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Happy Monday, folks!

I hope you all had a stellar weekend. Mine was wonderful but busy!

It started with Sean and I taking engagement photos with Ben and Taylor:

This is a preview photo, and I am SO excited to see the rest of the shots! We went down to DC and took some pictures by the Botanical Gardens and then some in another part of DC that I can’t waaaaaait for you to see.

And the weekend ended with a seriously baller workout as part of my Yelp Elite Event yesterday:

The event was at The Worx by Maia, and it was a bootcamp-style workout that had us doing everything from battle ropes (pictured above) to tire flips to wall sits to box jumps to… whoosh!

Suffice it to say, it was cray, and I can already feel my muscles hating me (which admittedly doesn’t make me super excited for how I’m gonna feel TOMORROW, haha.)

Anyway, in between those two bookending weekend events, I did some bridal makeup for blog reader Ashley’s big day!

Her wedding looked so beautiful! I feel like I have so much appreciation for all the little things that go into weddings now that I’m planning one of my own. And the whole time we were helping her and her bridal party get ready, I just kept thinking how much fun it’s going to be when it’s my turn, hehe!

Of course, while I was there doing makeup for Ashley and her bridesmaids, the inevitable question came up as to whether or not I was going to do my own makeup for my wedding. In the beginning, I thought it would be a no-brainer that, yes, I would definitely want to do my own makeup, but now I’m actually a little torn!

See, the dilemma comes from this: I love makeup, doing makeup, prettifying myself, and prettifying others. I own a lot of makeup (a LOT, hahahaha), and I’ve done makeup for quite a few bridesmaids and a couple of brides at this point.

But, that being said, I feel like most women want their wedding day to feel special and different. And having someone else do your makeup most definitely gives you that pampered feeling. Plus, this way I would definitely have someone there to do the makeup for my bridesmaids who might not want or know how to do it themselves (since I probably won’t really have time to do everyone else’s makeup on my own wedding day, haha.)

Plus, face makeup is not really my specialty (I’d say eye makeup is where I’m strongest), and I especially like the idea of getting airbrushed foundation, especially since I get red-faced suuuuper easily.

But! On the other hand, it obviously costs money to hire someone to do makeup, so there are budgetary concerns. Plus, you hear these stories about women who get their makeup done professional and don’t like it, so they end up redoing it all themselves anyway. I mean, I’d do a trial to make sure I was happy, of course, but there’s still that risk.

Anyway, so this is my current dilemma. I know it’s probably nothing I need to decide RIGHT now, but since I just did bridal makeup this weekend, what can I say? It’s on my mind. I’ll let it percolate a little bit more, but I’d love to hear from you guys on what you did or didn’t do with regard to your wedding day makeup!

Did you get your makeup done on your wedding day? Or did you do your own?


  1. Megansays:

    Had my hair done, did my own makeup. I HATE when other people do my makeup – it’s always too heavy and feels like someone else is borrowing my face. So much better when I do it myself.

  2. I did my own hair and makeup and I could not have been happier with it. I looked like myself but just a little bit more. It was perfect and I got EXACTLY what I wanted!

  3. Tippysays:

    I was JUST having this conversation this weekend as I was doing my normal duties as a bridesmaid makeup artist filler 😉

    I don’t really like when others do my makeup but I feel the same way about wanting to look special and feel special. I also don’t want to be stressed out! Why does it have to be so darn expensive??!!

  4. Had both hair and makeup professionally done (forced to by my mom…who told me that I’m just a cake topper for *her* special day. HAHAHA). The hair was great (I can barely do a ponytail without pulling out half my head), but the makeup ended up annoying. While the MUA was fantastic, and did a great job – after she left, we went out to do photos and other stuff………when it started to rain. Torrential rainstorm. Fortunately, my cape saved my dress, and there was so much hairspray in my hair that nothing less than a tornado would have budged it……….but my makeup started to streak and uuuugh. But, because the MUA used different brands and different shades of makeup than I owned (something I didn’t even think about), I couldn’t touch myself up (and we didn’t have time to run to a Sephora to get stuff that would match. Plus, letting my MOH loose in a Sephora? Yeah, I wouldn’t have seen her again until well after the ceremony. HAHA). I basically ended up washing everything off (bye bye $120!) and re-did my face using my own makeup.

  5. I thought about doing my makeup for my wedding day too, but my hands shake when I’m nervous so I didn’t want to completely mess it up lol. I had two trials, one with airbrushing that was meh. I liked the actual airbrushing, but the woman made my eyebrows look AWFUL (my friend put it best when she said “she made your eyebrows look like cousins, not sisters”), so that was a no.

    Then I had a trial with a different woman who make me look amazing so I went with her. She didn’t like airbrushing though because she doesn’t like how “flat” it looks, but I thought it looked fine when the other chick did it. I do have some acne though and the HD makeup the 2nd lady used covered it up way better than the airbrushing.

    It’s def pricey, but it wasn’t thaaat bad. Idk if prices are similar around you though. I would highly recommend getting a trial or two and then making a decision :). The second trial made my decision a no-brainer.

  6. Sarahsays:

    I had my hair and makeup done, and didn’t even do a trial run beforehand since it was a destination wedding. I’m SO glad I did. I’m ok at eye makeup but can’t do much face contouring…I was so glad to have a makeup artist there and she did a fantastic job! I sent pictures of several makeup looks and hairstyles and everything turned out really well. I was amazed at how prettified I looked just from getting makeup done!

  7. samsays:

    Did my own and loved it. Went to MAC for a personalized tutorial and purchased most of my makeup there. They showed me how to do everything and wrote it down in detail so I could replicate on my own. I spent $100+ on the makeup, but then was able to use it for the next year, including recreating my wedding makeup on my anniversary. MAC also trimmed my fake eyelashes so they didn’t look fake (I would never have thought to do that). And putting it on myself was actually a really relaxing part of the day – for so much of it you’re on other people’s timetables, either waiting for or hurrying someone so you can move along. So nice to have something that I was in control of. And being able to do your own touch-ups is no joke.

  8. Amandasays:

    I don’t think I’ve ever commented here before, but girl.friend. Spring for the airbrush. You will not regret it. I get oily and sweaty and I drank a lot at my reception, but my face still looked great the next damn day.

  9. Amysays:

    Long-time reader, never a commenter, but this I feel strongly about! As a fellow Whasian, I implore you to indulge to get your make up (and hair) done professionally. I did two trials w/two different MUA’s (one airbrush and one non) and the difference was night and day, which ultimately helped me decide between the two (ended going airbrush). I sweat like crazy and my make up didn’t budge the entire day. The MUA came to my house, gave me blotting papers and a mini tube of the lip color she used for touchs ups. She didn’t leave until I was satisfied. My application also included lashes, of which she also gave me during my trial so I could figure out if they would irritate the heck out of my eyes. It’s not cheap, but we made a huge investment in photography, so darned if I didn’t look amazing in those pics 😉

  10. I had my makeup and hair done professionally. I loved my hair and HATED my makeup.

  11. I definitely wanted to have my hair done by someone because I am CLUELESS about fixing my own hair. But I toyed with the idea of doing my own makeup. In the end, I wanted that pampered feeling, too, so we all ended up going to a salon and getting our hair and makeup done by different stylists. It was a fun morning with all my girls!

  12. Katysays:

    I did my own makeup (and two of my bridesmaids) which surprisingly helped with wedding day nerves. Also I’ve never had someone do it that I’ve loved. Because I don’t wear foundation daily, I went to sephora and had an artist do a demo on my face (and took fantastic notes!) then bought all the makeup. It wasn’t cheaper then hiring someone but I did my makeup for all major events and still have it. I did have someone do my hair. Practice is key!

  13. amanda junesays:

    same as Katy above — had someone do my makeup at Sephora to get some ideas that I liked, then did my own. I didn’t want to look not-like-myself on my wedding day, and I didn’t like the idea of my makeup being so out of my control. I did have my hair professionally done and the run-through the week before was key — we ended up scratching the first look I thought I wanted and going with something different, which I loved. Looking back I think professional makeup would be nice and with a run-through I could make sure it was something I liked, but then again I saved money by not doing it and the money I did spend on makeup I got to keep in products! No regrets.

  14. Ashleysays:

    I know I’ve said this like 50 times already but thank you so much for the make-up!!! So many compliments…the one trial I had before I asked you made me feel nothing like myself. I also rarely wear makeup so I wasn’t confident enough getting a trial at sephora and doing it on my own. I will echo what everyone else says above and just try a few options and see what works best for you! That’s what the trials are for! You’ll be stunning either way 🙂

  15. Jennifersays:

    I got my hair done since I am horrible at doing my own hair. I also got my makeup done, but in retrospect, I wish I had done it myself or recruited a friend. For the most part, makeup artists just don’t know what you “normally” look like or what your style is. Trials help for sure, but it can still end up being overdone or not what you want on the day of the event. I don’t know what time of day your ceremony is, but if you have a long day of waiting without much else to get done beforehand, doing your own might give you something to do instead of just waiting around! You could split the difference and go get airbrushing done for your face, and then do your own eye makeup.

  16. Nicolesays:

    I know some make up artists are willing to do trial runs before the big day. A girl I knew ended up going two times before her wedding to make decisions and make sure everything was figured out before the wedding day…and it was all included in her wedding day cost. Nothing extra in her budget.

    I’m totally going that route one day…mainly because I’m a control freak, but I also want to be pampered lol.

  17. Sallysays:

    As a non-professional makeup enthusiast (like you, I’ve done bridal parties for friends), I would say invest in a good powder and foundation and do the makeup yourself. I had a trial done with an MUA and afterward, all I could think was “I could do waaaay better myself”. On the day, I loved getting to relax by doing my own makeup and, as one other commenter pointed out, I knew I had all the products I needed for touch ups between the ceremony,!pictures and party time.

  18. I got my makeup professionally done, but I did my hair myself. I wanted to splurge on ONE of those items, and since I have short hair it seemed like the makeup was the way to go. I am SO glad I did! I’m not great at makeup like you are (yours always looks so good), and every time I look at the pictures I’m blown away at how pretty my face looks — and it stayed all day! I say pick either hair OR makeup, but not both if the budget is slim in that area.

    • Oh! And I did have a trial run (great idea!). I also went to somebody I knew who worked at a makeup counter rather than a salon, and that saved me some money because she did it for free (including trial run) if I promised to buy $75 worth of product. So I bought some of the products she used so I would have them for touch ups later in the day.

  19. Reneesays:

    I had both my hair and make up done professionally on my wedding day- and I actually had 2 trials for my make up as I wasn’t completely sold on my first MUA… I would never have even dreamed of trying to DIY my own make up (or hair) for my wedding day. The professional make up ensured I felt really confident that I would look great in photo’s the entire day. During the trial I took notes of what lip liner/ lip gloss/ eye shadow/ finishing powder was used, and bought my own prior to the big day so i could keep for touch ups. The MUA provided false lashes as part of the price (she used mostly MAC make up and lashes) and I absolutely recommend getting it all done professionally! plus you really won’t have the time to do your bridesmaids… good luck!

  20. so okay. I had both done, but here is how I did it–I did the hair at a salon, including a trial beforehand (which was included in wedding hairdos!), because I have a LOT of hair & wanted something that wouldn’t budge with my veil & would look nice underneath & that is not my forte. as for makeup, I lucked out that there is a mall up the street from my house (heyyyy, jersey!) & so after getting my hair done, I went over to the Macy’s & had it done at the Bare Minerals counter.

    I didn’t do a trial beforehand, but I booked the appointment the day before & talked with the artist about what I wanted (natural but polished, something that would stay put all day, reducing the redness/shine, and WATERPROOF because I was gonna cry). It was low-key, they don’t charge for it–the understanding is that you’ll try to buy at least SOME product, so in my case I bought any lip stuff because I figured that’s what I’d want to reapply the most. I loved how my makeup looked & felt it was worth the price of some nice lip glosses!

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