Snowpocalypse 4.5 (Weigh-in)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

So I can’t actually remember at this point how many Snowmageddons and Snowpocalypses and Snowtastrophes we’ve had here in the DMV, but I know that over the past few years, it’s been a lot. Yesterday’s epic snowfall was absolutely no different, with some areas around here getting well over a FOOT of snow in one fell swoop.

I actually LOVE snow, which should probably come as no surprise given the fact that I used to live in places like Canada and Poland (where this kind of snow is like chump change) aaaand the fact that I work from home and so snow doesn’t impact my ability to get to work (sowwyyyy). Unfortunately, along with the snow, Winter Storm Pax has also brought flight cancelations for both my mom and my sister-in-law’s planned trips, as well as dogs who refuse to go more than three feet into the yard.

To be fair, I get that the snow comes up to their chins… but I would still prefer it if they didn’t force me to physically toss them into the snow just to go number one. Luckily, at least one of the schnauzers in this family is enjoying the snow…

That’s my brother’s puppy Pixel (or Daxter 2, since we accidentally call him Daxter so often, hahaha) and at least HE knows how to have a good snow day! ๐Ÿ™‚

ANYWAY, enough chitchat about the weather. I know what you guys are all waiting for, so let’s get down to business, shall we?

(Re)Starting Weight: 236.6 lbs
Last Weigh-in: 229.6
This Weigh-in: 227.5 lbs
Difference: -2.1 lbs

Whoop whoop! Whaddya know, I guess all that snow shoveling ended up being worth it, eh? My scale is actually kind of an a-hole, because when I first stepped on it said I had lost like 9 pounds and the emotional rollercoaster that followed went something like this:

“OMG!! YAY!”
“…wait. That’s probably not possible.”
*Steps off scale, steps back on.*

So yes, my scale kind of robbed me of the initial joy from this mere 2-lb loss, but I now have my head back on straight and I am totally psyched to see it. This brings my total weight lost so far up to 9 pounds and my % lost up to 3.85%! (We’re keeping track of percentages for the Yelp’s Biggest Loser challenge at work.)

I actually wasn’t sure what I’d see on the scale today after a week of kiiiind of uneven eats. Calorie-wise I was still doing pretty well each day, but I fully admit to making some baaaaad choices on the food front nutrition-wise… like how I may or may not have eaten an entire bag of ketchup flavored chips that my friend brought me from Canada for dinner last night. #oops

Sidenote: I can’t decide if it would be better or worse for me if they actually sold ketchup chips here. On the one hand, I’d be able to get them all the time, but on the other hand, I think they would be far less enticing if I could. Hrm.

ANYWAY, the point is I’m very happy with this weigh-in and hopefully will only continue to see steady progress like that throughout this journey. And that’s where I’ll leave it for this week. I’m actually finding that I have to be very careful about how much time I dedicate to thinking about my weight loss progress this time around, because it’s so easy for me to get discouraged… especially once I start thinking about the weight that I had lost before (and since regained). Here’s a tip: don’t go searching through your Flickr archives for pictures to use in a post unless you are emotionally prepared to see how awesome you looked -60 pounds and are able to get past them without fixating, haha.

But! As I know VERY well from past experience, trying to lose too quickly and look for that quick-fix solution ALWAYS ends up backfiring and biting me in the ass, so I just have to keep on keeping on. And hey, on the bright side, this is definitely giving me new perspective as to how fit and awesome I looked at 186 pounds! I feel like when I was at that weight, it still wasn’t good enough for me, and I was always trying to focus on the NEXT 20 pounds. But hot damn, right now if I wouldn’t be happy just to make it back to the 180s and see how I feel after that.

Onward, right?


  1. OMG. I’m sorry about the chips. I will kick Eric. How dare he force me to ask you what you want and then force me to tell him to force him to bring you chips back from Toronto. THE NERVE. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Pixel. I want to snuggle the crap out of him. And bound about in the snow with him.

    Yay for weight loss despite the evil chips I gave you! <3

  2. Jennifer Maksays:

    uhhhhhhhhhhhhh so i guess I wont tell you where I’ve bought ketchup chips here before then =p

  3. They sell ketchup chips in Indiana. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I feel ya on wanting to lose weight quickly. I’ve gained about 60 pounds since I moved back to Iowa four years ago, and I relish the days that I was at 238. It was a nicer time, when I had more energy, I was wearing size 16 skinny jeans that made my ass look amazing. It won’t be easy, but I WILL get there eventually. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I haaate when the scale does that! Glad you’re proud of yourself now though- you should be girl :). Also stoooop, Pixel is too damn cute!

  6. christinesays:

    Great job! Keep it up!

  7. Nice weigh in!

  8. Woohoo!! And I’m pretty sure I could watch that dog run around in the snow all day. So cute!

  9. Yep!! Onward.

  10. leesabsays:

    Ohmygosh, that video was too cute! And congrats on the weight loss!

  11. WAHOOOO! great job this week!

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