Daily Eats – 6/30/11



Chai sample I received at the Fitness & Health Bloggers Conference made with skim milk (60 cal + 40 cal = 100 cal)


Mini Peanut Butter Cookie Larabar (100 cal)



1 tbsp Justin’s Maple Almond Butter (90 cal)

I am classy.



Bell pepper strips and TJ’s white bean & basil hummus (60 cal)


2 flax-breaded chicken tenders (225 cal)
1 TJ’s jalapeno chicken sausage (100 cal)
Mustard (5 cal)



~1/4 cup wasabi almonds (~160 cal)


Mini Lemon Larabar (100 cal)




Hodge Podge Bowl (~400 cal)
– Brussels Sprouts & Kale (cooked in coconut oil)
– Mini heirloom tomatoes
– 3 mozzarella balls
– Pasta sauce
– Egg
– Coconut


Dark chocolate Adora calcium disk (another sample from the conference) (30 cal)

An unpictured spoonful of coconut milk ice cream (~30 cal?)

Total: ~1,400 calories!

Deeeelicious. I also thought you’d appreciate seeing this super classy action behind-the-scenes shot of me doin’ my thang:


Yep. Sprawled out. Food on the floor. Camera in tow. 🙂

Tongue-Tied Thursday

Wordless Wednesdays seem to be a “thing” in these parts of the blogosphere. But, you know, yesterday was Wednesday, and you probably noticed that yesterday’s post on weight loss myths was fully wordy (and fully awesome, according to you guys – thanks!) So, here we are on Thursday. And this is the end of me talking. 🙂









Daily Eats – 6/29/11



3 slices of mango (~100 cal)
1/2 cup grapes (62 cal)


Mini Peanut Butter & Jelly Larabar (100 cal)



Baby bell pepper (20 cal)
TJ’s Spicy Jalapeno chicken sausage (100 cal)
Laughing Cow blue cheese wedge (35 cal)
Salt & Vinegar Popchips (100 cal)



<1/4 cup Cascadian Farm dark chocolate almond granola (~50 cal?)

2 unpictured pieces of Dove chocolate — one milk (43 cal), one dark (42 cal)



4 flax-breaded chicken tenders, but baked instead of pan-fried, yay (~300 cal)
1/4 cup grapes (15 cal)
1 cup brussels sprouts w/maple syrup and bacon (~180 cal)
<1 tbsp mayo + 1 tbsp ketchup (<60 cal)


1 medium slice Domino’s mushroom pizza (160 cal)

Unpictured 1/4 cup brown rice cooked in light coconut milk (~250 cal)

Total: ~1,617 calories!

Weight Loss 101: Mythbusters

Coming back from the Fitness & Health Bloggers Conference in Boulder, CO I have a lot of inspiration for posts and practices to implement! One interesting session was titled “Carbs are the Devil! And Other Nutrition Myths Demystified“, and I thought it was especially pertinent to this blog. Plus, I’ve been thinking about doing a Weight Loss 101 post on weight loss myths for a while now. Fate! Utilizing information from that session (which was created and led by RDs), as well as some of the information I’ve discovered through pure trial-and-error of my own, it’s time to bust some heads myths wiiiide open!


Disclaimer: While some of the information provided in this post has been provided by registered dietitians, I am not a nutrition or medical professional. I encourage you to utilize your own research and experience in conjunction with my own to draw your conclusions on the validity of my statements.

Myth: Skipping meals will help you lose weight.


BUSTED! Skipping meals and snacks will cause your metabolism to slow down and make your calorie-burning ability less effective,. In fact, eating smaller, nutritious meals every 3 – 4 hours (lean protein + high-fiber carb) will be more conducive to keeping your metabolism high and will increase your ability to lose weight while keeping you full and satisfied.

Fact: When I started eating more frequent, smaller meals I FELT like I was eating more than when I was trying to skip meals in attempts to skip calories. Feeling fuller while eating less and thus losing weight? Yes please!

Myth: Don’t eat past 8 PM.

Busted! Caloric deficit, regardless of the actual times you’re consuming those calories, will result in weight loss! So if you’ve hit 8 PM and you’ve only consumed 1200 calories that day, go ahead and have a snack if you’re hungry! The only problem occurs if you are prone to late-night snacking when you’re not hungry. Obviously anytime you are eating when you’re not hungry will probably hinder your weight loss.

Fact: Caloric deficit is as caloric deficit does. It doesn’t really matter what time of day you stop eating as long as you’re still creating a window for weight loss. However, I know that I do have to watch my late-night snacking because I am far more likely to want to down half a pint of coconut milk ice cream than some hummus and crackers. And if I do end up going a little crazy at night, I just don’t have the opportunity to balance out the calories with other meals or work them off, ‘s all.

Myth: Going gluten-free will help you lose weight.


BUSTED! Going gluten-free is only truly necessary if you have Celiacs disease or another gluten-intolerance, and won’t help you lose weight on its own. Unless, that is, there’s a caloric deficit being created anyway. But solely by the act of cutting gluten out of your diet alone you will not lose weight, and in fact, gluten-free products tend to be higher in calories compared to their gluten-inclusive counterparts.

Fact: The sheer act of cutting a group of foods out of your diet is never a guarantee that you’ll lose weight (with a variation of the exception for carbs, but we’ll address that next.) Even going vegan is not a guarantee that you’ll drop a single pound, and I know that from first-hand experience!

Myth: Bread makes you fat.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: Bread makes you fat?!?

BUSTED! Carbs rock. They’re delicious. And as a former Atkins devotee, I can also tell you that while yes, you can and probably will lose weight if you cut all carbs out of your diet, it will not last. The second you start eating bread, pasta, potatoes, or sugar again, you’ll start gaining the weight back. In fact, if you’re a carboholic like me, you’ll probably end up gaining more weight than you lost, because you felt so deprived of all that glorious carb-y goodness!

Fact: Carbs are a source of energy for our bodies, and they make us feel happy and satisfied (actually increasing the levels of serotonin in our brains! Which is why you can see it’s easy to go overboard on them.) Just try to ensure that the majority of the carbs in your diet come from whole-grain, high-fiber sources.

What are some other diet myths we can bust wide open? Or maybe you’re unsure if it’s really a myth or not? Let’s find out together!

Daily Eats – 6/28/11



Kiwi, grapes


Sliced mango



TJ’s Wasabi almonds! Soooo delicious. I ate like half the bag throughout the day. Ooooops.


Little chocolate pastry from the free breakfast samples that a catering company brought to the office. Hey, I could’ve had the huge maple donut, haha!



TJ’s spicy jalapeno chicken sausage in a whole wheat bun with pesto


Mini bell pepper dipped in white bean & basil hummus
4 dolmas



Kale chips! I way oversalted them though, and burned a few, sad. Still ate about a quarter, haha.



1 Peking duck wrap (we went back to the Peking Gourmet Inn tonight!)


Lots of chinese food. Mmmmm.




This apple in sugar thing that they dip into ice water so the outside is hard but the inside is still warm. Crazy but good! I chipped off most of the sugary outside though.

And even though I didn’t even have any intention to eat my fortune cookie, check out my fortune and you’ll see why I stuck to that:


HAHAHA. That really was the fortune that I broke open!