Friday Fun: Songtime

Happy Friday, friends! We made it through another week. Granted, this was technically a short week for me, but I maintain that “short” weeks often feel much longer than a regular week (because life just likes to me a dbag like that, haha) so it’s still a victory to make it to the end. I don’t really have a whole lot for you today, so I thought I’d just have fun with today. Longtime followers of this blog may know that I occasionally like to make a fool of myself on the interwebs by putting my very poor guitar skills to use and singing covers of songs.

You might also know that last week I impulse purchased a ukulele, which was pretty much the best decision I’ve made in a long time. It’s super fun, and has me wanting to continue with the aforementioned self-foolery. So, I recorded another song, and for those of you who are truly bored and/or have headphones at work, feel free to take a listen! I’ve still only actually owned this uke for a week, so don’t judge my skillz (or lack thereof) too harshly.

I’ve also re-posted the other songs I’ve recorded so you can see how far I’ve come in both quality of songstressing and hair length, hahahaha. They’re posted in reverse chronological order… with a special bonus at the end from my senior year of high school, when I sang at my graduation with the a cappella trio I was in. And yes, I attended a private school in Canada for my senior year of high school. Matthew Perry went there too. Not at the same time. OKAY!

Stay, Stay, Stay by Taylor Swift

The Happy Song by Kate Micucci

The A Team by Ed Sheeran

If I Die Young by The Band Perry

Say Goodbye by Ben Powell (Yep, THAT Ben Powell. My brother wrote the song for his own high school graduation in 2001, and then we repurposed it a cappella style in 2005. :))

I’m kind of thinking that I want to make this a semi-regular thing, assuming that I continue to get better/less lazy at it. If you guys aren’t interested in me continuing to post this sort of sillyness here on the blog, just let me know, but I’ll probably do it for myself anyway. So, that being said, if you have any specific song requests or recommendations, I’m going to start keeping a list! 🙂

Again, happy friday all! And don’t forget that there’s still time to enter the Pure Protein giveaway — the winner will be drawn on Monday!

Ash Wednesday Weigh-in

Happy Lent, everybody! Actually, I don’t know if that’s a thing people say, but I’m saying it anyway. So there.

I know it’s been a while last since my last official weigh-in, which probably seems lame given my last big ol’ sanctimonious speech about kicking my weight loss back off and whatnot, and I’m sure I have about 50 excuses I could throw at you, not the least of which is the flu that knocked me out of commission for over a week. But! I’m not going to bother with the excuses because that is just so 2012, and instead I’m just going to go ahead and focus on the right now. And what we’re doing right now is weighing in.

Starting Weight: 246 lbs
Last Weigh-in: 198.1 lbs
This Weigh-in: 196.0 lbs
Difference: -2.1 lbs

Hey, whaddya know! A loss! Granted, given the fact that it’s been a month since I last weighed in, that’s actually not that great. And I was hoping for something a little more dramatic But! It’s not a gain, it’s a loss, and every pound down is… another pound down. Or, you know, something more profound. Heh.

I won’t lie–I’m kind of hoping that my body is still a little out of whack after the aforementioned flu, wherein I lost like 7 pounds in as many days, and then gained them all back. So my inner optimistic is telling me that maybe I lost just a wee bit more, it’s just that my body is balancing back out. And while I know that probably is just wishful thinking, there was also that whole thing where I essentially spent all of Saturday eating my face off, so I guess the price had to be paid somehow (totally worth it though, I should add).

I’ve been pretty good about tracking my calories on my iPhone, and I’ve been back to CrossFit a few times as well and am working back up to the point where a single class doesn’t wreck my quads for five days (seriously, I actually have to brace myself on the toilet just to sit down on it, it is tres pathetic). So I’m optimistic about how things will go from here, and I’m just going to keep plugging along. Of course, in addition to the same-ol’ same-ol’ good stuff, I’ll also have a new undertaking that should help me along my way: Lent! (I think some of you probably saw where I was going with this.)

In years past I’ve given up everything from soda to fast food to going full-on vegan for Lent (that last one didn’t end up working out so well on the weight-loss front… turns out that french fries are still vegan!). And while I generally am never one to say that completely cutting something out of your life works for long-term weight loss, I think that the Lenten period is the perfect amount of time for a sacrifice like this. It’s long enough that it’s challenging, which serves as the reminder for why you’re giving up what you’re giving up, but it’s not neverending. So there’s the whole light at the end of the tunnel thing.

So, with all that said, this year for Lent I am giving up…


Yep, I will be going the next 40 days (or whatever the actual timeline is) without cakes, cookies, chocolates, candy… the whole desserty shebang. It’s funny, I never used to have much of a sweet tooth, always preferring savory snacks like chips or fries to dessert, but in recent years I have become a RAGING sweets-eating machine. It’s been bad-news bears, because desserts in particular are so calorically concentrated with little nutritional value, and the SUGAR itself is super detrimental to my weight loss (and energy levels, and general health, and mood, and, like, everything).

I don’t really follow the Lenten rules where you’re allowed to partake in what you’ve given up on Sundays or whatever, so this will be like a straight-up 40-day dessert detox. I’ve actually been seeing a LOT of people giving up sugar-related things this Lenten season, so I figure I’ll be in good company. And fortunately, Easter comes before my birthday this year, so while I know that’s totally not the point of any of this, I’m not gonna lie–I’m pretty happy that I’ll still be able to have a birthday treat. It will almost undoubtedly come in the form of a Georgetown Cupcake… with a fondant mockingjay on top. (Guess I should probably actually start planning out my Quarter Quell soon, eh?)

Aaaaaanyway, in commemoration of both my weigh-in and my first day sans-sweets (which is going very well so far, but then again it’s only 8:45), here is a song that I recorded the other day on my newest impulse purchase. Yuuuup, I bought a ukulele, and it is the best thing I’ve ever done ever in the world of ever. Super easy to learn (I already play the guitar) — I recorded this video roughly half an hour after coming home with my new toy, if that says anything.

The song is, rather fittingly, entitled, “The Happy Song” and it is by Kate Micucci. Also, it was on Scrubs, which is all you really need to know to confirm it’s amazingness.

Do you “do” Lent? What are you giving up?

The A Team

I can’t lie, I don’t have a lot for you today. But I did record this quick cover of Ed Sheeran’s “The A Team” recently, so maybe that’s something? I am totally obsessed with this song right now. Although it took me like 20 listens (plus viewing the lyrics) before I really understood what it’s about, haha. Whoops.

Click here to view it on Youtube if you’re having difficulty watching it here for any reason!

And have a wonderful Wednesday!

Friday Randomness

Oh hai. Remember like, um, 5 months ago when I said I was obsessed with the song “If I Die Young” by The Band Perry? Well, not a whole lot has changed on that front. I still squeal in delight whenever I hear it on the radio. It’s been my ringtone since October. The gloriously melancholy lyrics are stuck in my head most mornings. So last night I finally decided that if I’m singing it all the time anyway, I might as well make a fool of myself and record it for you all.

Be merciful, please. But do enjoy the hilarious freeze-frame that Youtube chose for the video, hahaha.

(Click through to view the video if you’re reading this via email subscription.)

And for those of you who blessedly aren’t able to watch the video because you’re at work, here’s a picture of a kitten hugging a stuffed sheep:


You’re welcome.

Happy Friday!

PS: I forgot to announce it in a timely manner, but the second issue of my Falls Church News-Press column was published last week. Check it out!

Greetings from the Great White North!

Ahoy-hoy, ya hosers! Salutations from America’s friendly upstairs neighbor, Canadia!

Right now, I’m up in Ottawa doing… something. No way of knowing exactly what that is, of course, since I pre-wrote this post before I left. (I’m clearly using the term “post” very loosely here, haha.) Hopefully I’m up to something fun and super Canadian, eh?

I couldn’t just leave you totally hanging. It’s Friday, after all! And between debt confessions and discouraging weight gains, it’s been a bit on the depressing side here this week. So in addition to yesterday’s pumpkin-carving awesomeness, I’ve also cued up a little cuteness for you to make up for it. Hopefully it gets you through to quitting time!

Preface: Daxter actually knows quite a few super adorable tricks. He’s a great little dancer, high-fiver, and roll-over-er. However, getting him to perform them with consistency is the real challenge, as you’ll see.

Have a great weekend, everyone!