11 Things

Oh c’mon, you knew this was coming. It’s been a while since I’ve participated in one of these thoroughly self-absorbed surveys that I absolutely lovelovelovelove doing, so when I read this one on Carly’s blog this morning, I knew I had to steal it!


1) Which armrest do you use at the movie theater, the left of the right?

I don’t have a preference, other than using the armrest in between me and someone in my party, rather than the one between me and a stranger.

2) Did you have any pets growing up? Do you have any now?

Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize we hadn’t met.


3) If you were going to pick an actor or actress to play you in a movie, who would it be?

I like to pretend that our shared Whasian-ness makes me a dead ringer for Lindsay Price. 😉


4) What was the last crazy dream you had?

Well, the dream I had last night involved a mountain of treasure piled high atop my bed, my hair having miraculously grown out, and a small Native American girl telling me I had to break up with my boyfriend. Actually, come to think about it, it wasn’t that crazy by my normal standards. My subconscious is generally pretty whacked out (attacking velociraptors! Bounty hunter assassins! Etc!)

5) What’s the last movie you saw in theaters?

The Artist.

6) What was your first cell phone like?

Pink Nokia brick phone, all the way. It changed my life forever, getting that phone.

7) What did you say you were going to be when you grew up? What do you actually do?

What I said I was going to be when I grew up: on Broadway. What I actually do: flounder and live vicariously through others.

8 ) Would you rather be outside when it’s really hot or really cold?

I love summer for the activities, the warmth, and all that good stuff, but I hate being super sweaty and uncomfortable. So if given a choice between the two extremes, I’ll take super cold. There are only so many items of clothing you can take OFF, you know.


9) Valentine’s Day – love it or leave it?

Oh, I’m a big mushygushy romantic at heart, so I tend to love the flowers, hearts, chocolate, and PINKEVERYWHERE! that surround this time of year. To be fair though, my feelings about this “holiday” usually depend entirely on the general status of my love life.

10) What’s under your bed?

Boxes of winter clothes, 100 leftover tea candles and votives from an event 2 years ago, and occasionally this guy:


11) Remember when everyone used AOL? What was your screen name?

Oh, AIM. I remember thee well. My brother created my very first screen name for me when I was in the 6th grade: GHPikachu. Go ahead and laugh if you like, but Pokemon were pretty damn cool back then.

Your turn: pick one (or all 11) and tell me your answer in the comments!


I saw this little meme on Beth’s and Katie’s blogs today, and decided that I wanted to do it too (at this point you have to realize how much I love these things.)

But I also decided that this should take the place of a “real” post either, given my current situation in trying not to suck at life to be able to run 5 miles in a row in less than a month. I need the motivation of my daily “Waaaah, running is so hard, sympathize with me!” post (heh.)

So! An oh-so-rare appearance of the two-post day! You are all so very, very welcome.

5 Words to Describe Myself


Oh gosh, only 5? Let’s see… Gorgeous, athletic, smart, rip-roaringly hilarious, a great kisser, generally just an amazing person… shall I go on?

Bahahaha, okay, okay, for realsies this time:

1. Outgoing
2. Friendly
3. Loud
4. Funny (At least *I* think so.)
5. Lazy

4 Favorite Foods


1. Sushi
2. Cupcakes
3. Guacamole
4. French Fries (Search your mind, you know it to be true.)

3 Things I’m Most Proud of Accomplishing

246 Right215 Right198 Right189 Right

1. Losing 57 pounds off of my original weight of 246 lbs (and still going!)
2. Having the confidence to post the above pictures online, as well as be open about my past struggles with disordered eating.
3. Housebreaking Daxter (well… mostly.)

2 Favorite Workouts That Don’t Make Me Want to Kill Myself


1. Hot Vinyasa Yoga
2. Zumba

“1” Thing to Expect from my Blog

1. Another 20+ lbs lost and more delicious recipes I’ve discovered on my way there. And, as always, gratuitous pictures of miniature schnauzers.

I believe that the number “1” is rather subjective. 😉

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

7 Links

Oh, you know me. I just can’t resist a good blog fad. So when Jennifer nominated li’l ol’ me to do a 7 Links post of her very own, well… here we are! And here we go:

Most beautiful post


I couldn’t figure out exactly what this title was really supposed to mean, so I decided to go with a post I wrote from the most beautiful place, with beautiful pictures of it. I’ll Miss You, Boulder recounts my small dive into faux-mountain climbing (i.e. having your friend drive you up to the lookout points, hahaha.) Regardless, I took some beautiful photos of the breathtaking scenery (honestly, what photos aren’t beautiful up there?)


Another post I’m proud of for what I consider to be especially beautiful food photographs is this one: Cupcakes and Pizza and Panda, Oh My! Taylor commented that the pictures looked like they could have been in Real Simple or Martha Stewart Living magazine, which made me just giddy. Giddy, I say!

Most popular post


Taking out posts that appear elsewhere on this list (like my Me vs. Me post at the bottom) and any landing pages, my most popular post is the following: Bad Day? Try this one on for size. It includes some details of the not-so-fun day that I got my credit card information stolen (ironically since this post it’s happened two more times – wtf?) but also my amazing Caprese Pasta Bake recipe. Bon appetit!

Most controversial post

Baaaaahahaha. I only laugh because I feel like this category doesn’t apply to me in any way, shape, or form. I avoid controversy like the plague (on the blog, and in life!) because A) I have skin as thin as vellum, and probably couldn’t take the heat, and B) I just don’t think I ever have enough information to be able to back up any claims I would potentially make! So instead, I’m just going to share my favorite just-for-funsies post:



I think you will enjoy. 😉

Most helpful post

Pretty much anything on my Weight Loss 101 page would fall under this category, but if I had to pick one based on popularity it would be Weight Loss 101: Getting Started, where I iron out real steps you can take to being your weight loss journey.

If I had to pick a personal favorite from the series, however, it would have to be my Weight Loss 101: Mythbusters post. I had so much fun writing this one, and reading your contributions of other totally busted myths in the comments was so much fun!

A post whose success surprised you

I continue to get a surprising amount of traffic on my Overnight Oats in a Jar post from waaaay back when (probably due to good old-fashioned Googling, but who’s complaining?) It’s kind of funny to keep seeing a post from so early on (check out the sweet iPhone pics on it!) continue to pop up in my Analytics.

A post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved

This was probably the category I struggled with the most. I guess I kind of feel that my Thankful (Part 1) post recapping my first 5K, my first race, and my first real fitness milestone would have gotten a little bit of a larger response, since it’s one I’m so proud of. That being said, that also happened a while ago, back when the blog was still but a toddler.

The post you are most proud of

This one, on the other hand, was easy. I will forever be most proud of my Me vs. Me post, where I first came to public terms with my binge eating past, and how it continues to affect my future. It was really hard to push “publish” on that one, but I am so, so glad I did. It also remains the blog’s true most popular post to date.


So I recognize that there are way, way more than seven actual links above, but hey, whatcha gonna do? Now it’s your turn! I’m passing the buck, so to speak, and would love to see links from the following bloggers:

1. Claire @ The Realistic Nutritionist
2. Andrea @ Onion in my Hair
3. Cassie @ Back to her Roots
4. Laura @ Pretty Little Words
5. Holly @ The Runny Egg

And many, many more. But technically I’m only supposed to list 5. So, there you go. If you’ve already participated in the “7 Links” thing, post an 8th link in the comments (get it?) so I can make sure I don’t miss it!

Do you agree with the above self-assessment? Or would you have chosen different posts for things like “Most Beautiful” or “Most Helpful”? I think those are the hardest to self-reflect upon accurately!