Light Everyday Makeup

As I elaborated on last time, this pregnancy has come with a whole bunch of symptoms that I honestly wasn’t super prepared for. Among them have included total and complete exhaustion, as well as the lovely effects of hormones on my skin. I’ve been breaking out a lot more, and with being so tired, definitely haven’t had the energy to do full makeup on the daily (or, er, ah, ever.)

So I’ve made a bit of a change to my everyday (or rather, for the days I actually leave the house) makeup look, and finally got around to filming it! Feel free to check it out if you like!

And if you don’t like, I’ll be back tomorrow with my 11 week update, so stay tuned! And if you don’t like that either, well, you’ve got fingers, feel free to click away to a different website! 😉


  1. Sarah Csays:

    You look great! Hang in there…you will start feeling better soonish. I’m on my third pregnancy and my acne is just crazy (I also escaped the teenage acne and now seem to be enjoying the acne that hits at 30). It makes me sad but I’ve gotten pretty good at using makeup (people seem surprised that I wear foundation every day!). I always enjoy seeing a list of all the products you used at the end of the video so I can look it all up later. Just a thought.

  2. Can’t wait for your updates!!! I apparently need to wear less makeup to work as I was called out by someone I work with. Sigh. Can’t win them all.

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