Penny: 11 Weeks Old

We’ve had eleven weeks (as of yesterday) with our little cutie pie! She continues to love falling asleep in the car, being held like she’s sitting, baths, and getting her nose booped. She continues to dislike falling asleep on her own, idling in the car (she is one cranky monkey if she’s still awake when we hit a stoplight, lol), and the jury’s still out on whether she actually likes being carried in her baby carrier (Lillebaby) or wrap (Baby K’Tan).

In exciting developments, Penny loves gummin’ on her fist now, staying awake for much longer periods of time, flapping her hands in the general direction of toys, and she can finally (finally!) keep a pacifier in her mouth unassisted for more than 5 seconds at a time!

Even better, the pacifier she’s taken to lately is the 0-6 month MAM with the cute graphic on the front, hehe. She still likes the Soothies, but since she’s extra terrible at keeping it in her mouth (even the Wubbanub with the cute little stuffed animal attached), I’m glad that another type is working at last.

She continues to grow at an astronomical rate — she weighed 14 pounds, 11 ounces and 24 inches long on Sunday, which puts her in the 94th and 90th percentile respectively. So proud of my chunky little monster. 🙂

All this really means, of course, is that I’m extra motivated to try and get her into all her various adorable outfits and onesies I’ve at least once before she grows out of them, haha. I never thought that having too much clothing would be an issue, but I’m starting to feel bad that she’s outgrowing things before she can even wear them! I know, I know, #firstworldmomprobs.

Monday’s car accident aside, things are pretty steady on the homefront. It took a little bit of time for her sleep to get back to normal after getting her two-month shots (whatever normal is for a less-than-three-month-old, that is), but she was getting back in the rhythm of sleeping a longer 4+ hour stretch, followed by a few shorter bouts each night, equaling out to a good amount of total sleep overall (and going back to sleep quickly in between after waking to eat). Until yesterday, that is, when she decided that sleep was for chumps and would only sleep for somewhere between 25 – 45 minutes at a time, day AND night. IT WAS REALLY FUN FOR ME I TELL YOU.

This kid was just so flipping AWAKE last night! No amount of rocking, swinging, shhh-ing, swaddling, unswaddling, bouncing, singing, or nursing seemed to make her want to go to sleep. Around midnight, after her diaper was changed (again) and she was fed (again), with still no sleep in sight, I just dumped her in her crib. I figured that if she was going to fuss and cry and yell anyway, she might as well get used to her crib while doing it.

She squirmed and fussed for 20 minutes (not really crying, more like just yelling) or so until — amazingly! — she fell asleep. Unfortunately, that first round of sleep lasted exactly 26 minutes. She then did start crying and did so for like 15 minutes (while I stared at her on the monitor, also crying because whyyyyyyyy), but fell asleep again and then slept for 3.5 hours!

I didn’t really get to take advantage of that stretch of sleep though, since I was anxious about the fact that she was sleeping alone in her nursery for the first time (especially since this wasn’t planned, lol), and was glued to the monitor all night. Aaaaand then after her first real wake up around 4 to nurse, I slept the rest of the night in the bed that’s in her room. Thank goodness for espresso.

And this face. 😍

Despite my exhaustion, at least I’m feeling optimistic about the fact that she was able to sleep in her crib, and fall asleep on her own. I mean, I guess she had to exhaust herself eventually… But now the question is, should I try putting her down in her crib again tonight? I know consistency is important when it comes to establishing a good sleep routine, but also it’s not exactly like I want to be “sleep training” her yet. And we’ll be traveling next week, so I don’t know if it’ll be ultimately detrimental to get her officially started on sleeping in the nursery now, only to disrupt it so soon?

Then again, I’m probably (definitely) overthinking this, since she IS only 11 weeks old and still has the memory span of an earthworm. My main goal at this point is still just to do whatever works to get her to frickin’ sleep. And hopefully the ridiculous barely-napping-at-all thing from yesterday will be short-lived (maybe she’s going through her next developmental leap a little early?)


Anyway, this week I’m both glad and grateful that I’m using PTO to extend my maternity leave into December. My company provides 12 weeks of paid maternity leave, which I know is already really great compared to what most moms in the US get, but the idea of going back to work next week still seems so crazy to me! She’s just so young, and there’s still so little regularity or routine to our day. I guess that, were my return to work looming, I would be more motivated to sleep train or at least get her on a schedule, but for right now I’m A-OK with continuing to try keeping my head above the water and enjoying the rest of this time I have with her.

After all, the HOLIDAYS are officially upon us! The red cups are out at Starbucks, Santa’s taken up residence at all the local malls, and Penny will be experiencing her first Thanksgiving next week. Yay! As mentioned above, we’ve got some travel coming up — Sean and I are taking her to Texas for Turkey Day this year to celebrate with the whole Fox family (another reason why I’m not really fretting about the whole schedule establishment thing, since traveling is likely to wreak havoc on any progress we make anyway), and I have her My First Thanksgiving outfits ready and rarin’ to go, hehe.

This weekend we’re also taking her to Williamsburg for a quick trip to introduce her to Sean’s other grandmother, and to see my college bestie Bethany & her littles. I’m also hoping to get Ben & Taylor to snap some photos of our little family that I can use for a holiday card (doggos included, of course!). ‘Til then…!


  1. Katiesays:

    sleep training under 4 months is really dangerous and not recommended! If you’re struggling with sleep, I recommend the Facebook group “precious little sleep”

    • I’ll look that group up! Yeah our goal has always been to assess how she’s doing sleep-wise at 4 months but have her in room with us at least that long, and I’m sure that’s what will continue to happen. I use the term sleep training pretty loosely in reference to what happened last night, since it was really more the result of me reaching the end of my rope. Like i said in the post, I’m hoping her unwillingness to go to sleep was a fluke anyway bc a) I’m not sure I have the discipline to do this again and b) I missed her and just spent the whole time she was sleeping watching the monitor anyway hahaha

  2. Larasays:

    I came here to say exactly that sleep training isn’t recommended for 4 month olds also! But there is a difference between sleep training and having your baby sleep in a separate room from you. A stayed in our room until about 5.5 months when we transitioned her to her nursery and sleep trained together (a very mild form of sleep training). I know some babies sleep better in a separate room because they can’t smell Mama and her milk, but yeah, I got no sleep for the first two weeks (and still check on her at least once but more like 2 or 3 times each night)…also, our room is so close to hers that I can sometimes here her breathing from my bed. That being said, there is absolutely no shame is doing what you need to do for more of you to maximize sleep! Good luck, Mama!

    • Keeping my fingers crossed that last night was just some weirdness and that she’ll be willing to sleep in our room again tonight bc I still like having her nearby anyway

      • Larasays:

        Ugh, I hate that I just noticed my comment was rife with typos. Anyway…I totally know what you mean, I still LOVE when I get to sleep near my girl <3

  3. Sarah Maconsays:

    I would keep putting her in her crib (or a pack n play if traveling) as regularly as you can. I wouldn’t fret about the general fussing and yelling, as she is just finding her voice and exploring. Both of mine went in their crib from the get go just bc I found myself unable to close my eyes if they were in my room but once they stopped really eating in the night, more just waking up to wake up even after being offered the boob, I just let the fuss about (never cry cry) and they usually went on to sleep! My oldest was a crier when she went to sleep no matter what. Wouldn’t rock to sleep, milk to sleep, nothing, just had to lay her down, she criend and went to sleep. Like until she was 3. Youngest is now 4 and to this day lays flat on her back and doesn’t say a word, just shuts her eyes and goes to sleep! They are all different and if she isn’t terribly upset I would let her hang for a while (like you did)! She may be sleep training herself! 😉

  4. Hannesays:

    I think the maternity leave situation in the US is so insane when, as you say, 12 weeks of paid leave is considered great. If my understanding is correct, many people only get 6 weeks leave, and unpaid to boot? I feel so bad for you guys. I can’t imagine having to leave my baby for an entire work day after such a short time.

    On a lighter note, I think the “do whatever I have to do that makes her sleep” tactic sounds like a great solution 🙂

  5. I cringed so hard when you said the whole crying…or yelling… in her crib. Like a serious flashback moment.


    That particular yell is why my son calls her “Krakken” It’s pure fury in a little 15 pound body.

    I remember it well.

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