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I am on a happy hour roll lately. I seriously think that I’ve participated in more happy hours in the two months since starting my new job than I had in the rest of my (still relatively short) working life combined! And last night I got to continue the trend at…


Scion! I really enjoyed this new-to-me Dupont Circle restaurant, despite being constantly reminded of my brother’s car the entire time I was there (a Scion TC – doesn’t my post title seem clever now? Hahaha.)


The happy hour specials aren’t quite as good as they were at Cafe Asia, but the beer selection was good! And the waitstaff was great — I know, because I ended up hanging out with them for the better part of an hour while waiting for the rest of the gang to arrive, haha. At least you can’t say I’m not punctual?

Beer me
Luckily, I had some good company to wait with, hehe.

And before I knew it, Tina, Gina, and Leslie were there!

Tina & Me
GinaAnd her little dog too

The three of them are in town for a ridiculously awesome DC food tour, which included a visit to the What’s Cooking, Uncle Sam? exhibit at the National Archives that I still haven’t made time for. Shame on me! We were also joined by Linsday, Katie, and Katie (heh), who I didn’t want to freak out too much, so I didn’t force them to pose for a picture.

Fried Pickles

The seven us split ALL of the happy hour special appetizers. Fried food galore! I was in heaven, especially with the fried pickles. These were perfection! Light and crispy, like little amazing pickle chips. Mmmm.


The shrimp was my second favorite, followed by these little croquettes. There may or may not have also been fries. So much for that whole back on track stuff, eh? Bahaha.

Despite my less than stellar week weight-wise, I am actually feeling pretty good going into this weekend. I don’t really have anything in particular planned yet, which can be risky since boredom eating is a definite weakness of mine. That being said, I think that a low-key, low-stress weekend is just what I, well, not need, but want. You know, to “reset” my system and cleanse myself of all this bad weigh-in karma. I have several fresh, healthy meals in mind, am planning on another trip to my beloved Farmer’s Market, and I might even attempt going out for my first post-5 miler run! (Say whaaa?)

Are you a stay-busy-weekend or be-lazy-weekend person? I usually like a good mix of both (busy Saturdays, lazy Sunday, natch.) Lately my weekends have been so jam-packed though, that I especially relish the weekend bumming. Whatever your weekend style may be, I hope you have a great one!

PS: If you have a second this weekend, pop on over to What Katie Said to wish her good luck. She’s lost SEVENTY pounds and is running her first half-marathon on Sunday! Rockstar, much?!


  1. I prefer to have lazy weekends but I find that if I’m really busy, it seems to go by slower, which is nice. You’d think it’d be the opposite.

    Fried pickles are the best invention ever!

    • Man, I totally feel the opposite. I enjoy having my weekends be packed because it’s usually with fun stuff, but it makes it go by WAAAAAY too quickly for me!

  2. My weekends are generally out of my control. About 90% of the time I am quite busy, having to get from one place to another within specific times. The other 10% is when I get to stay in my pjs for as long as I want and just do what I want to do. To put it into perspective, in the last 2 months, I’ve only had 1 one of those weekends. At least I don’t mind being busy, and it’s usually stuff I enjoy.

    PS. Never had a fried pickle in my life. I have no idea what it’s like.

  3. Jen Robinsonsays:

    I’m impressed to hear you are considering a run this weekend! I think, in general, just not falling into the trap of a lazy weekend being your bum on a couch with food within reach is the main thing- walking to the farmer’s market, taking the dogs out for nice walks, etc. Do things you enjoy! Plus the weather is supposed to be MUCH cooler 🙂

    • I know right? Who am I? Although the way you phrase that makes it seem like taking the dogs for a walk is fun. Have you ever walked my dogs? Hahahaha. But YES! Spending $50 on 5 things at the Farmer’s Market is definitely part of the plan (as is walking to and from. :))

  4. Ahh, weekends. My own personal savior AND struggle. ha,ha (dramatic much?)
    I’m with you, I tend to have busy Saturdays and lazier Sundays (love the SNL ref!). I’m usually busy in the kitchen on Sundays, but generally don’t leave the house, and sometimes don’t change out of my pjs! 😉

    Fried pickles are awesome. I had them for the first time last month. Yum.


    • Aw man, PJ lounging is the besssssst. And hello, dramatic? Who do you think you’re talking to? Hahahaha 😀

  5. Those happy hour noms look so yummy. 🙂

    Thanks for the shout out! <3

  6. this weekend I work saturday 🙁 and then sunday Im taking the kiddo with the family to the pumpkin patch 🙂

  7. TGIF!!! Those fried pickles look like they were awesome! I have a busy weekend…Race for the Cure tomorrow morning! Yay!

  8. Fried pickles might be on my “last meal” menu…so good.

    I’m always super early to stuff, too.

    • I blame my dad for instilling the rather-early-than-on-time thing in me. I guess I’m just the kind of person who would rather sit in the airport for an hour than risk having to run to the gate!

  9. Aww so sad I missed it! Sounds like it was a BLAST. We’ll have to go there soon – I love me some good happy hour deals!

  10. I’ve been enjoying your posts Gretchen! I meant to write the other day about your discouraging weight loss week. I hate it when that happens as well — very discouraging but usually after a day or so of being “back on track” – I start feeling better. I hope that’s the case for you! This looks like a fun place. I must say I rarely venture to Dupont these days since moving to Arlington (but I miss my fun times there!) Thanks for the review 🙂

    • Thanks Ericka! Yeah, I very rarely venture out in the city at all, which is why I’m glad to have an excuse to meet after work like this! I am starting to feel a bit better about things, but I guess the real test will come next Wednesday, haha!

  11. HOW FUN!! I’m so sorry I missed it!

    I love fried pickles, but Scion’s are REALLY salty. Did you find that? I love that place though, used to go all the time!

    • I’m pretty sure I’m like 85% salt, so I loved ’em. I could see how other people might have found them salty though. Seriously though. Salt lover over here (I’m obviously going to die of a heart attack.) There are these famous salt mines in Poland that we used to visit when I lived there, and you can actually lick the walls! Gross, yes, but awesome? Also yes. I was like, 7, so I figure the germs have gotta be outta my sister by now, right? Ahahahaha.

  12. I totes used to be a busy weekender but since beginning my “real world” job a couple of weeks ago, I’ve become a lazy weekender… Or I’d like to become one- I’ve been busy celebrating, moving, and looking at wedding venues! Soon enough the time will come 😉

  13. Unfortunately I’m a busy. busy weekend girl. I say unfortunately because sometimes I’d like to have the weekend be totally free, but that never seems to happen. It’s always go-go-go!!

  14. Oh this looks like soo much fun! I am missing out on the D.C foodie scene!

  15. It was so nice to see you!!

  16. Hi Gretchen, It was nice meeting you 🙂 Wish it was a little longer.
    Love your site, and before and after photos!

  17. I love Scion, the fried pickles are so good! I used to go there every weekend for brunch until one fateful Sunday this past spring found me drunk on the metro at 2pm thanks to their bottomless bellini special. I haven’t been back since!

    • Bahahahaha, ruh roh. Guess it’s a good thing I didn’t know about that bellini brunch special, ’cause otherwise I suspect something veeeeery similar happening… 😛

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