Sore Loser

I’m not a particularly competitive person when it comes to games, sports, and the like (unless we’re talking Disney Scene It, of course, and then it is ON), so the title of this post does not, in fact, have anything to do with being a sore loser in the traditional sense. No, instead, I was just trying to figure out a cutesy, clever way to title a post in which I am basically planning in complaining nonstop about how physically sore I am.

I cashed in my free personal training session at the gym the other day, and it definitely put me through the ringer. It was a great workout, where I learned how to use the TRX tension straps (or whatever the official wording is), which I’d never used before. I left feeling most definitely worked out, and knowing that I would be sore in the morning. But boy, oh boy, I tell you what, I did NOT really know HOW sore I would be. I definitely don’t miss delayed onset muscle soreness, no sirree. And I know that I’m only so sore BECAUSE I’m so out of shape, and it’ll get better, and blahdeeblahdeeblah. But still… when it hurts to sit down on the toilet, you know that it’s gotta be a little bit bad, eh?

Anyway, I took yesterday as a rest day to recover a bit, which ended up working out because I had an appointment to get my hair re-did anyway, since my pre-Thanksgiving fabulous purple locks had faded into more of a pale blue, semi-purple mess (although actually, given that it’s been almost 2 full months, it actually didn’t look TOO bad, right? RIGHT?!)

Since my amazing hair stylist (I see Linh from Be Scene Hair Studio, for those that are in the market for someone incredible!) is located in Bethesda, AND because it takes a few hours to get hair as unnaturally vibrant as mine currently is (squeeee!), it took a pretty big chunk out of my day. So looks like the whole rest-day timing worked out for me. Plus, pretttyyyy:

If I’m being honest, guys, now that I’ve gone purple, I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to go back.

Anyway, I’m still feeling pretty sore today, especially in the quads/glutes region, but (be proud of me!) I went ahead and did some light cardio and as much stretching as I could handle to help shake things out. The calorie counting has been going strong for the past couple of days as well, and while my diet is not 100% cleaned up yet, at least I’m being very good about tracking everything that I eat. It’s all about getting back in the habit, right?

Here’s to hoping that my weigh-in on Friday (I’m going to be doing Fridays for the next little while since that’s the day when we have to report our percentages for Yelp’s Biggest Loser) reflects my new (old) habits. Remember how in August 2010, at my very first weigh-in, I lost 11 pounds in one week?! I’m not quite that hopeful this time around, but still, it’s nice to remember the good times.

Here’s hoping!


  1. 11 lbs in a week is quite the feat! But the “hurts to sit down” feeling is definitely a good thing! Keep it up!

  2. Lenasays:

    Like. Love the hair! I can never figure out how they get it so smooth and straight… I just tossed some red color in my hair the other day ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Love the purple hair!

  4. First of all, good for you for working out when you don’t love it (or even like it!) I feel like there must be a way to train yourself to like it. What if every time you notice the soreness (gotta love the pain of sitting on the toilet… hah!) you said out loud to yourself, “I am getting stronger,” or “The weight is coming off,” or something to solidify your mental connection between the pain and the reward?
    Or…I know you said you’ve tried all types exercise and you just really don’t like any of them…what if you combined working out with something you DO like? Take a photography walk, where every 10 minutes on the dot you stop and take a photo of something. Then at the end you have a fun collection of photos. Or you could run to a coffee shop and drink your reward on the walk home.
    Just a few thoughts! Regardless, you are a rock star for getting back on the wagon and putting in the work even though you don’t enjoy it!

  5. I have a weigh in tomorrow too!

  6. Glad you are back!! Missed reading your blogs and your motivation ๐Ÿ™‚

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