2013 Close Out

Ahoy-hoy, friends!

I hope everyone had a baller Christmas and holiday season! Mine was unsurprisingly awesome, thanks in large part to this little Santa Baby being around this year:

I know I swore that I wouldn’t become one of those aunties that is obsessed with a child that I didn’t even pop out, but, I mean, c’mon! She’s pretty cute, right? And you know what’s even cuter? Stuff like this:

It’s like looking straight into the future if Sean and I ever decide to cook up a (double) Whasian baby of our own, hahahahahahaha.

Yep, Mia’s first Christmas was a rousing success, even if I did go a liiiiittle bit overboard with presents this year (even more so than in years past). But hey, it IS the giving season, after all, isn’t it? Everyone ’round the Powell Family Christmas tree was very generous this year — I got a PS Vita from my brother, amazingly adorable cocktail plates from my sister-in-law Taylor, a bread machine from my sister (IT. IS. AWESOME.) and Sean got me an iPad MINI! Funny story, actually…

So, being the Christmas nutter that I am, I may or may not have been bugging Sean on an almost daily basis as to what he was getting me for Christmas. And, true to his nature, his response each and every time was “Snowman poop.”

For reference, this is what he meant:

Thinking he had, of course, been joking the entire time, I opened my gift from him, eager to see what it was. And it was… snowman poop.

Yep, an entire professionally shrinkwrapped bag full of marshmallows. I was… thrilled. But, of course, since Sean is a trickster of the trickiest kind, he had actually hidden the iPad mini inside the marshmallows. And of course Ben got the whole thing on camera, hahaha. So sneaky…

Anywho! So yes, Christmas was wonderful! My December was also filled with plenty of Yelpy holiday goodness, so, for those who are wondering, the job is absolutely just as awesome as ever.

And tonight, the holiday festivities continue with a classy New Year’s double date with my good friends Lara & her husband Dan! Then tomorrow it’s… 2014! Hot damn, I know how cliche it is to say, but this year REALLY flew. Guess that’s what happens when you have a job you love, eh? Not to mention the constant looming pressure of trying to get a sequel out while people still remember the first book, ahahaha. Either way, 2013 has definitely been good to me (though, granted, not good to this blog… ehehe… sorry).

I hope that you all have an incredible New Year — no matter how you choose to celebrate it — and I can’t wait to see what the next year brings! I have some DEFINITE plans to get back on the health bandwagon (I’ve let loose a bit much over the past few months and I am really feeling it) so hopefully that will help me get back on the blog train, too.

Onward & downward, eh?

Preparing for 2013

I know. You’re back to work on this horrible day-before-yet-another-holiday (just like I am) and perusing a few of your favorite blogs, only to find that each one is pretty much focused on the same thing: New Year’s. And, more specifically, New Year’s resolutions. Well, I’m gonna break it to you now, just so you don’t get mad at me later, but this post is also New Year’s themed. But! I also gotta say… I’m kind of over New Year’s resolutions.

Don’t get me wrong, I think they can be great. If there really is one person out of every 100 who sticks to their guns and actually gets back to the gym or quits smoking or finally loses that last XX amount of pounds, then that’s amazing! Champagne for everyone! But. There are still those other 99 people who have made a resolution, broken it by the 3rd day/week/month, and then give up for the rest of the year. And that? Not so bueno.

I mean, you are talking to the queen of resolutions. Every December 31st between 2001 and 2010, I would make sweeping declarations to lose weight, get slim, reprogram my oh-so-horrible life. And what happened? I got fatter and more unhealthy every year. Until, randomly, AUGUST of 2010 — not January — when I started this very blog. And, well, you guys know the rest, hehe.

So instead of focusing on all the things I wish and hope and pray and want to happen in 2013 like, yes, finally losing these last 15 – 20 pounds, getting back to the gym/some kind of regular exercise, reinvigorating my love for cooking at home and healthifying meals, I’m going to focus on all the things that I KNOW are happening in 2013. And that I am so frackin’ excited for, I can’t stand it. (I feel I should state, just so there isn’t any confusion or witch hunting, that I’m not saying I won’t be working towards any of those aforementioned goals — I’m just not going to make some arbitrary date-related proclamation and then pansy out on it if I fail after a few weeks, hahaha.)

2013 is shaping up to the most exciting year for the Powell family yet, because there is a LOT of ish going down. Like, I’m getting a little tired just THINKING about how much stuff there is. So! Let’s start chronologically, shall we?

Anne's Wedding-27

January brings the baby shower for my gorgeous niece-to-be, as well as Sean’s and my 1-year anniversary!

Preggo Jenny!

March brings the BIRTH of said beautiful baby, which is just so exciting I want to die. Judging by the amount of baby crap I’ve already bought the little fetus, I AM GOING TO BE THE BEST AUNT EVER. Bahahaha.

Then, of course, April brings… MY TWENTY-FIFTH BIRTHDAY!! Now, I know that there are probably a lot of you out there rolling your eyes at this, but if you know me at all, you know how much I love my birthday. Chalk it up to years of being the youngest person in my class/grade/school year (I skipped 2nd grade because I was just sooooooooo smart, hahahaha) but I just do. I just love it. Love it, love it, love it. And I like to celebrate in style, as those of you who were here to witness my recap of my Harry Potter-themed birthday party can attest. Of course, 25 is an even bigger deal than 24, and thus needs a theme of its own. So prepare yourselves for…



Yep, my 25th birthday party is going to be Hunger Games-themed and there’s absolutely nuttin’ you can do about it. 😀

Still so proud of myself for taking this shot, hehe.

A-hem. Moving on… May brings another joyous family occasion: my brother’s wedding! I’m a bridesmaid, no big thang ::dusts off shoulder:: and it’s going to be awesome. You guys already know how much I love weddings, and the fact that it’s my own brother’s only means it’s going to be amazing-er.


So I actually just recently learned that June will likely entail a trip to the sprawling green hills of Ireland! Sean’s good friend is getting married in Cork, Ireland, and I am THRILLED because I’ve never been. Squeeee! Not so sure how I’ll feel about the local cuisine, but I do love beer. Beer-y beer beer.

Mom and me in Neskowin, OR, circa 1993-ish?

And then comes July, where a giant, enormous, humongous, gargantuan Powell family reunion is set to take place on the Oregon Coast. This reunion has been in the works for over a year, so I know it’s going to be boss, and I’m really excited to see family members that I literally have not seen in years. The last time I was in Oregon (my dad is from Salem), I think I was… oh man, I don’t even know. 14, maybe? I am the youngest cousin of my generation on my dad’s side, so it’s always fun to see everyone’s eyes bug-out when they realize I’m not 10 anymore, hehehe.


And finally, as if all of what’s listed above wasn’t enough, I have this little thing called a second book to write and publish. Hehehe. Not to worry, I’m already hard at work on book 2, but it still does get just a little overwhelming when I try to think about squeezing in hours of writing between all the other exciting, monumental things happening in two-oh-one-three.

PHEW! See? I wasn’t kidding when I said there was a lot to look forward to… and that only stretches the first half of the year!! But obviously I couldn’t be more thrilled that my family has so much going on, and I am really excited to get 2013 started. Tonight Sean is taking me to The Melting Pot to ring in the end of 2012 with boatloads of melted cheese… a fitting celebration, if I do say so myself.

Happy New Year, friends!