Poor Li’l Penny

Happy (?) Monday, folks!

The end of last week turned out to be a bit of a doozy — our precious little Penny got hit with her first bout of real sickness! Sure, she’s been congested before, been a li’l less spunky than usual, that sort of thing, but this was the real deal. We’re talking fever, chills, sweats, loss of appetite, total exhaustion… the works. It was tough for all of us — toughest for her to get through, I’m sure, but it was also admittedly hard on Sean and me to watch, witness, and only be able to do so much. ūüôĀ

It all started on Wednesday — she slept in pretty late (and, in retrospect, she had actually been sleeping a lot the day or so before as well so she was probably trying to fight something off before we noticed). But she was still her happy little self throughout most of the morning and drank like 5 ounces of milk (I normally nurse her first thing, but actually had to pump and give her a bottle that morning since she slept later than me!) so I had no reason to think anything was wrong.

While I worked, she spent time with our nanny and her daughter, enjoying the beautiful weather outside (and giving me serious FOMO when I was stuck inside working), but she started getting increasingly more fussy as the day went on. She’s generally a very chill, happy girl, so fussing for no reason is very out of character for her. She also didn’t seem to want to eat or drink much, and kept tugging at her ears. The ear-pulling is something that she often does when she’s tired, but combined with her lack of appetite and increasing irritability, I started to worry.

Then, around 3 PM I was coming out of a meeting when I got a text from our nanny saying that Penny felt warm, so she took her temperature and it was over 100 degrees. I called our pediatrician and described what was going on, and they asked me to come in for a last-minute appointment, so off we went!

The doctor checked her out and eliminated both the flu and an ear infection — which was good news! But on the flipside, the bad news was that she was definitely sick and there wasn’t really much he could do, either. We’d just need to “let her be sick” for a little while. Which is definitely a lot harder than it sounds when you have a sad baby who can’t communicate what’s hurting or how you can help. The doctor told us to keep an eye on her temperature, that her not wanting to eat was very normal (which of course, did not stop me from fretting about it constantly), to monitor her wet diapers (also warning us that there would probably be slightly fewer than normal), and that things might get worse before they got better, but to call back if we were concerned.

I was hoping that another night of solid rest would help her kick this thing, but alas, it seems that Wednesday afternoon really was just the beginning of her being sick.

I slept in the nursery that night so I could keep an eye on her, and her temperature actually spiked up to 102 overnight! I kept her home from daycare on Thursday and tried my best to make her feel loved, comfortable, and cared for. I gave her some Tylenol sparingly (I’m always so torn about whether doing so is good because it makes her so much more comfortable and brings her fever down, or if it inhibits her ability to fight off the illness) and we spent most of the day doing this:

With her also sleeping a TON (she seriously slept like 12 straight hours overnight and SIX more hours during the day!) and me trying to get her to nurse and drink milk. She pretty much refused all bottles, but did nurse for short bursts on-and-off throughout the day, so that made me feel a little better that she hopefully wasn’t getting dehydrated (and I can’t lie, I kind of loved all the snuggles… which in turn made me feel guilty for liking it since she felt so crummy, but that’s #momguilt for ya…)

Her fever finally broke Friday morning, and her mood seemed to immediately improve, although she was still feeling puny and continued being very sleepy through Saturday. I am counting my blessings that she was still sleeping so well overnight, despite being sick, since I feel like all that sleep was crucial to her recovery, and I understand that many kiddos have a hard time sleeping when they’re feeling bad. So far, Penny doesn’t seem to be one of them!

Thankfully, when she woke Sunday morning (after sleeping for a whopping THIRTEEN HOURS!!) she finally seemed like she was back to her old self: happy and hungry! Hooray!

So, hey, we survived our baby girl’s first bout of true illness and all came out the other side. Although, who knows, underneath all this purple hair dye I may have just sprouted a few grey hairs from the experience. And, yes, I know full-well that this absolutely will not be the last time that I have to watch my poor baby be sick, but there’s just something about that first time, y’know?

Now let’s just hope she doesn’t pass her illness right back to her dad and me (my guess is that we gave her the sickness that we got hit with a couple weeks ago ::sniff::) and that the cycle of sickness ends here. I mean, hey, a girl can dream, right?

Penny: Eight Months Old

Our little Lucky Penny is eight months old today! And I gotta say, she is certainly not seeming quite so little anymore! She weighs in at 19 lbs, 3 oz, and is 27 3/4 inches long (78th percentile for both!). Eyes are still blue and hair is still red!

Penelope continues to bring such joy and light to our lives! She’s a little lovebug, giving us pats on the back and lots of super gross and amazing open-mouth “kisses” all the time. She loves music (especially “The Happy Song” by Imogen Heap!), her new Crawl-Around-Car toy, and looking at herself in the mirror (she really must be my child.) Naps are still pretty unpredictable (girl loves her 40 minute power naps), but she sleeps aaaaall night long (usually 7 – 7) in her crib, so we’re certainly not complaining!

She’s total chatterbox, has her “Ma,” “Da,” “Ba,” “Na,” and “La” sounds down pat, and has recently discovered how fun it is to GASP super loudly without warning (making it seem like she can’t breathe and not freaking me out at all NO SIRREE). She does say “Mama” and “Dada” all the time now! Which is, of course, made slightly less special when you consider that she says “Mamamamama” to everything from Daxter to her sippy cup… but you know what, once in a while she’s GOTTA BE referring to me, so I’ll take it.

Despite the issues I’ve been having with my milk supply¬†lately, Penny is still a very good little eater. She’s getting better and better at feeding herself little bits and pieces, and her favorite foods right now include scrambled eggs, peas, rice, and bread. (What can I say, girl loves her carbs.) And she can drink out of both a sippy cup and a straw cup now!

She also continues teething like a little fiend, but despite the drool, rosy cheeks, and chewing on ERRRRVERYTHING, she still has no teeth to show for it! I think I can feel one of her bottom teeth juuuust below the surface though, so it could make its appearance pretty much any day.

And speaking of any day now, this little mover and shaker definitely seems like she’ll be crawling at any moment as well! She spends most of her time flipping onto her tummy these days (such a difference from those days of whining through tummy time!), getting up on her knees, rocking back and forth, and scootching herself backwards (until she gets half-stuck under the couch or coffee table, that is!)

She’s always wants to be on the go — reaching for toys and silverware, wanting to see all around her, rolling and flipping and twisting. Having her be so interested in moving and grooving is amazing, but admittedly it’s already putting a crimp in our previously non-mobile style, haha. You just have to be¬†so much more on the ball in terms of where you put her down — she 100% cannot be left on the bed or couch anymore — and I’m always on the lookout for things she can bonk into. Also, trying to change her diaper these days…

…well, it’s a challenge. And I know this is just the veeeeeery beginning, too. She’ll only get more mobile — and faster! — from here. In fact, I’m researching top-of-stair baby gates and babyproofing as we speak, haha.

Of course, I wouldn’t have it any other way. It makes me so, so happy seeing her learn and grow and develop. It’s already hard to imagine that she’s the same scrawny little lump of a babe that popped out 8 months ago!

We love you to the moon and back (and then back again), Penelope!

Baby Stuff Recommendations: Months 3 – 8


Well, we successfully survived our first day of daycare — one of us thrived, actually (spoiler alert: it was not me.) Penny had a blast at daycare and didn’t care one toot that I wasn’t around. I was the one sobbing as I exited the building and suddenly questioning all of my life choices, haha…ha.

The daycare was amazing about sending me photos and updating me about her all day (I have access to the app they use to track all of her eats, sleeps, and diapers), and they told me she did great. She only napped once, for about 40 minutes, so by the time I picked her up she had been awake for FIVE HOURS. But honestly I didn’t really expect her to sleep at all since her at-home sleep environment is so different from the daycare one, and she was still in great spirits when I went and got her, so I’d say it’s a win! Now we get to see how today goes…!

Anyway, Penny being occupado for so much of the day did, in fact, allow me to be incredibly productive with work. It even gave me a chance to reflect on the fact that it’s probably long overdue to write a new post on all those baby¬†things that have taken over our house and our life. All of my recommendations from my¬†newborn through 3 months¬†post still stand, but obviously with the advent of eating food, transitioning to her crib, and her just generally getting more mobile and interested in playing, there’s quite a lot of new ground to cover.

(Please note this post contains affiliate links.)


Halo Sleepsack: Penny is a fantastic sleeper these days, and we are feel so lucky and so¬†grateful that she is! She usually goes down around 7 PM each night and wakes between 6:30 and 7 AM each morning. As she’s grown, she’s gone from sleeping in her DockATot, to sleeping in her Magic Sleepsuit, and now is in her crib with only a wearable blanket. Her room (and the entire downstairs of our house) can get really cold, so I think she’ll be sleeping in a sleepsack for the foreseeable future. We have both cotton and fleece ones.

Hatch Baby Rest Night Light and Sound Machine: I included this in the last list, but it bears repeating because I LOVE our Hatch Rest sound machine. It can go all night or be set on a timer — your choice — and is controllable via an app on your phone (as well as physically on the machine itself). Plus, Hatch’s customer service is really, really awesome.


Evenflo Convertible High Chair: I wasn’t so sure about this high chair initially, actually, as it doesn’t really have many frills, and doesn’t even seem all that comfy tbh. But as Penny has started to use it multiple times every day, I’m liking it more and more. It’s really easy to clean (thank goodness, because she is MESSY these days!), and can be used as either a full-height or floor-level high chair! And when Penny is a little older, we’ll be able to remove the tray and she can use it as a little toddler chair and table as well.

Skip Hop Portable Placemat: Now that Penny is interested in eating what we eat when we take her out to restaurants, feeding her at the table is kind of non-negotiable. And while I’m not that much of a germaphobe, I’ve never loved her eating directly off of the table, so I picked up a little portable placemat for us to bring with us instead. It’s made of silicone so it doesn’t slide around and rolls up into a little bundle so I can easily keep it in my diaper bag.

Munchkin Weighted Straw Sippy Cup: Penny is really good at drinking out of this straw sippy cup, which has a weight on the inside of the straw so she can get liquid no matter what angle she’s holding the cup at. Genius!

Munchkin Stay-Put Suction Bowl: This comes in a set of three different sized bowls, and have worked really well to serve Penny her solids. They clean very easily and can suction to the table — which isn’t really something we need right now but as she starts to feed herself I think it’ll help us a lot.

Munchkin Soft-Tip Infant Spoons: These are our favorite baby spoons — they are soft on her palate and small enough for her to eat off of easily, but long-handled so they’re easy for grown-ups to use. (I also have this OXO On-The-Go Spoon that has a case for my diaper bag.)

Babymoov Storage Containers: I like these baby food containers to store Penny’s homemade baby food, as they’re freezer-safe, microwave-safe, and dishwasher-safe. They have measuring indications on the side, and also have a great space on top for labels, which is now more important than ever as I’m sending food to Penny’s daycare for her.


Puj Grippy Nonslip Stickers: Penny has officially graduated to the big tub for bathtime, so I got these stickers for the bottom of the tub so her little booty doesn’t have her slipping all over. They have a nice texture to them, are big, and also look pretty good.

Munchkin Knee Rest: I also got this little cushion to save my knees when I’m kneeling next to the bath helping her — LIFESAVER. I like that this one is small (her bathroom is tiny), and also has a strap on the back to hang it up when not in use.

Hudson Baby Hooded Towel: These towels are great because they’re actually big! Other baby towels I have were too small and she outgrew them quickly, but these I think she’ll be able to use into toddlerhood.


Fisher Price Crawl-Around-Car: Penny first experienced this at a friend’s house and loved it so much that I knew she needed one of her own. She LOVES it. She’ll sit in there for like 45 minutes just playing all on her own. The reviews online lead me to believe that she’ll enjoy playing pretend with this car even into toddlerhood, so I figured it would be a good investment.

V Tech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker: As long as you don’t mind Old Macdonald being stuck in your head for the next 53 billion years, this thing is great. Penny has loved sitting up and playing with it from day one, and when she finally starts pulling herself up and cruising, it’ll be the perfect height.

Indestructibles: Penny has always liked being read to, but just started to enjoy playing with books. These Indestructibles are great because they’re made of reinforced paper, so they’re, well, indestructible! Babies can chew on them, pull at them, rip at them, and they stay in great shape. There are lots of different books all under the Indestructibles heading, so I imagine everyone can find one that their baby likes.

Skip Hop Jumpscape: Penny loves to jump, jump, jump! And this is great way (and a great-looking way!) for her to do that. This jumper is pretty pricey (especially considering when we have both that and the activity center, lol), but she gets a ton of use out of them. (We also got the very affordable and portable¬†Graco Bumper Jumper¬†for my parents’ house.)

Skip Hop Activity Center: We have two levels of our house with living areas, so we keep the jumper in one and the activity center in the other. She plays with both equally, but as she learns how to walk and cruise, I imagine the Activity Center will get even more use.

Baby Einstein Octoplush Toy: This little plushie thing plays classical music when you squeeze its body, and each of its legs represents a different color. It didn’t get a lot of use until recently, but now that Penny can grab and squeeze it on her own, she loves it! I also really like that it’s a multi-lingual toy — you can change the setting so that it says the colors in English, Spanish, or French.

Comotomo Teether: This tiny little orange thing was Penny’s best friend for seriously like a month straight. Something about the softness of the silicone or the way the little nubs on the end resemble fingers, maybe? She loved it! It gets a bit less use now but it was totally worth it.

The First Years Stack Up Cups: I don’t know what it is about these simple cups but Penny absolutely loves them! (As does her cousin Alex, and most babies, I hear!) They’re super simple and bring lots of enjoyment, plus they’re inexpensive, so they’re basically the perfect toy.

Sophie the Giraffe Teether: I thought that Sophie was just a really overpriced, trendy teething toy… and it kind of is. But Penny l-o-v-e-s it for whatever reason, and so I’m really grateful that my sister let me steal hers. Something about the material it’s made from and the shape of the legs and head are just the perfect combo for Penny’s teething needs!


Mati Mati Bandana Drool Bibs: Penny is a DROOL MONSTER, especially when teething, and so bibs are a just another accessory for her. Since Penny could easily go through upwards of 5 bibs a day, we have a tonnnn. Bandana-style bibs are my preference since they stay in place better than the traditional kind, and Mati Mati brand ones specifically are my fave.¬†They’re super absorbent (without ever soaking through to her top) and are really cute to boot! I also picked up a set of bibs that have teethers attached to the end of them, which Penny really loves.

Infantino Zip Travel Carrier: I have the Lillebaby Complete carrier as well, which is very comfortable and more versatile, but it’s large and in charge, so I’m really glad I picked up the Infantino Zip. It zips down into a tiny little pouch which easily fits in my diaper bag, or that I can keep in the car. It was really great to have on hand when I flew with her last month, and I also used it at the park last weekend.

Freshly Picked Diaper Bag: I get TONS of compliments on my Freshly Picked diaper bag, most commonly folks saying that it doesn’t look like a diaper bag at all! It’s got a crapton of room, easily fitting all of Penny’s stuff plus my laptop and personal items.¬† It has backpack straps and also comes with a detachable crossbody/shoulder strap, and I use it as my work bag as well.

And speaking of Freshly Picked, I’m still a huge, huge, huge fan of their baby moccasins. They release them in the cuuuutest colors and prints, and they stay on Penny’s feet despite all of her kicking and cricketing. They’re the best! And 100% my addiction, lol.

Anyway, that covers everything I can think of right now. I’ll probably¬†add to this list as I think of additional things — we’ve got soooo much baby stuff, I know there are more things we’ve tried and loved, I’m just blanking. And, as always, if you have questions about any of this stuff too, leave ’em in the comments!

Emotional Mama: Milk Supply + Daycare

Wellps, the high of celebrating my big 3-0 has definitely faded, as the past week has been a bit of a tough one for me. Emotionally speaking, that is. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen some of my posts about my milk supply plummeting in recent weeks. I’m not sure if it’s because as work has gotten busier I’ve been less able to breastfeed Penny during the day anymore, if it’s because I started my weight loss efforts back up, if it’s because I’ve been sick lately, or if it’s because I’m just not responding to my breastpump the way I used to — probably a combination of all of the above, actually — but my milk supply has been slowly decreasing since shortly after I returned from my Atlanta visit¬†last month.

Penny hasn’t acted fussy or like she’s still hungry after nursing or anything, so I wasn’t really that concerned about it… until a couple weeks ago when it hit me that Penny is going to be starting daycare a couple of days a week (her first day is today! Wah!), and I need to have enough milk to send with her every day. And of course, along with my milk production slowing down, Penny’s appetite’s also been ramping up! She used to drink 3 – 4 ounces of milk at a time from the bottle, but now she’ll easily down 5 – 6.

Even her increased intake wouldn’t really have been an issue before, since pumping sessions used to net me 5 – 6 ounces of milk. But lately? It’s been a struggle to get more than 2 to 2.5 ounces. Cue me suddenly freaking out about not being able to keep up with her anymore and scrambling to get my milk supply back up.

And it’s just, you know, nursing… pumping… feeding your baby… it’s all so very emotional. I fully recognize how fortunate I’ve been to have had almost 8 strong months of breastfeeding already — not having it hurt, not having latch issues, no big production issues until now. But even with it having been on the easier side for me, I’ve still had many moments of self-doubt and mental anguish — the slightest dip in supply, the slightest amount of fussiness at the breast, and suddenly I found myself second-guessing everything. Why wouldn’t she nurse? Was she getting enough to eat? Was my milk of high-enough fat content and quality? Was she gaining enough weight? I mean, when it comes to your child’s sustenance, over-analyzation is simply second-nature.

And that kind of thinking happened before I ever even had a true supply dip that lasted longer than, like, a day, and with my 80th percentile, very healthy, little chunkster of a baby. So if it was like that before, you can imagine what it’s been like in my head the past couple of weeks.

There’s just so much emotion tied up in feeding your baby (no matter how you choose to do it!) and for me, this idea that my body is suddenly not doing what I want it to anymore has been tough. I, of course, have absolutely nothing against formula, and we have already started supplementing, but it’s important to me to try and get my supply back up if I can. Tbh, I really appreciate the convenience and ease that formula offers (just don’t appreciate the cost, lol), but my fear is that my supply will continue to decrease to the point of going away completely if I start to rely on formula too heavily. And I cherish my nursing relationship with Penny so much, I’m definitely not ready to let that go yet. So life lately for me has looked a whoooole lot like this:

Adding extra pumping sessions, trying to nurse in distraction-free environments, lots of Mother’s Milk tea, staying hydrated, taking supplements, power pumping, replacing parts on my pump, examining my flange sizes, comparing my yield from my home pump (Spectra S2) to the pump we have at the office (Medela Symphony)… phew. I mean, you name it, I’m trying it.

And hey, for what it’s worth, it seems to be paying off! I’m seeing a small increase to closer to 3 oz and even have gotten 4 ounces a couple of times now. But I’m having to pump for a much longer amount of time to get it, and it’s still not quite enough for my hungry girl… plus, as you can probably imagine, it’s been very draining both physically and emotionally. So that’s played a big part in me doing a bit of doldrum-dwelling lately. Well, that, plus the fact that I’m still fighting this furshlugginer cold… and then there’s the whole Penny-starting-daycare thing, which I’m obviously being crazy about, lol.

I know that it’s probably silly to make such a big deal out of her starting daycare. I mean, she’s almost eight months old, and she’s only going a couple of days a week (my parents and MIL each still have their day with her, and we also still have our nanny one day a week right now as we transition). Moreover, most working parents that I know have had their kids in daycare — full-time — since they were like, 12 weeks old. I know. But I can’t help it. This is still a big change for me, and you can’t deny that there is a very real difference between having your baby taken care of in your own home versus dropping her off somewhere.

But, that being said, I realize this is just my own baggage, and that Penny’s probably going to love it there. I was able to spend some time with her at the daycare a couple of times over the past week to help her get acclimated, and she did so great. She really loves watching the other kids and I think it’ll be really wonderful for her to have even more varied social interaction than she does now. So I try to remind myself of that, along with the fact that we looked at many daycares and chose this one for a reason. And also that I’m an insane person who literally still cries when I watch The Greatest Showman even though last night was my 706th viewing sooooo I should probably take everything I feel with a grain of salt.

ANYWAY. So that this post isn’t all me complaining (just, you know, mostly complaining), I’ll give a quick update on how my healthy living stuff (I’m hesitant to refer to it as my weight loss efforts, since that’s not really what it’s supposed to be about, but I digress) has been going. In betterish news, kind of, I’ve been making good on my endeavors to move more and clean my eating back up. I actually am back down a few pounds, although I’m officially moving weight loss¬†back to the backburner, as even though I didn’t set out to specifically count and cut my calories, I definitely was doing so and feel that probably has been another contributing factor to my supply dip.

I’ve been trying to take advantage of the nice weather we’ve been having lately (as well as fight against my innate laziness) and get Penny outside and moving around more often. On Sunday I went for an awesome walk around Burke Lake with some of the wonderful mommy friends I’ve made since Penny was born. There really is nothing like being with other mamas who truly understand firsthand being obsessed with your baby, hehe.

Sadly, today is supposed to be overcast, rainy, and dreary… just like my mood (ha!) so it’s looking like I’ll be a bit of a hermit today. The good news on that front is that hopefully that just means I will be RIDONKULOUSLY CRAZY PRODUCTIVE since Penny’s going to be at daycare anyway, and I have ugh soooooo much to do. At least that should hopefully keep me nice and distracted instead of staring with baited breath at my phone for photo updates from the daycare? Hahaha, here’s to hoping, at any rate!

And just in case all of my whining throughout this post has turned you off of reading this blog ever again, here’s my argument for you to keep sticking around: just look at this picture of Penny eating eggs.

You’re welcome. TTFN, ta-ta for now!

Party Like It’s 1999

Happy Monday, friends!

I hope you all had an awesome weekend, and for those of you local to the DMV area, that you enjoyed the absolutely INCREDIBLE weather that we were blessed with Thursday, Friday & Saturday! Sadly, things have taken a turn for the cold, wet, and dreary today, but at least I have the memories of 80* and sunny to get me through these next few days of drudgery.

Not to mention all the fantastic memories from the past week to think back upon whenever I’m in need of a good smile! The last, what, five days? Have been SUPERJAMPACKED with so much fun, friendship, and phat funky freshness that I honestly am not even sure where to start, lol.

First off, my sister came back into town for my birthday, which is always just the BESTTTT. She brought my nephew Alex with her (my two nieces stayed home with their daddy), who you may know is only 3 weeks older than Penny so it’s always the most ridiculous amounts of fun to get these two together.

And since some of my sister’s best friends from high school and college also still live in Northern Virginia, we got to bring a bit of extra adorableness into the fray (since I am squarely in the midst of that season of life and everyone I know has a baby right now, hehehehehe.) First we spent some time with the inimitable Anne and baby Riese…

(Which of course means we now have to flash back to the last time we got all three of these littles together and be overcome by how fast time is moving — anyone else? No, just me?)

And we also got to have a playdate with our friends Lara & Jim and their amazing little lovebug Amira. GIMME ALL TEH BABIEEEEES!

Now, despite evidence to the contrary, this past week wasn’t all babies all the time though (even though I obviously would have been A-OK with that since I’m painfully obsessed with my progeny, lol.) My whole family went out to dinner for my actual birthday on Wednesday (we left the babies sleeping at home under the watchful eye of my awesome nanny). We went to Clarity in Vienna and it was a seriously delicious (if very loooooong) meal.

And then, of course, Saturday was my big birthday bash!

We partied like it was 1999 and it. was. radical. I tried to go all out on the nostalgia front, so I went heavy with the 90s snacks, candy, and drinks. We’re talking ring pops, Bagel Bites, homemade Lunchables and Dunkaroos, Capri Suns, Kool-Aid Bursts (which were HELLA DELISH when mixed with vodka I’m not gonna lie!) — the works!

The best part was, of course, compiling the swiggity sweet 90s playlist for the party. Eve 6, Savage Garden, the Fugees, Salt-n-Pepa, Backstreet Boys, Foo Fighters, TLC, Destiny’s Child, Spice Girls, Lit, Fastball, Ace of Bass, the Cranberries, Bell Biv Devoe… it was tight. As were everyone’s superfly 90s outfits!

Thanks to everyone who came out and partied with me! It was all that AND a bag of chips, yo.

Buuuuuuuut also probably the last party I foresee throwing for myself for a long while. This ish was exhausting! I plan enough parties for work, hehe. And most critically, I simply don’t bounce back quite as quickly as I used to these days! These beginning of the night / end of the night photos illustrate this new reality quite nicely, haha (Old Man Sean was definitely struggling too hahahahaha.)

At least I have another person to focus all my personal-party-planning-prowess (say that 5x fast) on now, hehehe. I mean, are we shocked that I’ve already started planning Penny’s 1st birthday party? Five days in and I will admit that this decade has been pretty great so far! So let’s just keep that going for the next nine years, 361 days, k?