Penny: Two Months Old

Happy two months to our gorgeous, happy baby girl!

Penny continues to grow in leaps and bounds, and we fall even more in love with her with each passing day. She’s still got her baby blues and strawberry blonde hair (WHOSE BABY IS THIS?!), and has been seriously packing on the pounds. I’ve been weighing her pretty regularly at home (with the Hatch Baby Grow Changing Pad and Scale), and she’s already 13 pounds!!

Which means she’s basically busting out of her Size 1 diapers (Turns out I got way too many packs – how was I supposed to know she’d be such an adorable little chunker?!), and most of her 0-3 month clothing is on its last legs. I’m incredibly happy that she’s been growing so well and is so healthy, of course, but part of me is hoping she slows down juuuuust a little bit. If she keeps this up, she’s not going to fit any of the holiday outfits I inherited from my sister by the time the holidays actually, y’know, roll around! Although, then again, that just means an excuse to buy her more clothing so… you know what? I’m actually okay with it either way. 😉

Loves: her pacifier, ceiling fans, baths, car rides, and being held so she’s sitting up.

Hates: When her paci falls out of her mouth, being tired, being put down pretty much anytime she’s awake, lol. (Thank goodness for caving and getting that swing, I tell ya.)

Can: smile, laugh (it’s the best sound ever!), coo, grunt (an impressive amount, hold her head up for much longer periods of time (she loves looking around!)

In other amazing developments, our little ginger whasian baby is now sleeping in 3 – 4 hour stretches most nights, instead of 2 – 3! She’s even gone back to sleep once or twice after waking up — even if just for an hour more. But hey, it’s an extra hour, so I’ll take it!

We’re still all over the place schedule-wise, though I’m trying to get better about establishing more of a bedtime routine and putting her to bed earlier (pretty sure she thinks that “nighttime” is midnight to noon right now, oops.)

Getting her to go down at the beginning of the night is hardest — she seems like she falls asleep pretty quickly at first with her paci, but then she’ll wake up anytime it falls out of her mouth, leading to us having to hold it or keep popping it back in for like an hour each night. -_- Anybody have any tips on how to get her to keep that dang thing in??

This past week had a few more firsts to check off the list: I experienced the wonderfulness that is having your baby pee all over themselves while out (we were at the car dealership getting some maintenance done and a tire replaced), and so I got to bust out her emergency outfit for the first time. Man, I usually employ the two diaper changing method, where you put a new diaper underneath before you take the old one off, but I guess I’ve been getting lazy about it and I CERTAINLY PAID THE PRICE. Never again…

A much more enjoyable first from last week was getting my first postpartum mani/pedi, massage, and MUCH NEEDED eyebrow wax. Ohhhhh man, those few hours of “me time” really did wonders for both my physical and mental state. It was kind of spontaneous, actually — I had a massage booked for later in the evening, but Sean told me I should go ahead and take some extra time if there was anything else I wanted to do, and that, right there, is why I married him. <3

Something that I definitely never would have had to thinking about before was making sure I tossed my manual pump (the Medela Harmony) into my purse so that I could pump a little bit right before my massage, as otherwise it probably would have been very painful to lay face-down on the massage table. I then received a very nice surprise when I found out that Massage Envy has these special pads that they can put on your massage table that basically has cutouts for your boobs, lol. It made things sooo much more comfortable — a total must for nursing moms!

Anyway, we have Penny’s two-month doctor’s appointment tomorrow, so I’m eager to see what the pediatrician has to say about her growth (they were already impressed with her weight gain last time, hahahaha), and I’m decidedly NOT eager for her to get her two-month shots. Sigh, not even the fact that her appointment is on Halloween and I get to bring her to the doctor in costume will make up for how sad we’re all going to be while she’s getting poked. 🙁

Wish us luck!


  1. Shannonsays:

    As far as the paci goes, our babies couldn’t keep the Phillips avent in at all. We switched to the mam ones and continue to use them at 17 months. So maybe try another kind if you haven’t already, just a thought!

    • I would LOVE it if we could transition her to the Mam ones because I have so many! It’s the brand my sister’s kids used so I got a whole bunch, but so far the Avent Soothies are the only ones she really seems to like -_-

      I do think the Mams be easier to keep in because of the shape of them, so I’m definitely going to keep trying though!

      • Katiesays:

        my son used the soothies until about 3-4 months then went ape shit for the mam, and is still going hard for them almost 2 years later. oops. the thing with pacifiers is that babies that little aren’t really physically able to keep the pacifier in themselves, so they do fall out a lot. we noticed that the soothies were the worst offenders for this. Once our guy was about 4-5 months old though he started figuring out that he could put the pacifier back in himself and that was a game changer.

  2. lissie psays:

    hi i have been following your blog for a while. i am in g’burg MD so i would have to get on tha beltway to stalk u so u are safe. my baby is almost 13 but when i showed her the first halloween pics when she was 9 months she said” why am i a fat hispanic kid named juan?” lolz as she is half of me -white girl white & my husband east african. but that strawberry blonde baby is what i look like now. i love the way everyone is different- if we were all the same life would be so boring & i am not here for that BS

  3. Shannonsays:

    Her ginger hair gets me every time! Then I remember a fox has red fur, so it makes total sense, right 🙂 She’s a true “fox”

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