Smoked Salmon Egg Cups (with Almond Breeze!)

Happy Tuesday, all! I’m here with a brand spankin’ new recipe for you — one of the extra delicious variety.


Well, it’s extra delicious if you happen to love eggs, smoked salmon, and dill. If you don’t like any of those things, then you need to change this might not be up your alley, hahaha. I present to you: smoked salmon egg cups!


Now, as you guys know, I am a notorious breakfast skipper. Or, at least, I was in my past (grossly unhealthy and overweight) life. It always made sense to me to skip it, as the chronic starvation diet yo-yoer that I was told me that skipping a meal = skipping calories which must = weight loss. FALSE. Skipping breakfast just meant my metabolism was sleeping until I crammed a cheesesteak into my mouth at lunch. Skipping breakfast just meant that I was more likely to make bad choices later in the day. So now I say, boo to skipping breakfast.


Which is where these beauties come in. See, while I really do try my best not to skip breakfasts anymore, I am unfortunately a creature of (bad) habit. Also, I really, really love to sleep. So if my breakfast doesn’t come in grab-and-go form, it usually doesn’t get eaten. Unfortunately, most grab-and-go breakfasts are sugar-laden bakery-style treats (mmmm, heavenly) and since I’m trying to actively cut down on both my simple carbs AND my sugar consumption, those aren’t a very viable option for me anymore. So I put together a recipe for a breakfast that’s portable (and adorable) using just four simple ingredients: eggs, smoked salmon, fresh dill, and unsweetened Blue Diamond Almond Breeze almond milk.

IMG_0696.jpg IMG_0698.jpg IMG_0701.jpg

They turned out great! They’re dairy-free, if you’re like me and tend to experience a bit of… discomfort… when you have milk. You can also use these same ingredients to make an omelette (I do 2 eggs with ~2 tbsp of almond milk for my omelettes) if you’re better at, um, mornings than I am. But you know how much better things are when they come in miniaturized muffin-form anyway, so this really works out for everyone. These would also be fantastic to serve for brunch! Already individually portioned, they’d be right at home next to a pile of silver dollar pancakes and some bacon strips. Nom.


This recipe makes 12 egg cups, so that’s enough to have two each morning for 6 days! Or three for 4 days. Your choice. They keep in the fridge for up to a week, and while I think they taste just fine cold or at room temp, you can zap them in the microwave for a bit if you like. (Just not too long. Seriously. Not only will they overcook if you reheat them for too long, they will also burn your prints right off for your fingertips. #tested)


Smoked Salmon Egg Cups


6 large eggs
1/4 cup fresh dill, chopped
1/2 cup unsweetened Blue Diamond Almond Breeze almond milk (Original flavor)
3 oz. smoked salmon, diced
Salt & pepper to taste


1. Heat oven to 350*.
2. In a bowl, whisk eggs, chopped dill, almond milk, and salt & pepper together until thoroughly combined.
3. Spray muffin tin with nonstick baking spray and distribute smoked salmon evenly throughout the cups.
4. Pour egg mixture over the smoked salmon, filling the cups about 2/3 of the way.
5. Bake for 10 – 12 minutes, or until eggs are no longer jiggly. They may expand in the oven, but will deflate once they have been removed from the heat. If you have any issues getting the top to solidify, pop them under the broiler for an additional minute.
6. Enjoy!


As I’ve said, these are just wonderful. I’ve been having two egg cups with half a high-protein bagel with sunbutter or PB, and sometimes a banana or some grapes. SO delicious, SO filling, and SO good for you! They did come out quite dill-y, which I love, but if you’re not as into that as I am, just scale back the dill a bit. Or you can leave it out all together if you like. I bet they’d taste epic with basil instead, too. Mmm, maybe I’ll try that for next time.

Happy breakfasting!

almondbreezelogoThe above post was sponsored by Blue Diamond Almond Breeze, but all content is 100% my own.

Vacation in a Glass

Hi dee ho, friends! Guess what? We got SNOW here last night! Finally! I mean, technically it had snowed like twice before, but this time it really stuck and is pretty and causing traffic issues all over the metropolitan DC area. Hooray!

Now, as we recently learned (re-learned?) I spent a good deal of my life growing up in Canada. So, I really like snow. I actually like winter a lot. I’d rather be curled up in a warm blanket than sweating my buns off in the August humidity any day. Of course, that isn’t to say that I don’t get my fair share of the winter blues. I’ve actually been having a touch of the SADs lately (Seasonal Affective Disorder), truth be told. Which essentially means I’ve been even moodier and more emotional than normal. (The horror!) And also means I’ve been fantasizing about hopping on a flight to Miami pretty much every other day. (I think writing my second book by the poolside sounds kind of nice, don’t you?)

Unnnnfortunately, the reality is that I have no money and even less vacation time, and probably won’t be able to swing the weekend vacation of my winter dreams. So when I was tasked with creating a recipe for Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Almondmilk (my favorite!!) I knew exactly the direction I wanted to go in.


A smoothie that is meant for those mornings when I suck at eating breakfast, and also for when I come down with a bit of the winter blues. Two birds, one stone, that whole thing.

Oh yeah, and because it’s me, I made it all healthy and crap. 😉


The concept is pretty darn simple. Throw the ingredients in a blender and go to town. If you have a really nice, high-speed blender like a Vitamix or Ninja or something, all the better!



Also, if you have a high-speed blender, you can use frozen fruit ingredients instead of fresh ones and give this smoothie more of a milkshake-like consistency. But that’s not quite as winter compatible, given that it’s already been below-freezing this week.


Healthy Tropical Breakfast Smoothie


1 cup Almond Breeze Almondmilk Coconutmilk Blend (THIS IS MY FAVORITE THING EVER, BTW)
1/2 cup pineapple chunks + juice
1/2 a banana
5 – 8 strawberries
Generous handful of spinach
1 cup ice


Dump into a blender. Blend.


Pretty simple, huh? Of course, the addition of the spinach means that the smoothie turns into a terrible mucky color, but I promise you can’t taste anything spinach-y WHATSOEVER! Nutritional stats look like this:

Calories: 200, Fat: 3 grams, Carbohydrate: 40 grams, Fiber: 6 grams (!), Protein: 3 grams

A little high on the carb front (cause it’s got fruit, which equals sugar) but a surprisingly awesome amount of fiber and a little bit o’ protein to boot. Not too shabby for a delicious breakfast smoothie, IMO! And of course, there’s the part where it tastes really yummy, too.


Also, I got bangs.

The above post was sponsored by Blue Diamond Almond Breeze, but the photos, words, and, most importantly, opinions are all my own.

Daily Eats – 7/16/12

Oh hey, remember when I used to do these? Hahahaha…ha…haha. Hokay!



Thomas’ Mini bagel (120) with 1/2 tbsp homemade cashew butter (40 cal) and 1/2 tbsp strawberry cream cheese (25 cal)


Vitasoy soy milk (130 cal)


1/2 cup cherries (36 cal) and 1/2 cup blueberries (41 cal)



2 pieces of leftover fajita steak (~60 cal) with peppers and onions (~60 cal)


2 ounces of grilled salmon (~100 cal) with 2 asparagus stalks (7 calories)



Roasted seaweed (9 cal)


At this point, I failed to take any more photos throughout the day, so I will just summarize the epic fail that was the rest of my day: Chick-Fil-A chicken nuggets & fries (like 900 cal – WHOOPS!), and a bowl of blueberries and whipped cream later for dessert (100 cal), and a Campbell’s Soup At Hand (80 cal).

Total: ~1,708 calories

Oh hey, look at that. Even with all o’ that, I still managed to end up in a reasonable zone. Huh, go figure. Not that I’ll be making a habit of it, it’s just nice not to have to feel TOO terrible about it today.

Daily Eats – 5/7/12

And yes, this really is the strange, strange chronological order in which I ate yesterday. Sandwiches for brunch and cereal for afternoon snacks. Don’t judge me.

Oh, and if you’re wondering why I took some of these photos with me awkwardly in them, it’s because I was too lazy to take my phone out of it’s case (which doesn’t have a hole in the back for the rear camera), haha.


Watermelon, NOM. (40 calories)


Sandwich: whole wheat white bread, turkey, cheese, sprouts, lettuce, light Miracle whip (~350 calories)


Steamed broccoli – I ate about half of what’s shown (50 calories)


Uncle Sam’s strawberry cereal (~200 calories)


Whole wheat white bread with peanut butter and jelly (~230 calories)


Green grapes (60 calories)


Velveeta shells and cheese. This bowl, x2. Whoops! Hehehe. (~800 calories)

TOTAL: ~1,730 calories

Yeah, I know, dinner was bad news bears. But still, consider my overall caloric amount plus the fact that I got a run in, and I’m definitely counting the day as a win. 🙂

Daily Eats – 4/26/12

Yesterday was one of those grazing days where breakfast, lunch, and the snacks in between all kind of melded together into one long day of eating. ‘Twas glorious.


Banana: 70 calories

Unpictured Oatmeal: 100 calories


Roasted Maple Brussels sprouts: ~150 calories


Mini pickles: 30 calories


Luna bar: 180 calories


Leftover chicken kapow with brown rice: 200 calories


English muffin with spray butter and raspberry preserves: 120 calories

Unpictured Chipotle burrito bowl: 600 calories… and chips (500 calories).

Total: ~1,950 calories

I know, I know, I know, I know, I know. Not my finest choice, getting chips from Chipotle. (Damn their deliciousness!) In my defense (not that I really have one, nor that I especially NEED one since overall I still stayed within a healthy, if over-target, calorie range), I only intended to eat half of my burrito bowl & chips, then take the other half for lunch today, but… yeah. Oh well. Today’s a new day, and I’m already off to a good start!