hooked as well. Hahaha, definitely left me in suspense and I most certainly will be buying a copy all the way from Australia when it is published 🙂
    And I thought that this genre of book wasn’t for me, well you’ve turned me! From what I’ve read you have done an amazing job and people would be silly not to buy it when it is published 🙂 Great work Gretchen.

    • Hi Chloe! I’m planning on a late November/early December release date. You guys will definitely know as soon as it goes up!!

  16. Ellesays:

    I love love LOVE the first two chapters. You are so very talented and should be so proud of what you have achieved. I’ve followed your blog for a while now (all the way from Down Under in Oz!) and i’m so excited for your book. It sounds weird but my measure of a good book is if I can picture the scene that I’m reading immediately – your first two sentences did exactly that! Congrulations, looking forward to buying it! 🙂

  17. YAHOO!!! WAY TO GO! SO EXCITING!!! Seems like you got that out fast! You do have a lot to do but look how you have everything organized! You will work through everything and I can’t wait to watch your dreams come true! : )

  18. Hip Hip Hooray! Congrats Gretchen! I can’t wait to read your masterpiece! xo

  19. I have to say I read the sample chapters and I’m hooked! I was sad when I got to the end and remembered it wasn’t a finished book yet. Also, I spy boba and that makes me like you even more =)

    • Boba is the bessssssssssssssssst!!

      And thank you so much for the kind words on the samples. Hopefully I’ll have the full book ready and roarin’ to go soon…!

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