Plot Twist!

Oh, hey there!

So I know that I’ve been lacking in the blogging department lately… just haven’t really had a whole lot of energy for tackling the whole write-about-my-life-thing, and it turns out there’s a good reason for that.


Yep, that’s right, Baby Foxlet #2 is making his or her debut this August! Funnily enough, my due date is Penny’s actual birthday — can’t make this stuff up. Happy birthday, kid! You got one year of solo celebrating and THAT’S IT.

Those of you who followed my pregnancy journey the first time around might remember that it wasn’t exactly a joyful, magical, glowing experience for me. In fact, I was plagued with intense morning sickness (actually all day long) for the first 21 weeks, which then sidled right into debilitating pelvic girdle pain and sciatica, culminating with me developing preeclampsia and having to be induced early at 37 weeks. Fun ride, right?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’d do it all over again, exactly the same way, a hundred times over for my wonderful baby girl, but I’m extremely happy to be able to report that so far (knock on wood), my symptoms have been considerably less severe than last time. I’ve still been pretty nauseous all day, but it’s been much more manageable, I’ve been puking far less, and I’ve only lost about 6 pounds as opposed to the 15 I lost in my first trimester last time, haha.

New symptoms unfortunately include having TERRIBLE skin issues this time around, and just being way, way, way more exhausted than last time (hmm, wonder why that could be?)

I have to admit that this blessed event did end up coming as a bit of a surprise, but now that we’ve had some time to wrap our heads around it and not freak out about the logistics of what having a toddler and a newborn will be like, I’m starting to get pretty jazzed. It’s most exciting when I start thinking about Penny as a big sister — I know you can’t really predict these things, but I really do think she’s going to be a good one!

Big sister training is definitely already underway — we got her a baby doll and she’s OBSESSED with it, she carries it around and sits it up in her old Bumbo chair, tries to change its diaper and feed it pizza and flush it down the toilet… okay, so we still have some work to do there.

I’ve been trying to express to her that there’s a baby in mommy’s tummy although every time I tell her that, she just tries to plunge her hand deep into my belly button while yelling “BABY BABY BABY” at the top of her lungs so I’m not quite sure she gets it.

Whether or not she cognitively understands what’s happening, both Penny and Daxter definitely seem to know that something’s changing on a emotional level. Both toddler and doggo have been clingy AF lately, which is not in either of their personalities, lol.

Anyway, that pretty much covers the big news in our lives right now! Lots more big changes are still to come, but after a couple of initial big freakouts in the first few weeks since we found out, I’m trying to remain optimistic about things from here on out. After all, we’ve already managed to successfully keep one tiny human alive for this long, what’s one more? Right? RIGHT?? Heh… oh boy. Words of wisdom and encouragement are DEFINITELY welcome here. But thank you to all of you who already offered your congratulations on social media, y’all are the best. <3


  1. Ahhh I am so excited! I’m 16 weeks today with my first, so I think I am only a tiny bit ahead of you. I was literally just pouring over your old pregnancy updates so I’m pumped to be able to read them in real time now with #2 :). Also – I’ve had the exact same symptoms and we just found out it’s a boy – soooo curious what your little one will be. Congrats!

  2. Maggiesays:


    My second was due on my daughter’s second birthday – he came 3 days early 🙂 [Word to the wise – celebrate Penny’s birthday a few weeks early!] It seemed insane to be taking care of a newborn and 2 year-old – and it was, for a time. But, I never had the time to get out of the baby stage so it wasn’t all that bad. Yes, it’s tiring but it gets easier. And now, they’re 3 and 5 and the best of friends and I couldn’t imagine having any different age gap between them.

  3. Katiesays:

    Congrats to y’all!!! My baby is 7 months and I’m starting to think about trying for #2 in a few months…which feels kinda crazy? But I also kinda want to! So I’m excited to see how it goes for y’all! So happy for you! 🙂

  4. So excited for you!

  5. Valsays:

    Ha after I told A there’s a baby in my belly, she started thinking she has a baby in her tummy too. So definitely not getting it!

  6. Leahsays:

    Wow! Life is full of surprises! Congrats to you, Sean, & Penny! Looking forward to following along!

  7. Sarahsays:

    Congrats! Mine are 25 months apart and so much fun. I found once my daughter (the oldest) turned two her talking improved which really helped. The first day you’re alone with both can be scary but before you know it you’ll have a routine and it will be no big deal. Baby dolls and reading big sister books really helped my daughter with the transition. I would also send her on errands around the house when breastfeeding. Just remember she’ll want to be involved. Good luck!

  8. Katysays:

    Super excited for your growing fam! You mentioned also that Penny’s pregnancy was a surprise to you as well, and that you didn’t want kids this close together…. you know there are ways to keep yourself from getting preggo, right? 😉

    • Thank you haha, Penny was only a “surprise” in that I didn’t expect to get pregnant so quickly, but we were sort of trying with her so it wasn’t unplanned. This time I had just gotten my IUD out after a year of dealing with the unpleasant side efffects, and I was switching back to birth control pills but the new generic I was prescribed didn’t agree with me and made me throw up So right in the midst of this transition, of course the like ONE TIME… hahahaha tmi i know but I swear sometimes this kind of thing really CAN happen unintentionally without it being a result of us just throwing caution to the wind

  9. Congratulations for your growing family. I love reading your blog

  10. Congratulations, this is so exciting. Penny’s in for a wild ride especially. They often say that morning sickness is more intense with girls than boys, so I’m guessing boy this time!

  11. Heathersays:

    Hope you are doing well and generally feeling better this time around! And congratulations! I followed along with your pregnancy journey with #1 (and then my son was born in March — he will be 1 in just a couple of weeks!!). We’ve started at least kind of thinking about #2, so I’m excited to hear how it goes for you. Hope we see an update soon (no pressure… haha).

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