Making Progress, Seeing Results (Weigh-in)

All right y’all, I’m cutting straight to the chase today. Allow me to PROUDLY present the following:

(Re)Starting Weight: 236.6 lbs
Last Weigh-in: 228.7
This Weigh-in: 223.7 lbs
Difference: -5.0 lbs!

Ta-daaaaaaa!! Guess all of that stress not-eating over Passport to Mosaic is finally working in my favor! Ahahaha. No, I kid, I kid, I have really been working on changing my eating habits this week, and am working hard at getting back into the swing of things. I guess this is proof that it’s working! (Of course, the lack of french fries in my current Lenten diet may also have something to do with it…)

I’ve officially re-lost the weight gained from my weeks in San Francisco and Macon, and then some! I am a very happy camper, and it’s true what they say, seeing results is honestly the best motivator in keeping my spirits up and goals in mind. FIVE pounds, bitches!

I’m hoping that at this point, my weight loss is starting to manifest itself with physical results too. I’ve mentioned before that because of my body shape — being tall and big-footed and large-framed and whatnot — weight loss can be very difficult to discern in tangible ways until I’ve lost a really significant amount. It often feels like five, even ten pounds here or there hardly makes a difference in how I look, which can be discouraging.

Luckily, I’ve got this totally awesome five pound loss to keep pushing me forward! And whether it’s from the power of suggestion or it’s my body finally catching up to the poundage I’ve tossed thus far, I do think my pants were a little looser this morning. ๐Ÿ˜‰

And in other news…


Say hello to my new hair color!

I feel like a beautiful mermaid, all thanks to my main man Linh at Be Scene Hair Studio. It seriously takes on a different shade in every light, and I loveloveLOVE it!

Man, every time I dye my hair, I love it so much that I swear I’m never going to another color. “I’ve gone purple and I’m never going back!” “Viva la pink forever!” And then I inevitably change it because it fades and I’m fickle like that and I fall EVEN more in love with the next one! I’m gonna have to have a poll once I’ve finished going through the rainbow so you guys can help me pick the one that looks best, hahaha.

Anyway, that’s all for today, folks! Have a great weekend, and think positive, happy thoughts for me as Passport kicks off on Sunday! I’ll see you when it’s over — provided I’m still alive, ‘course.


  1. Atta girl!! Also, I get hair envy, yours is so darn cool!

  2. I am in LOVE with that color! I really wish I could get away with that! That’s my goal when I can finally be a freelancer, and work for myself. That’ll be my reward: a gorgeous new hair color. It looks awesome!

  3. Love the hair color! you look like Malvina from Russian child stories)

  4. YOU GO GIRL!!! You look absolutely beautiful and congrats on your weight loss. LOVE the hair!!

  5. So much awesome in this post! I LOVE that hair colour!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Great weight loss this week! And amazing hair color (although I am partial to purple).

  7. LOVE the new hair color! I have only ever highlighted my hair, I’m not much of a risk taker haha. BUT the big news your weigh in- CONGRATS! keep it UP!

  8. I love the new color, mostly because it perfectly matches the cover of Terra. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m going in a few weeks to get mine redone and I cannot decide between red, purple and hot pink. COLORED HAIR IS HARD, YO.

  9. Congratulation! Fitness and Weight would be worthless without consistent progress. Love the hair too, really compliment your figure

  10. Congrats on your weight loss! I am happy for you & so glad that you are celebrating each step forward with such enthusiasm! Sometimes I have a hard time doing that — I focus on the big picture, how far I have to go, instead of celebrating each victory. I need to do better at that, so thank you for that reminder!

  11. Wow, that turquoise is super pretty. What brand hair dye did you use?

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