Scenes from St. Maarten

Oh hai!

I’m officially back (physically, at least) from the sunny shores of St. Maarten and am rapidly readjusting to life in the real world. I’m feeling fairly anxious about all of the work I have lying in front of me, but I’m trying not to crumble under the self-induced pressure. I think I needed to bring a little more of that island mentality back with me, eh?

At any rate, here are a few snapshots of my family vacation. The main reason for going down was to attend my brother-in-law’s medical school graduation (he attended the American University in the Caribbean!), so when you see him dressed in an awesome and hilarious robe, that’s the reason why. I’m still editing a bunch of photos, and Ben took the majority of them (I got to be the photographer for Taylor and his engagement shoot on the beach!), so prepare yourself for even more photo overload as the week goes on!

The view from the balcony of my room. I know.

The poolside bar.

My sister Jenny, lounging; the most amazing frozen cocktail ever: The B.B.C. (Bailey’s, banana, & coconut)

Jenny & Dan, his parents, and my mom at his graduation.


I missed Harry & Daxter so much that I picked up chocolate versions of them at a fancy chocolatier in Marigot. Harry was filled with peanut butter and Daxter was filled with chocolate ganache and POP ROCKS. 😀



My “big” sister, my cleavage, and me hanging out at Mullet Bay.


I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! Here’s to short weeks and shorter workloads… in my dreams. See ya on the flipside!


  1. ah what a dream. so gorgeous!

  2. Lovely. I love your bathing suit, it looks great on you! #notcreepy

  3. Looks gorgeous and amazing! I love the chocolate puppies.. SUPER CUTE

    Glad you had fun. The Powell sisters look so glam!

  4. Keithsays:

    Glad to finally see some pics! Looks like a good time for all!

  5. FUN! I think we are gonna be planning a vacation there soon!!!

  6. LOVE your bathing suit!!! LOVE IT!! I think I need to buy it- where’s it from?
    That drink sounds amazing. I am not a big fan of “sweet” cocktails, unless they’re super rich like that.

    • It’s last season’s Old Navy. They have some SUPER cute suits. I came to the realization once I was actually down in St. Maarten that every single swimsuit I brought was from ON, hahaha. Guess I know what I like! 😛

  7. That drink looks and sounds sooooo good! Yumm!

    The puppy chocolates are super cute 🙂

  8. That’s a great excuse for a beach vacation!

  9. Looked like a really nice and well-deserved vacation! You look really cute in your pink polka dot swimsuit (very flattering).

    And poprocks in chocolate? QUOI???? 😮

  10. Um, where did you get your polka dot bathing suit??? LOVE!

    I need a BBC right about now 🙂

  11. Congrats to your bro-in-law!

  12. I too am in LOVE with your suit! I will have to check ON out now. I am glad you are back I am sure your furr babies missed you 🙂

  13. I agree with everyone else that your suit is absolutely adorable! And I am dying over the chocolate puppies!

    I’m here with sad news that your blog is still blocked at my office. I keep checking to see if maybe there was just a random keyword that tripped our lockout system or something weird. Either it will work one day or I’ll get fired for getting the block screen too many times (kidding). I’ll keep you posted!

  14. kristen @ livinlifeinlouiesays:

    looks beautiful- so jealous! and love your swim suit. Where is it from?

  15. Jealous! That place looks awesome. And I too love that pink suit! =)

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