Party Like It’s 1999

Happy Monday, friends!

I hope you all had an awesome weekend, and for those of you local to the DMV area, that you enjoyed the absolutely INCREDIBLE weather that we were blessed with Thursday, Friday & Saturday! Sadly, things have taken a turn for the cold, wet, and dreary today, but at least I have the memories of 80* and sunny to get me through these next few days of drudgery.

Not to mention all the fantastic memories from the past week to think back upon whenever I’m in need of a good smile! The last, what, five days? Have been SUPERJAMPACKED with so much fun, friendship, and phat funky freshness that I honestly am not even sure where to start, lol.

First off, my sister came back into town for my birthday, which is always just the BESTTTT. She brought my nephew Alex with her (my two nieces stayed home with their daddy), who you may know is only 3 weeks older than Penny so it’s always the most ridiculous amounts of fun to get these two together.

And since some of my sister’s best friends from high school and college also still live in Northern Virginia, we got to bring a bit of extra adorableness into the fray (since I am squarely in the midst of that season of life and everyone I know has a baby right now, hehehehehe.) First we spent some time with the inimitable Anne and baby Riese…

(Which of course means we now have to flash back to the last time we got all three of these littles together and be overcome by how fast time is moving — anyone else? No, just me?)

And we also got to have a playdate with our friends Lara & Jim and their amazing little lovebug Amira. GIMME ALL TEH BABIEEEEES!

Now, despite evidence to the contrary, this past week wasn’t all babies all the time though (even though I obviously would have been A-OK with that since I’m painfully obsessed with my progeny, lol.) My whole family went out to dinner for my actual birthday on Wednesday (we left the babies sleeping at home under the watchful eye of my awesome nanny). We went to Clarity in Vienna and it was a seriously delicious (if very loooooong) meal.

And then, of course, Saturday was my big birthday bash!

We partied like it was 1999 and it. was. radical. I tried to go all out on the nostalgia front, so I went heavy with the 90s snacks, candy, and drinks. We’re talking ring pops, Bagel Bites, homemade Lunchables and Dunkaroos, Capri Suns, Kool-Aid Bursts (which were HELLA DELISH when mixed with vodka I’m not gonna lie!) — the works!

The best part was, of course, compiling the swiggity sweet 90s playlist for the party. Eve 6, Savage Garden, the Fugees, Salt-n-Pepa, Backstreet Boys, Foo Fighters, TLC, Destiny’s Child, Spice Girls, Lit, Fastball, Ace of Bass, the Cranberries, Bell Biv Devoe… it was tight. As were everyone’s superfly 90s outfits!

Thanks to everyone who came out and partied with me! It was all that AND a bag of chips, yo.

Buuuuuuuut also probably the last party I foresee throwing for myself for a long while. This ish was exhausting! I plan enough parties for work, hehe. And most critically, I simply don’t bounce back quite as quickly as I used to these days! These beginning of the night / end of the night photos illustrate this new reality quite nicely, haha (Old Man Sean was definitely struggling too hahahahaha.)

At least I have another person to focus all my personal-party-planning-prowess (say that 5x fast) on now, hehehe. I mean, are we shocked that I’ve already started planning Penny’s 1st birthday party? Five days in and I will admit that this decade has been pretty great so far! So let’s just keep that going for the next nine years, 361 days, k?


  1. So fun this weekend!! It’s crazy how different the babies look from that first photo… ahhh!!! <3

  2. Kris Ssays:

    Love it!!

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