On the Eve of My Twenty-Seventh Birthday

Happy National Sibling Day to these two weirdos!

I’m pretty sure this picture (taken at Ben’s rehearsal dinner) is the most Asian any of us have ever looked, or will ever look again.

Anyway, in addition to today being National Remind People You Aren’t An Only Child Day, it is also the eve of my 27th birthday! Yep, tomorrow is not only Bring Your Own Cup Day at 7-11, it is also my birthdaaaay!

You guys know how much I love my birthday, but this year I’m actually not feeling quite as birthday-y as I normally am at this point each year. Maybe it’s because of this ginormous Yelp event I’ve got happening in nine days time, or the fact that I just got engaged (two weeks ago today!), but my birthday just hasn’t felt like as big of a focus for me this year.

Sooooo, instead of big themed par-tay in honor of my favorite pop culture obsession du jour (feel free to check out my Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and Frozen-themed birthdays of the past), I’m having a birthday brunch pajama jam instead! I mean, what sounds better than lounging around in my PJs while friends come hang out, sip mimosas, and eat cereal with me?

So my brunch party is happening on Sunday, while tomorrow (my actual birthday) kicks off with another wedding venue visit, then a birthday lunch with Sean’s mom (we share the same birthday!), and then some kinda birthday surprise from my fiance (whee, that’s fun to say!) that he won’t tell me about, heehee. And THEN on Wednesday, my sister and Mia come into town (yay!), so we’re doing my family birthday celebration on that day!

Okay, okay, so I guess I am starting to get excited about all this birthday hubbub after all. 😛

All right then… see you guys when I’m 27!


  1. For some reason I thought you had a couple years on me, it must be your maturity 😉 I’m turning 27 on the 30th, and will have a basic dinner with family and two friends, although it will be in florida, so that’s fun!

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday! My last two birthdays haven’t felt very groundbreaking, despite in the past the skies opening up and showering me with a heavenly chorus so that the world would know it was MY DAY and no one else’s. I don’t know if I’m getting old or boring, but I turn thirty this year, and I sure would like to hear that angel chorus again. 😉

  4. jennifer maksays:


  5. Happy almost birthday! I did a pj and brunch party for Christmas this year when my college friends were in town and it was SO fun, so I’m sure your bday will be amazing, crazy themes or not :). Too funny about your soon to be mother in law, I don’t share a birthday with my soon-to-be mother in law, but her birthday is the day after mine.

  6. Vikkisays:

    Wow! You look so much older (and mature) than 27, I would never have guessed! But I guess it goes both ways, I’m a 26 RD and still get ID’d haha. Hope you can stay grounded with the wedding plans- it’s only one day 🙂

  7. Have a blast! My mom’s birthday is today too!

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