FHBC: LiveBlogging!

So! As part of the Fitness & Health Blogger’s Conference, we are participating in something called LiveBlogging: essentially speed-dating between bloggers and brands. Apologies in advance if the rest of this post is incredibly disorganized, but there are 7 different companies having us taste and try their products. Exciting! First up is one that I think you may have seen me talk about just a few times before

1. Popchips!



We did a blind taste test of a chip, which OBVIOUSLY I was able to identify immediately. Salt & Pepper! You guys already know that I feel pretty strongly that despite being a processed food, Popchips are an awesome replacement for those of us who suffer from cravings for chips/fries/salty crap. They come in pre-portioned 100 calories single-serving bags, and they are undeniably much healthier than other chips! They’re also gluten-free, which is something that I didn’t ever really think of (in case that’s an issue for any of you out there.)


DOUBLEPLUSBONUS: They’re coming out with Jalepeno flavor in July! EXCITE!!!

2. Recharge


Powdered sports drink mix that comes in pre-portioned packets to pour into your water bottle. 10 calories per packet. Flavors: Orange, tropical, grape, and lemon. Sweetened with stevia, no HFCS. Tried the orange, tastes pretty good, super sweet, reminds me of tang. I guess you could equate it to a healthier Crystal Light, or an alternative to Gatorade. Obviously water is still the best choice, or a high-calorie refueling drink after hardcore exercise, but if you’re looking to quickly rehydrate or are concerned about calories then it’s definitely a viable option. 8-packs sold for $3.99.


3. Detour Bar


Their bars we were meant to sample unfortunately didn’t arrive, but they provided a different product for us to try instead to give us an idea of the quality of the product. Based on the principles of whey protein, has 15g of protein (the equivalent of 2 eggs) per 170 calorie bar with only 3g of sugar. However! It is sweetened with sucralose, i.e. Splenda, which obviously there are some issues with the use of artificial sweeteners and the fact that the bars are specifically made to taste indulgent and like candy bars, which could make you crave more candy bars.


4. Cascadian Farm Organic & Larabar


Larabars: 2 – 9 ingredients, all-natural ingredients, super awesome. Amazing breadth of flavors.

They do not have the indulgent taste of a candy bar so I’m not sure if I would say they could replace them, but they do make fantastic snacks – they are fairly high calorie, but very satiating because they come from fruit & nuts.


Cascadian Farm Organic: Started on a farm in 1972 that is still open and still running. Focuses on cereals, bars, granola, and frozen fruits and veggies!

5. Casa Noble Tequila


Ummmm, HELLO! Skinny margaritas? YES PLEASE. 3-ingredient tequila that makes it “skinny”: an average margarita can be anywhere between 250 and 400 calories, whereas this recipe is 48 calories an ounce!



2 oz. Casa Noble Crystal (138 calories)
1 oz fresh lime juice (7 calories)
3/4 oz. agave nectar (36 calories)

Certified organic and sustainable tequila brand. Delicious! And strong! Ruh-roh…


6. Jovial Foods


A line of einkorn pastas. Einkorn is an “ancient grain” that is “nutritionally superior” to today’s regular whole wheat pastas. A natural source of B vitamins! It’s similar to spelt, and the grain has never been modified or messed with. They also produce gluten-free brown rice pastas. 4.1 grams of fiber per 2 oz. serving! 9g protein, 200 calories. Available at Whole Foods! Also produce a line of einkorn and brown rice cookies!

7. Rudi’s Gluten-Free Bakery


Bread, bread, bread! I’ve never been a fan of gluten-free breads in general, because, you know, they don’t generally taste good. Hahahahaha. And while I will say that I still don’t think I would opt for gluten-free bread myself if given the choice, for those that are gluten-intolerant or follow a gluten-free diet I think it’s a wonderful option. The texture is a little more crumbly than traditional wheat bread, but for a loaf made out of potatoes and rice, it’s really quite good! 90 calories a slice, partially-organic ingredients. You can find it in the freezer-section, and it’s recommended that you store it in the freezer as well. Sold nationally in both natural food stores (like Whole Foods) but also in conventional stores like Safeway!


Okay! So there you have it. And now I’m going to go, ’cause my half-Asianness + Boulder elevation + this skinny margarita = I’m getting wasted. See you tomorrow! πŸ˜‰

Yoga, Mountains, Food, & Deodorant

Yup. Most random blog post title ever. But believe me — all of these things are absolutely relevant, and it’s been less than 24-hours into the Fitness & Health Bloggers Conference! Things have already been a whirlwind of education, activity, and excitement! I’ll try to keep this succinct, but be forewarned that Colorado is kind of beautiful. So, you know. I’ve been taking a lot of pictures.


You probably understand why. πŸ™‚

So after yesterday’s opening keynote speech, the sessions included talks on working with companies & PR firms as a blogger, as well as hearing from two bloggers that have successfully parlayed their blogs into books! Both very interesting, and very educational. In the true spirit of this being a fitness & health bloggers’ conference though, things were broken up with a sweet little fitness break:



And after the sessions the whole group walked over to Whole Foods Boulder for a special dinner they prepared just for us!


Heather, Anne, and Theodora were more than happy to pose for pics on the way. πŸ™‚


And they served up quite the feast! Since so many of the conference attendees have special dietary needs and preferences, the meal was completely vegan — and totally delicious!

Strawberry Gazpacho Shooters

Tofu Spring Rolls wrapped in Bok Choi

Cucumber-wrapped Salads

Roasted sweet potatoes and cheese-less grilled pizzas

And for dessert…

Some kind of cashew cream-lemon-mousse-something-DELICIOUSNESS.

After our meal we popped inside the Whole Foods building to pick up some libations…


And showcase Theodora’s inappropriate love for kombucha.


Don’t worry folks. Most of the time she looks much more like this:



Then it was back to the hotel for the opening night cocktail party! I’ll give you one guess who the sponsor was.


Yup! Degree Women deodorant — see? It all comes full-circle, hahaha. Don’t worry, I didn’t walk out of there with those deodorants. Not all of them anyway… kekeke.


Guess they didn’t get the memo about what kind of conference this is, hahaha! Don’t worry, I stuck to the fruit plate:


And about a quarter of this local beer (too hoppy for me!)


Before I totally passed out at around 10 PM. In my defense, I’d been up since 6:30, and it was midnight on the east coast! Besides, my alarm was set super early for…


7 AM yoga taught by Kia,


Concierge lounge breakfast (thanks again, Papa!) with LOX! Mmmm.


And an early morning photoshoot… I can’t help it! It’s just so beautiful here!


I hope everyone else’s weekend is going as well! Now it’s time for me to sign off so I can actually pay attention to this next session on social media, which we already know is something I am super interested in!

Oh hi, Boulder. I think I love you.

Hello from the Fitness & Health Bloggers Conference in beautiful Boulder, CO!

Oh Hai, Rockies!

It’s kind of awesome here. I might keep it. πŸ˜‰


This is me! If this is your first visit to the blog, I encourage you to read a little bit about me, catch up on my background with weight, health, and starting this blog, and peruse a few of my top posts.

I started off my day bright & early with an 8:30 flight out of DC, killing time on the flight by laughing my ass off (much to the delight of my seat-neighbors, I’m sure.)


Buy this book. Seriously. I’m only four chapters in and I already have a cramp from trying to hold in my laughter on the plane! After waiting forevvvver for the Super Shuttle (and meeting up with a couple of other conference-goers on the way!) I arrived in Boulder!

Welcome to Colorado!

I’m rooming with Casey, and our room is on the Concierge floor of the hotel – complete with breakfast buffet access (sweet!) and the most amazing sundeck. I haven’t had time to check it out yet, but you can bet that I will be snapping some pics of the fantastic view later!


Right now I’m munching on some Driscoll’s strawbs (I’m sooo hungry – no time for lunch!) and listening to the keynote presentation by Shellie Pfohl, the Executive Director of the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports, & Nutrition.


She was appointed by Prez Obama himself, and is discussing the state of the US’s health (note: it ain’t good.) and what the government is trying to implement in order to change that. Very intersting, but saddening statistics! Well, at least we’re in the healthiest state in the country while listening to it, haha!

I’ll be back with plenty more updates as the conference continues (working on my multitasking skillz, yo!) If you’re attending the conference, be sure to flag me down and say hi!

Daily Eats – 6/23/11



Kashi Heart to Heart + Special K Pecan cereal + chia seeds
Almond Milk


A granny smith apple + Justin’s Maple Almond Butter






Veggietastic turkey patty (the last one! SOB!) + asparagus and taters



A few pieces of ritter dark chocolate with whole hazelnuts



Rice bowl!
– Brown rice
– Orange and yellow peppers
– Broccoli
– Shrimpies
– Homemade peanut sauce (PB, soy sauce, sesame oil, fish sauce)
– Dusted with shredded coconut


Plus, an unpictured corn on the cob. MMMMM.

Too lazy for calculating. MUST PACK FOR CO!

Boulder or Bust!

Howdy howdy, folks! Happy Thursday! Except, it’s really like Happy Friday for me (YAYYYYYYYYY!) because bright & early tomorrow I’m boarding a plane bound for Denver, CO! Why? For the Fitness & Health Bloggers Conference taking place in Boulder, of course! I am very excited to be attending my second blogging conference, and am sure that I’ll be coming back with even more inspiration and passion for this li’l ol’ blog of mine (lucky you, eh? Hahaha.)


I’ll be rooming with Casey, and am really looking forward to meeting more people, as well as reuniting with some of my Fitbloggin’ pals! I just have to make sure I pack my bag much more mindfully, since I don’t have the luxury of driving back with all my swaaaag this time, hahaha.

Since I’ve been doing so much traveling lately , I have to admit that the condition of my room has been, uh, less than stellar. After all, what’s the point of unpacking a suitcase if you’ll just be packing it back up the next weekend, right? This week I did finally hit the breaking point of my slovenly living though, and it was time to finally do something about the warzone-room flashbacks I was having. I even ended up scrubbing my bathroom from top to bottom! And bonus? I got supah sweaty cleaning up, so I’m totally counting it as my workout for the day. πŸ˜‰




Atrocious, I know. But! Have faith, my friends! It wasn’t long before all of that became all of this:



And the suitcase HAD to stay out, since I’m doing that whole traveling thing again starting tomorrow. But at least it’s not buried under a pile of dirty clothes anymore. Progress, right?

The bro and I took the pups over to the ‘rents for family dinner (another money-saving tip, in case you missed yesterday’s Weight Loss 101 installment!)


I think my mama would be very pleased with my productive afternoon.

Family BondingIMG_9129.jpg

Total resemblence, right? Hahahahahaha.

Who else is going to the conference in Boulder this weekend? Shout out! And for those of you who aren’t going to be there, what are your tips for staying healthy while traveling? I think it’s pretty obvious that if I continue spending as much time away from home as I have been, I need to start implementing some much better practices. This weekend I’m specifically traveling to a conference that centers around health & fitness, so I’m hoping the damage won’t be too bad, but still! Can’t hurt to have some tips/tricks to pull out of my pocket!