Good News, Everybody!

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and a brilliant beginning of the Year of the Dog! Our Chinese New Year celebration was even more spectacular than usual this year, not only because it was Penny’s first, but because…

Good things come to those who wait…

Posted by Ben Powell on Friday, February 16, 2018

Ben & Taylor (my brother and sister-in-law) made a very important announcement: they’re expecting a BABY!!!! Click here if you can’t view the video embedded above — it’s worth it! (Plus I make a cameo at the beginning, hehe.)

We could NOT be more excited for the two of them — they have been waiting for this little bebe for a while, and my sister-in-law in particular has been admirably and wonderfully open about their struggles to conceive. I am so excited to be an aunt again, and for Penny to have a little cousin so close in both age and distance to her!!

Anyway, clearly we had a lot to celebrate on Friday, which we did via a huge Chinese New Year feast that my hardworking mama prepared!


We invited Taylor’s parents and Sean’s parents to join in on the celebration this year as well, which was wonderful. Penny got showered with many good wishes for the new year… as well as some very generously gifted hong bao / lai see (red envelopes) to fund her dreams (and her college savings account!)


I also picked up a new toy for her: a bumper jumper! It’s the kind that hangs from a doorframe — something that was initially a bit panic-inducing, but it has rave reviews, and once I clipped it up, I felt confident in how secure it is. She’s still getting the hang of actually jumping in it, but seems to like twisting around and lifting her feet off the ground so she can swing back and forth, lol.

This type of jumper is much more portable than the other, stationary jumper we have (which is this one from Skip Hop), which I had brought to my parents’ house over Christmas and never taken back because it’s so cumbersome to move. But my parents are set to be going out of town quite a bit this Spring, so I wanted to take back that jumper and get something we can more easily move back and forth between our houses.


And things are otherwise going really well with our little mischief-maker! She’s been trying all kinds of new foods — so far she mostly likes everything, including sweet potatoes, oatmeal, bananas, green beans, pears, and broccoli! And she has thus far not seemed to enjoy strawberries (too tart — we’ll have to try again when they’re more in season) or mashed potatoes (maybe a texture thing?)


When we first started solids, they seemed to wreak a bit of havoc on her sensitive li’l tummy, which affected her sleep. (And, in turn, affected our sleep, lol.) She would wake up screeeeeeaming after a couple of hours, and it was almost impossible to calm her back down without nursing her back to sleep. So it was a bit of a rough week or so in that department, but thankfully things are really looking up — I guess her digestive issues are subsiding (for now at least!), because the past couple of nights have been great again!


I’m always hesitant to celebrate her sleep accomplishments tooooooo loudly, since it’s all still very unpredictable (and will likely remain that way for a while still, haha), but the past few nights she’s been back to sleeping 7 PM to 7 AM. Woo-hoo! Naps are still a bit of a struggle, as she usually only naps for a single sleep cycle (30 – 45 minutes), although randomly and rarely she’ll sometimes sleep 1.5 – 2 hours. Now that I have a more consistent schedule with childcare help and whatnot, her short naps aren’t as much of an issue for me (just for her, since they mean she gets tired again super quickly!)

So yes! Lots of good things happening — Penny’s new cousin is baking (due this summer!), I’m getting into a really good groove with work, and I’m feeling so much more carefree and content about the state of our house since I started my decluttering project. I’m still nowhere near done, but I’m continuing to make strides in clearing out junk, reorganizing our living spaces to be more functional, and trying to create joy where there was only chaos, hahaha.

Plus, clearing out my closet has been super freeing — I’ve donated like 10 bags of clothing, but also have been able to sell many of my nicer/higher end pieces on Poshmark! So, yes, I’m feeling really good about the progress made so far, I just hope that I’m not losing momentum. I wasn’t able to get very much done this past week with how busy things were work-wise, so I’m hoping that since I have a bit of a lighter schedule this week, I’ll get back on top of things!


Here’s to a productive and happy week ahead!

Waiting on our owl…

Hogwarts Class of 2035!

I told you that 2017 would be full of big things! Sean and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be welcoming our little lychee (codename: Foxlet) into the world this September!


Mischief managed.