The Next Step in Hair Evolution

So I realize that in the photos I posted yesterday, it seemed like my hair made it through my entire pool-dipping, ocean-swimming, sun-bathing, sweat-sweat-sweaty Cabo vacation, but, alas, that wasn’t exactly the case.

The photo on the left was taken just a few days before I left for sunny Mexico, and the photo on the right is, well, very clearly an after. The day after I returned, to be precise.

As you can see, there’s juuuuust a little bit of difference in how well my color lasted through the trip. Bear in mind that I did actually bring a bottle of conditioner that I mixed with hair dye to re-color my hair while I was there, too. Alas, it appears that chlorine truly is The Enemy, and the seawater and blazing sun and outrageous amount of sweating I did while abroad probably didn’t help either.

Now, it’s really not too bad looking, if I do say so myself. It has kind of a reverse-seafoam-ombre kinda thing happening. But, nevertheless, it is fading, and that coupled with the fact that my roots are rearing their dark heads again (doesn’t it seem like I *just* re-dyed them, too?!) forces me to consider where I’m going to go next in my little colorful hair journey.

Now, I know that this probably sounds absolutely CRAZY with a capital C to most of you, but as much as I lovelovelove having this turquoise, mermaid-ish hair, I’m actually getting a little bit, well, bored with it.

I know, how does someone with such outlandish hair get bored? Believe me, I feel foolish just admitting it. But I guess that I’m a woman of a short attention span, and hey, I’m itching for a change. I went turquoise back in March, after all, and 5 months is the longest that my hair has stayed one color in a while!

After all, while the whole multi-colored thing is a relatively new thing in my life, I have long been a person who changed her hair at the drop of a hat. Chopping it off, dyeing it blonde, black, red, brown, getting bangs — I’m no stranger to any of it. And while my color has gone through quite a few different iteratinos, my actual hair style has remained pretty constant for a long while now.

Now, normally I’d get to a point like this and feel the need to chop all my hair back off buuuut I actually am kind of loving the length. It’s fun. It’s pretty. And I can do really awesome things with bobby pins. And while I have no doubt that one day I’ll get to the point where I simply MUST shave a pattern into the side of my head or go pixie or go chin-length or get an asymmetrical bob, for now, I’m gonna stick to these rad color changes.

Enter my current inspiration:


Oh yeah, baby. We’re going rainbow.

Now, I’m pretty sure that the two photos on the right are actually the result of Photoshop magic and not actual hair dye jobs, but I also have no doubt that my main man and ultimate color guru Linh would be able to turn them into a reality. So, whaddya think? Is this yet another bold step into the world of head-turning hair color (the best reaction is always from little kids, “MOM, LOOK! THAT LADY HAS GREEN HAIR!”) or am I just totally kidding myself?

Feel free to weigh in a la the comments section, but bear in mind that I’ve totally already booked my appointment for next week. 😉