Taco, Taco, Taco!

Well, I think Gir pretty much says it all. But in case you guys needed some real life proof of why tacos are so amazing (or in case you don’t get the Invader Zim reference… in which case FOR SHAME) I shall explain further.


See, last night the loverly Aileen graced me with her presence so I could give her some ridiculous camouflage UnderArmour accessories that I got from my sister. (It’s a long story as to WHY she finds this so exciting, but I think the above picture is pretty self-explanatory as to HOW excited she was about it.)





So, to celebrate our ridiculousness and also because, you know, we gotta eat, Sean and I (but mostly Sean) made fish tacos and homemade salsa. (Okay, fine, it was pretty much ALL Sean.)


But I did my part by whipping up a batch of cilantro-lime rice and freaking out about the salsa being too spicy. (Spoiler alert: It wasn’t. It was perfect.) I also weighed in on the cabbage-to-onion ratio in the slaw. Important work, I know.


There may or may not have also been beer.


And, needless to say, it was all INSANELY delicious. Ben and Taylor ate with us too, so they can confirm. Sean made tilapia two ways and they were both scrum-diddly-umptious. True story.


Also, since Aileen has the handy duel role of both friend (remember her flippin’ awesome guest post?) AND editor, we talked about Underground-related things (that’s the working title of the sequel to Terra, for those of you who don’t know) quite a bit. I think it’s safe to say you should get excited… 😀

In related news, this morning I’m going to talk to a few dozen high school students about my book, writing, publishing, and all that jazz. Please refer back to the picture of me above if you would like a visual as to how prepared I am for that. I feel like I am juuuuust old enough to be thoroughly out of the loop when it comes to things that high schoolers like. (What?! Today’s youth doesn’t care if Backstreet’s Back?? And what do you mean, “What’s a mood ring?” Let me hobble back into my cave, log onto http://www.cheekybingo.com, and revel in my outdatedness.)

At any rate, I’m hopeful that my undying love for Harry Potter and The Hunger Games will work in my favor.

At any rate, think positive thoughts for me between 9:53 and 11:37 AM!

Oh yeah, and have an awesome weekend, too. 🙂


  1. Obviously I love all of this. I’m still giddy from my make-out session with Harry. I hope he calls me.

    Can’t wait to hear about your return to high school today! Just don’t wear white pants and a feather boa; Drew Barrymore proved that it will not make you popular.

  2. Good luck! And I have no idea what Invader Zim is.

  3. Good luck today! Sounds like it could be a really fun experience! And honestly, I think I’d be just as excited if I was getting new UA gear. 🙂

  4. Katrinasays:

    Good luck today! You’ll be great:)

  5. Invader Zim makes my life! We certainly don’t want Gir to explode. He’s amazing!

    I want those fish tacos and to know every measily insignificant detail about your morning at the school, both with equal excitement and anticipation.

    Also, Underground talk with Aileen? Why is it only January? Cry!

  6. I think we need that salsa recipe! Are you sharing? It looks delicious!!

    Have a great weekend!!

    PS (and FYI) I linked to you from my blog this morning…my Insta photo of your book is rocking on my blog today.

  7. Oh my god, Gretchen stop. Why do you like all the same things as me?? Freakin love Invader Zim! Also, I can’t wait for the sequel to Terra 😀

  8. Funny you talk about Fish Tacos. I was just craving them so bad last night!

  9. Rosannesays:

    Remember, the kids are more scared of you than you are of them… Or maybe that’s spiders, but we’re going to go with it anyway.

    p.s. I love your bangs!

  10. how did you roast those tomatoes? because they look SO GOOD. i mean, everything you posted looks good. but i want tomatoes.

    • Gretchensays:

      They’re just broiled in the oven on the top rack for like, 5 – 10 minutes (pop the oven a bit so you can keep an eye on them)! 😀

  11. First, I just found your blog! Awesome!

    Second, those tacos look amazing!

    Third, Harry Potter facts is all you need to be successful in this life.

    Fourth, you wrote a book! I’m going to read ASAP!

    Fifth, You are officially my role model!

    Sixth, cause I’m OCD like that.

  12. THOSE LOOK AMAZING!!! What a great time-looks like you girls had a lot of fun!

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