Sponsored Post: All Dogs Go To… iPhone?

Thank you to Cube Dog for sponsoring this review. For more information about Cube Dog please visit the Facebook page or download it on iTunes.

So here’s the deal: I love my dogs.


I mean, this shouldn’t be news — you guys already know this! You’ve been with me through birthdays, health scares, and even Daxter’s misguided attempts at blogging. You know these dogs are my life.


And while I would be lying if I said that I didn’t think everyone’s lives would be better if they had a canine companion of their own, I also understand that’s not always possible. Whether it’s because of an allergic spouse, a stubborn landlord, or just because you’re a cat person (shudder), having a pupster to cuddle up with might not be a reality for you.


Enter: Cube Dog.

Cube Dog is an app that you can download for your iPhone or iPod that gives you the ability to create a hot diggity dog of your own — with none of the mess! (Which even I will admit would have been a nice alternative to cleaning Harry’s puke off the floor two days ago… hahaha!) The app comes with several customizable “parts” for you to make your pupster your own. See that little guy above? His name is Haxterry (get it?), and while I think the bro would probably flip his lid if I actually tried to dye Daxter purple, with this virtual guy I can go nuts. Plus, this little guy is way more talented than either of my lazy mutts are:

Yup. This dog is a ninja. NBD.

As tends to be the case with most free apps, it comes with a small selection of customization and trick options to begin with, and then provides additional items that you can purchase. Personally, I see myself opening this app anytime I need a laugh throughout the workday. The reactions when you “pet” your Cube Dog are pretty great, and the clarity of the app make it look really sharp. The coolest feature is definitely the ability to take a photo of your “pup” in real time, using the actual camera on your phone. Here’s Haxterry chillin’ out at the foot of my bed:

Baaaahahahaha. And while I can’t say that an app like this will ever come close to having the real thing, it’s fun nonetheless.


In the spirit of integrity, I do have to say that this is the kind of app that I would probably phase in and out of enjoying. Like, I’d play around with it for a day or two, then forget I had it, then after a while I’d see it hanging out in a folder on my phone and the cycle would begin again. Maybe it’d be more perpetually engaging if you could feed and take care of your Cube Dog. You know, to feel more engaged? Like a Tamagotchi! Hahaha. But hey, it’s a free app, and if you’re like me and always need to have some kind of procrastination fodder available on your phone, it’s a great one to kill time with!

If you’re curious to learn more about the (I reiterate: free!) app, check out Cube Dog on Facebook (where they’ll be running a fun contest between June 13th and 17th!) or watch the following vid:

While Cube Dog provided me with the app to review, the opinions I’ve expressed here are solely my own and represent my honest viewpoint. Cube Dog, Clever Girls Collective and I promote Blog With Integrity.

The God of Thunder


So I suppose you can guess what I did last night, eh?


Roar. Also, rawr:

Chris Hemsworth Thor Abs

Don’t mind if I do. Helloooo, Chris Hemsworth!

I finally went to see Thor with my papa last night! I know, I know, we’re slow on the take. But in his defense, he was in South Korea for work, and in my defense, all of my friends hate me and saw it without me. Hmph. One good thing about waiting over a month after a movie comes out? There were literally 5 people in the theatre, and that’s including us!

In fact, there were so few people headed to the movies on this rando Wednesday night that we ended up getting to the theatre waaaaay early. So, naturally, I told my dad I had to explore the grounds of the totally not ghetto at all (uh… false.) Ballston Mall in Arlington (our normal movie theatre is Tysons, but we had to use up his Fandago Groupon.)


Pretty sure this should be my next car.


Yep. Definitely should be. Hahahahaha.

The movie was really good! Not as good as X-Men: First Class was, but still very entertaining. And the PREVIEWS! I seriously think the best part about going to see any big budget action movie is all the previews for OTHER big budget action movies coming out. I’m pretty sure every single preview was for an upcoming superhero movie, and the nerd inside me is ECSTATIC. ๐Ÿ˜€

I tried keeping this post short & shweet (heh) for you guys since I know the last few have been quite a doozy, and I clearly failed. So I’m cutting it off now! Plus, I’ll be back later on today with a sponsored post reviewing a fun iPhone app (and tons of pictures of the puppers, natch.)

So in the meantime, I leave you with this: Where my (fellow) comic book nerds at? Let’s hear it: favorite superhero? Favorite superhero movie? And while we’re at it, what superpower would you choose if you could have one? My favorite superheros are, and always have been, the X-Men. I grew up watching the cartoon (still one of the best animated TV shows EVER) and my pop is a huge Marvel comic book geek, hehe. I even went as Jubilee for Halloween two years ago!

X-Men Jubilee for Halloween

NO SHAME. Well, maybe a little shame for how big I was back then… sigh. As for a superpower, well, no surprise here. My extraordinary laziness lends itself to me wanting to be telekinetic, a la Jean Grey. But then again, never having to get up to get anything if I can move objects with my mind probably wouldn’t be too conducive to losing weight, huh?

PS: Got my 20 Minutes in today with a long dog walk in the blistering heat!

PPS: There’s another deal for 2 movie tickets for $9 through Fandango and Living Social. Get up on it!

Daily Eats – 6/8/11



Almond butter & jelly whole wheat bagel thin sammy (218 cal)


Morning Snack


Blueberry Bliss Luna Bar (180 cal)



Turkey wrap (in a spinach tortilla)
Chips on the side


And a Diet Coke. Don’t judge: I REALLY needed the caffeine today!

Afternoon Snack

An unpictured sliver of the brownies that were sitting on the kitchen counter. Ooooops. ๐Ÿ˜‰



Dinner at Chez Mama
– Rice cake
– Spinach or something like that
– Pork

Total Calories: ???

Yet again, I didn’t prepare all of my meals myself today since I went over to the parents’ house for dins and I forgot my lunch at home. Therefore, I don’t have an accurate calorie count for the total day. Fail. But! I think I made very good choices throughout the day, considering the situation, and I guarantee I didn’t go over my limit. Huzzah!

Fact: One of my coworkers even brought in Dunkin’ Donuts MUNCHKINS for the office and I didn’t eat a single one. How’s that for progress? ๐Ÿ™‚

The Big Apple: Part III

This is the last one, folks, I promise. But if you need to catch up on Part I or Part II of my epic NYC weekend, be sure to check those lengthy posts out, hehe.

So! After the excitement of Harry Potter, How to Succeed, and meeting Mr. Daniel Radcliffe himself, our final day in the Big City was destined to be a little more low-key. We woke up Sunday and only had one thing on the schedule (other than trying not to miss our bus back to DC, that is!):

Meeting up with these lovely ladies for brunch!


My beautiful friends Steph & Diana – high school buddies from my Taiwan days!


We met at The Mason Jar, a cute little place with unfortunately slow service but a great brunch menu! Enter my first attempts to make up for the kazillion calories I had consumed throughout the weekend:


I got an apple salad that had tons of greens, blue cheese (yummm), craisins, and walnuts. Yummm. Brunch also came with a mimosa. Triple yummm! It was awesome getting to catch up with Diana & Steph, even if only for a little while. I forced them to take some pictures with me outside after we finished eating:


We couldn’t miss out on this classic pose, after all!



And with a few sad goodbyes, and the promise that I would be returning soon (I hope!) Steve and I hightailed it to catch our bus back home. ‘Til next time, New York!

And that, as they say, is that! It’s been a busy week since getting back, too, and it’s only Tuesday! Last night I met up with my lovely friend Lizzie for dinner at Rustico in Ballston and worked in a teensy bit of exercise while I was at it. Huzzah!


I laced up my new New (hehe) Balance sneaks that I was given at the Fitbloggin’ Conference and leashed up the pups to walk ’em over to my parents’ house (0.6 miles).


I ditched the dogs at Grandma & Grandpa’s at that point, and continued to huff on over to the Metro to head one stop over to meet Lizzie at the Ballston Metro station.


The path from my parents’ house to the Metro is a hilly little jaunt! Probably about a mile, maybe a little less — it definitely got my heart rate up, so that’s good! I really liked the shoes at first – cushy but supportive. Unfortunately, my incredibly undefined heels kept rubbing up against the back lip of the shoe, and I have some fairly painful blisters on ’em now. Sad! Dinner was great though, so I guess that made up for it.


In case you didn’t get to see last night’s Daily Eats post, I got a small beet salad to start with (INCREDIBLE!) and the appetizer of mussels in tomato sauce for my entree.



The mussels also came with two gargantuan breadsticks… which I didn’t totally avoid. Heehee. But, considering the amazing selection of pizzas and pastas that the Rustico menu boasted, I thought my salad + seafood choices were pretty good! And between the walk there and the walk back (picked up the dogs on my way back and hustled on home!) I worked over 3 miles into my day. That’s something, right?

Now that travel and trips and stuff have died down somewhat temporarily, I’m making it a priority to work some kind of exercise and activity back into my routine. Since the Fitbloggin’ 5K my exercise habits have been pretty much nonexistant, I hate to admit. So this is my new goal: do at least 20 minutes of activity every day. Even if this means just getting the dogs out for a quick walk. If it’s 10:30 PM and I realize that I haven’t done anything but sit down and stand up all day, I get off my laurels and DO IT. I figure that if I can work just 20 minutes of something into my day, then maybe I can bump that up to 30 minutes soon. And then maybe to 45! And then I can start ramping up the activity level, impact, etc. Baby steps, baby steps, as always. I’m really reverting back to square one here, in order for me to attempt to establish a real routine. And hey, at least I got my 20 minutes in today!

What’s your exercise routine? How did you establish one? Do you stick to hard & fast times to exercise, and types of activity? Or just do what you feel when the mood strikes? I want to know! I know I’ve said it many, many times before, but I really want to try again. This is still the thing I struggle with most when it comes to embracing a healthy lifestyle, so I need your help! ๐Ÿ™‚

Daily Eats – 6/7/11



3/4 cup Fiber One Cereal (80 cal)
1/2 cup skim milk (40 cal)
1 tbsp chia seeds (35 cal)
1 small banana (90 cal)
1 tsp Justin’s maple almond butter (48 cal)

Breakfast Total: 293 calories



5 shrimp (27 cal)
1/2 cup Whasian Noodle Salad (~200 cal)
1/4 cup peas (31 cal)


2 pieces sushi (65 cal)
2 chicken wings – hehe (~150 cal)
Sliver of chicken salad wrap (~100 cal?)

Lunch Total: 573 calories



Small beet salad
– Arugula
– Yellow beets
– Red beets
– Melted goat cheese
– Candied walnuts


Mussels in tomato sauce
1 1/2 breadsticks

Total Dinner: ??? Who knows. My Breakfast + Lunch totals were ~866 calories, I didn’t go over the limit. Even though I went to eat out (again… haha. But I had plans to meet my amazing friend Lizzie for dins!) I’m pretty confident that my seafood + salad dinner did not total over 800 calories by itself… although chomping down on those breadsticks probably got me close, hahaha. No exact estimates, but all in all not the worst day! And I actually got a smidgen of exercise in, to boot! Victories all over. ๐Ÿ™‚